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June 20, 2020

Economic Inequity: The American Dilemma

Systematic racism is the biggest issue facing the country and the world. It has recently been highlighted by the George Floyd movement. But, African Americans and other people of color have lived with the impact for generations. From stolen and enslaved people, stolen property, stolen intellectual property, and cultural misappropriation. It has taken a world-wide pandemic, a shutdown and a short video of George Floyd’s death to ignite and bring the issues to the forefront. Technology has allowed the issues to unify the mindset of a diverse group of people from around the world. A call for change, a call for improving policing, access to capital, and access to equitable justice.
In 120 days, the world changed. It took the perfect storm to focus the attention on racial inequalities and injustice. I did not say a good storm; people dying from COVID-19, without access to enough food, a lack of access to medical care, and the negative economic impact, are all bad. But the reality is the economic inequity is the underlying foundation for racism. A lack of access to medicine, access to opportunities, access to education, all of this is enforced by systems that discriminate because of race.
The activist have made some very valid points. The protesting is based upon the fundamental rights spelled out in the constitution. But the constitution has not been equally applied to or protected African Americans and other people of color. And, for clarification; the looters and thieves should be punished but not peaceful protesters. African Americans and other people of color must be treated with the same respect as human beings and American citizens as every other member of our society.
The people fighting change are like the dinosaurs, they will become extinct. The spotlight is shining bright, many in positions of power will not survive and that is a good thing. Companies and governments will have an opportunity to address their culture and address the negative impact of systemic, institutionalized racism. The adage “the only thing guaranteed is change” is so appropriate in the new wave of change. Those that do not understand that the world is a diverse and different place are like ostriches’ putting their heads in the sand.
Diversity is America’s superpower; we still have not decided to fully embrace it. Talent, creativity, and intelligence do not know color, but opportunities have been limited for African Americans and other people of color. When are we as a nation going to take the steps to ensure our future, and live up to the words in the constitution and make opportunities available for all? Even the research supports the fact that diversity makes it better for everyone. “Inclusive teams make better business decisions up to 87% of the time.” and “Diverse Companies Produce 19% More Revenue” both quotes from Forbes magazine. The numbers don’t lie but change is often hard, and change must happen if America is to grow in the right direction.
I have been an entrepreneur my entire life, I am also an African American man. So, I have seen the greatness and opportunities that America offers but I have also seen and experienced the inequities of America. African Americans and other people of color do not want nor need a hand-out, we just want the opportunity to compete without the additional burden of systemic, institutionalized racism. The barriers to capital, quality education, and jobs impact the entire nation and reduces productivity.
During my seventeen-years as a certificated English teacher, I saw firsthand the inequities in the educational system. I taught students in urban Los Angeles in some of the worst schools in America. I also taught extremely wealthy students and international students and the inequities are real. I have worked on statewide assessments still in use for the State of California and taught courses for Boston College. Educational inequity impacts people for life by limiting access to economic opportunities.
No one deserves to die like George Floyd! And, far too many African Americans and other people of color have been victims of a system stacked against them. Our police must be held accountable not disbanded. Our companies, leaders, politicians, institutions, and the government will be held accountable one way or another. Will you be a part of the solution or a part of the problem?
In my opinion, the most significant thing ever stated by Martin Luther King was “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

So, where do we go from here? Technology will continue to be a window into every action and inaction. What are you going to do? The decision is yours and will determine how we move forward from here.

Reginald Grant, MS Ed.
Business Strategist, former NFL player, and retired English teacher
More on Reginald at
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May 9, 2020

“What Elite Athletes and Entrepreneurs have in common.”

Listen on my podcast:

The Entrepreneurs Mindset

“What Elite Athletes and Entrepreneurs have in common.”
Elite Athletes and Entrepreneurs share common DNA the “Never give up gene.” The ability to block the world out and focus on a goal, the “Goal Velocity Function.”

I originally wrote this section for a book by Michael McNair “Untangle Your Mind.” As of the publication of my book that book has not been published. The byline was Not Even A Brick Wall Could Stop My Success. I outline my journey and compare the qualities of a highly motivated elite-athlete and entrepreneurs.

