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Book Review: Thor by Walter Simonson Vol. 1

Thor by Walter Simonson Vol. 1 Thor by Walter Simonson Vol. 1 by Walt Simonson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Walt Simonson's early run on Thor manages to do a couple of seemingly contradictory things. On one hand, the book shakes up the title character's status quo with the introduction of Beta Ray Bill and changes in the enchantment of Thor's Hammer and secret identity. At the same time, there's obvious love and affection for what Lee and Kirby did in the 1960s. The book manages to feature some truly epic and magical cosmic battles with great concepts drawing and occasional full-page spreads that are very much evocative of what Kirby did on the book.

Overall, there's a great energy and excitement about what's coming back. Overall, a smashing start to Simonson's run.

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Published on June 08, 2021 22:38 Tags: thor, walt-simonson

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