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After having met some of my readers last night at a local function, I got the idea of meeting more of my readers online by way of Skype or Windows Live Messenger.

This gives the non-local people the chance to connect with me for a one-on-one chat session where you can ask me ANYTHING about my book, my life, my charitable commitments, my chartered accountant career, or ALL THE ABOVE.

People interested in chatting with me on Skype or Windows Live Messenger (your pick) should email me and I will get back to you shortly to arrange the time and place. I can be emailed at

Skype name: finding_your_road_to_success
Windows Live Messenger address:

Looking forward to chatting with you!

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Published on August 08, 2011 09:52 • 199 views • Tags: chat, happiness, lessons, money, msn, patrick, patrick-daniel, quotes, roadmap, skype, success, successful, windows-live