Elite Athletes and Entrepreneurs share common DNA the “Never give up gene.” The ability to block the world out and focus on a goal, the “Goal Velocity Function.”

As I stated earlier Elite Athletes and Entrepreneurs share common DNA the “Never give up gene.” The ability to block the world out and focus on a goal, the “Goal Velocity Function.” The ability to make it happen despite the odds. The ability to singularly focus on the task at hand. We are different because we think different, our minds are wired to achieve. Nothing can stop us because we choose to allow our minds to focus on success not failure. Our failures are the building blocks to our success.

“Today is CASH the best day of my life. Yesterday is a canceled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note I may never collect. Today is Cash the best day of my life.” Reginald Grant, MS Ed.
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May 6, 2020

Intellectual Property – Changing the way the world does business!

Entrepreneur: Your Guide To Starting Your Business
Listen on Anchor:

Understanding Intellectual Property “IP”
Intellectual Property – Changing the way the world does business!
Excerpt from Youth Entrepreneurial Impact Program, textbook by Reginald Grant, MS Ed.

For previous generations manufacturing was the driving force in economic success, that all changed. Today in America and the world the driving force behind economic success is directly tied to the development of IP or intellectual property. Creating economic value from things developed is crucial in these times.

Previously, the main sources of competitive advantage were the availability of natural resources and a skilled labor market. While these factors remain important, intellectual property must now be included as a critical driver of business profitability. For firms, intellectual property contributes to distinct products. For the economy as a whole, intellectual property fosters innovation and risk-seeking behavior, and entrepreneurs and investors must choose wisely. One of the inherent advantages of intellectual property businesses is the low initial startup capital required. Of course, once a certain level is reached significant traditional financial investment is required. For many companies, it is also a factor that leads to significant challenges of strategy, finance, and business organizations.

"The global economy has shifted from the manufacturing-based economy of the last century to the knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy of the 21st century. Whereas access to raw materials and factory output helped define success in this last era, access to ideas and the ability to create tangible business value from them will define success in the knowledge economy. Smart money believes this is a long-term, irreversible trend.”

A Few Facts:

• In the United States alone, technology licensing has generated an estimated $45 billion annually, with licensing globally approaching $100 billion annually. For example, a leading company like IBM has returns from its IP portfolio that are estimated at more than $1 billion annually, which accounts for 12 cents of IBM's earning per share.
• According to The Economist, 75% of the value of companies is attributable to their intellectual property.
• Intellectual-property intensive industries contribute $5 trillion per year to the U.S. economy.
• These industries account for about 35% of gross domestic product and 40 million jobs, including 28% of jobs in the U.S.

Entrepreneur: Your Guide to Starting Your Business ™
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Published on May 06, 2020 11:08 Tags: business, entrepreneur, intellectual-property, startup, unemployment

May 3, 2020

Start Your Business Today

Start that business today.

Business is simple. Let me say that again business is simple, BUT It takes hard work, focus, sacrifice and it’s hard. Yes being and expert in a certain area helps, but the fact is the fundamentals for all businesses are the same. What does it cost to start? What’s your cost to acquire customers? Do you have process, procedures and people in place and a plan of execution? It’s the simple thing you should learn in school but your don’t. And the reality is nothing is better than experience.
Are you taking responsibility over your vision?
If you want to have a different outcome you have to do something different,
if you want to thrive in life", you must do something that you have never done before,
study like never before, go hard like never before and sacrifice like never before.
For those who actually have some goals, now is the time to build up new marketing skills so you can come out of this pandemic bigger, better, smarter and more empowered than ever.
Do you want to achieve something better for you and your family then do something, anything, failure is a part of the process and journey to success.
Security is nice and you will never find that in working a 9-5 no matter how good you think you have it. And the fact is No-one is going to do it for you.

