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So here we go. The List is over and done, but the trouble is, I'm still in love with the characters. I still think about them at night. I still enjoy writing their banter and dialogue. I can't help it. These guys are a part of me.

Which is why I HAD to write a sequel. I used to be morally opposed to sequels. I used to refuse to read them. Ever since Michael Crichton dropped the ball with the second Jurassic Park, I've been one of those snobby authors to turn my nose against sequels.

But not anymore. Don't get me wrong, a story that never ends for the sake of never ending is still a pet peeve. But I think these characters have a life after The List that's worth exploring. It'll be different enough to stand on it's own, but still carry on the baggage these guys have developed since we me them. This is the journey... I hope the ride is a smooth one.
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Published on August 17, 2011 08:03 • 730 views • Tags: process, relationships, sequels

The Funny Thing Is...

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