I have YEIP a three month-long program in business and entrepreneurship for
middle school and high school teens culminating with the Entrepreneurs’
Business Plan Competition in the offices of the Retired NFL Players Congress
and JH Design. The students are mentored by business professionals and
former professional athletes in the after-school program. Students can
access the programs tools online, using the textbook and during in class
The YEIP program was developed by Reginald Grant, MSEd, who spent
seventeen years as an English teacher and twenty plus years as a business
professional. He has served on the State of California test development
teams for the ELPAC and CASHE, California high school exit exam. Grant is
the co-founder and CEO of and does business
development for the Retired Players Congress. Grant has a Masters in
Curriculum development with an emphasis in TESOL (English as a Second

My The New book "Entrepreneur: Your Guide to Starting Your Business™" will be released on May 1, 2020. I cannot envision a quick rebound for the U.S. economy, which has already suffered more than 20 million job losses in the past three weeks. I'm releasing my new book 6 months earlier than scheduled to help those looking to create a new business or pivot an existing business. The entrepreneurs' mindset is all about adapting and adjusting for success.
Entrepreneur: Your Guide to Starting Your Business ™ is focused on helping new entrepreneurs and existing business owners redefined their mindset and create a focused approach to business. We firmly believe that IP (Intellectual Property) is the currency of the future. Urban creativity and innovation have yet to be tapped and is ready to explode with new ideas and companies of the future. By helping entrepreneurs learn how business functions we empower them with the skills for success today and tomorrow.
The purpose of this book is to provide entrepreneurs and existing business owners with the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills in an academic setting, that they can apply directly to their business.
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Published on May 03, 2020 20:36 Tags: business, entrepreneur, start-up, unemployed

September 29, 2019

Mentoring vs Consulting and Coaching

What is the difference? On the surface it seems simple, but the reality is that so many people just don’t understand the difference. Mentoring is non-paid and provides a very important service. It often benefits the mentee and the mentor. Consulting and Coaching are actually paid for services where the professional provides specific insight to the client.
Why are these concepts so often confused?
Well, some just don’t believe there is value in consulting and coaching services. Some are just downright cheap and want something for nothing. If you are a professional consultant or coach, you must quickly and swiftly discern these types out and dismiss them. Don’t waste your time, energy and effort with someone discussing the need and desire for consulting and coaching services as opposed to someone you decide to mentor.
In mentoring you are a sounding board; your function should not be to push the mentee in a direction but to guide them through the decision-making process. To listen, and when appropriate, give feedback. Good mentors help the mentee learn the skills for good decision making and how to effectively implement those skills. Be it in a workplace, school or social environment. As a former English teacher and football coach I worked with and mentored thousands of young people. I think I benefited from the relationships as much or more than the young people I worked with.
Consulting and coaches are professionals that have the expertise and experience to get compensated for their input and insight. Remember you must decide on your value and you deserve to be compensated for your services. I have too often encountered those who need specific consulting / coaching services that have asked me to mentor them. I’ve often tried to explain the difference and many times they act as if I have insulted them. All because I tell them they need a consultant / coach not a mentor. Yes, you can provide some mentoring as a part of the consulting / coaching but that is not the primary function of a professional. You generate reports, spend time analyzing and giving specific insight, don’t be afraid to ask to be compensated. If you are spending time thinking about someone else’s projects, specific needs and goals you are consulting not mentoring.
“You know your worth, don’t be suckered into giving it away.”
Reginald Grant, MS Ed. is a consultant, author and speaker.
A few of my books
Managing Your Brand: You Can Pimp Me, But You Must Pay Me. (2019)
Mentoring in the 21st Century (2017)

Most of us do not consider ourselves a “Brand”, but the reality is you are a “Brand.” This book will help you to retrain your brain to think in ways that, will help you proactively manage your brand?
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January 11, 2018

Audio Biography, an incredible new way to present yourself.

Audio Biography, an incredible new way to present yourself. on Linkedin and other platforms. Wow. An audio version of my biography, I was blown away when marketing guru Pat Dane introduced the concept to me. I immediately listened to the show and contacted CEO of the Podcast Bio Show, Lorne Ray. I then did my interview what a powerful tool. Everyone has a story to tell and the Podcast Bio might be the most powerful way I have ever seen for someone to tell your story and reach the world. Each Podcast Bio is literally up on iTunes (searchable by my name), in addition to being on Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify. Just click on the link below and mine will play on the Podcast Bio Show:
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September 8, 2017

If you are not invested in eSports and or the Technology sector you do not care about your financial future.

Yesterday, the point was brought home for me. The California Chapter of the NAAAA presented the Business of Sports Conference: The Global Business of Sports and eSports Pitch session. WOW ! The panelist and speakers were in a word “fantastic.” I was honored to be among them as well as the room full of intelligent and successful business people. The conversations I overheard were all about the opportunities today and in the future related to business in the sports sector.
Video Link:
The topics covered in the conferences were Athletic scholarships and opportunities, the influence of non-profits in the sector and the business opportunities in the sports sector. But, for me, the highlight was the “Shark Tank” type session which was overseen by an esteemed panel of technology and business experts. The companies / products that presented were Social Fit – a fitness app, Locator 1, a smartphone case embedded with technology,, a history portal, Sports Star Apps, a monetization tool for professional athletes, BullPen, patented technology to bring Virtual Reality into Immersive Reality, a monetization tool for professional athletes, eSports Amateur Competition League (EACL), the new farm system for professional eSports and eSports

All of them had a unique concept, and more than one has the opportunity to become a “Unicorn”. For those not in the know, a “Unicorn” is a company that is super special and becomes the next billion dollar company. This sector can only grow as the world’s dependence on technology deepens.

One of those companies’ eSports Amateur Competition League (EACL), the new farm system for professional eSports is clearly positioned to make the most immediate impact. I say this as they prepare to display at E3, the world’s top video Gaming convention starting this week right here in Los Angeles, California. They are launching their platform and putting up One Million Dollars in prize money for an eSports Tournament this fall. I understand that many of you do not know much about eSports (gaming) but it's positioned to become as mainstream as football, basketball, baseball hockey and soccer. With over 300 Million participants worldwide and poised to break the 1 Billion Dollar mark as an industry. eSports will be the next multi-billion dollar sports sector.

More about the other companies available this week and the full conference videos will be online our website,

Learn more about the platform, league ownership opportunities and how they are helping nonprofits raise monies for their programs by clicking on one of the links below.

Reginald Grant, MSEd
next event October 21, 2017 in cooperation with the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Sport Tech 2020 information at
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March 30, 2017

People often ask me "Why do you teach."

People often ask me "Why do you teach." I teach because students have touched me in a positive way. Teaching has made me a better person and parent. A shout-out to three of my former students' that are thriving Jabari, Rogelio, and Oscar.

Teacher, Coach, Inventor

So proud of my former student-athlete now coaching and the basis for a story in my new book "Thoughts of an Urban Teacher." He is teaching and coaching at the high school level. He also has a new patent pending and business venture.

From Mexico to LA to Rome

Rogelio is a former student of mine that contacted me via social media. He is from Mexico, studied here in the USA with me and is now studying in Rome, Italy to become a priest. I am so proud to have had the opportunity to work with Rogelio. I interviewed him during my research for my book "A Teacher's View, Education in America."

From Southgate to Hollywood

One of my former student's, Oscar Leon is living his dream by following his passion for painting. He now has his own studio in Hollywood. We all expect to be able to say "I knew him when..." Keep going, Oscar. This is an example of his paintings.

Thoughts of an Urban Teacher: What do you do when students say "I Think I Am Worthless", "Shut the Fu.. Up", "I Am Afraid of Donald Trump", "I Didn't Eat Last Night", " Bald Headed Mother" and "I Want to Be An Engineer" ?Thoughts of an Urban Teacher: What do you do when students say "I Think I Am Worthless", "Shut the Fu.. Up", "I Am Afraid of Donald Trump", "I Didn't Eat Last Night", " Bald Headed Mother" and "I Want to Be An Engineer" ?

Listen to A Family of Authors Podcast
Focus "Why I Teach"
Listen to my new episode A Family of Authors - Host Reginald Grant, MSed at #BlogTalkRadio
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Published on March 30, 2017 21:12

March 23, 2017

How to Create a Culture of Success

Most of us strive to be successful in whatever we endeavor to attempt. Creating a culture of success in our homes, our work environments’ or teams is a difficult task at best. As parents, we want to help our kids to thrive and succeed in everything. As a teacher in the classroom, I want to create an environment that allows every student to achieve individual success. To help them grow and improve on a daily basis. As a business professional or leader, we want the environment to lead to profits build on the success of the group. As a coach we need to win to be considered successful, winning is built on the individual efforts of many for a common goal.
Thus, success is measured in many ways and for many purposes. For parents, it’s the light going off in your children’s eyes when they make a new discovery or achieve a small milestone, from taking their first step, doing well on an exam, scoring the winning goal or in a thousand other ways. I see creating a successful mindset for ourselves and our children as part of our reasonability as parents. There isn’t a manual for parenting despite all of the books and modern tools, it is still a trial and error process. Children respond to things differently and are as individual as our fingerprints, so we must adapt, adjust and strive to figure it out. Creating a home culture is an ever-evolving process and we must place our children in situations they can safely learn and grow in. Despite our culture of instant gratification and everyone wins all of the time, failure is a part of that process. Successful people embrace failure as one of the steps to success. We must nurture our children and yet help them understand that success is a process.
I read an interesting article on Clemson football Coach Dabo Sweeney and the adversity he faced as a child and young man. The ever-present theme of the story was perseverance and his determination to make the best of every opportunity. Thus, he has turned a floundering program into a national powerhouse by developing a success-oriented culture. By nurturing and caring for the people he’s charged to oversee and motivate, from his players to his staff. The same qualities displayed by the contributing authors of my book “Success Stories Insights by African American Males.” When I was a high school head football coach my biggest challenges were all of the outside influences and the historic culture of the programs I was charged to change. So many of the elements of the historic culture of the programs were hidden and lay below the surface. I was too focused on the internal elements, was a bad politician and did not address the impact of outside influences well enough. Sweeney has done that and created a culture of success.
The same problems inherent in the development of a sports team permeate a business. It’s a group of individuals with very diverse backgrounds that need to work together for a common goal, business success equals profits. Creating a culture of success for a business is a daunting task and leadership must provide the direction that leads to success. Creating that culture takes a focused vision that must be dynamic and purposeful.
In our schools, I have often seen leadership that was focused on achieving goals related to success on the standardized test. Yet, they too often forgot that like a home individual success is the determining factor in the success of the group. They too often talked about creating a culture of success without including opportunities to adequately motivate the individual students. Many times they used artificial rewards and arbitrary collective goals. Too often they did not connect the students to alumni who had gone through the same situations and circumstances to succeed. They often did not paint the picture and vision of the world of opportunities’ open to the students. Successful schools especially in urban and challenging environments’ must be more diligent in connecting the students with real world success stories and people.
Different societies, nations and even the subcategories’ within in those groups see success so very differently. Even within groups of people of similar backgrounds, religions, socioeconomic status and ethnic group’s success can be viewed with different lenses. How do you define success? Is it money, fame fortune, a relationship with god, who knows but you? But one thing I do know is that success does not happen without commitment, a commitment to your family, business, mission, or team and it always includes a vision and a goal. Does your vision of success help others? Or are you looking for success in all of the wrong places and things?
Author Reginald Grant host the weekly radio show " A Family of Authors Radio Show" on the

The Family of Authors website:
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March 13, 2017

Watkins Award Weekend 2017

Wow, what a fantastic weekend. It kicked off with the Welcome reception on Friday evening, after the honorees and their families, toured Washington, D.C. and visited the African American museum.
On Saturday the Annual Teen Summit where the Watkins Award Alumni and the Class of 2017 along with a couple of special guests, spoke with students and parents. A slew of alumni returned including Ted Ginn, Jr, (Saints), Jelani Jenkins(Dolphins, Mohamed Massaquoi (retired) and many others.
Closed out with an awesome Black Tie Gala on Saturday, evening. I am always re-energized after that weekend, look at my short video and some photos from the weekend.
And, there were a few authors on hand and some of the contributing authors from my book "Success Stories Insights by African American Men." See the Video At my website:
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Published on March 13, 2017 21:42 Tags: nfl, reginald-grant, scholar-athletes, watkins-award

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