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Supergirl: Book OneSupergirl: Book One by Peter David

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book collects Issues 1-9 of Supergirl as well as the first annual and some back-up stories/supplementary material that appeared in Showcase 96 #8 and the Supergirl plus #1 team up with Mary Marvel.

Matrix, a protoplasmic version of Supergirl, joined with the dying Linda Danvers in part to save her and in part because Matrix Supergirl was unsure if she had a soul. Now, that she's combined with Linda, she's not sure that she got a good soul as she begins to discover wasn't just a victim of a satanic cult but a member and perhaps a killer.

The main Supergirl story has problems. There are moments that come off as over the top or absurd in their attempts to manufacture melodramatic bleaknress. There's also some lame jokes such as when the book tries to lamely riff on Mary Jane Watson's "You Hit the ing in the mixJackpot, Tiger" line from Amazing Spider-man for...reasons. On the other hand, the storyline does have some some interesting features. The consequences of what Matrix did is explored thoroughly with some great questions being raised as to what her nature is now, what Linda's past is, and what about her creepy boyfriend. And how does the new Linda/Supergirl relate to Linda's parents. You also have a big name DC villain getting in the mix even while mystery swirls around her new hometown.

It deals with religion and while some of the images are disturbing, I give it credit for not being totally dismissive and derisive of faith and Christianity in general.

The Supergirl Plus #1 finds Mary Marvel running away and running into a cop that tries to bring her alter ego in...or is he trying something far more sick. It's a somewhat uncomfortable topic, but I give David credit for exploring it.

The Annual has three different stories. The annual's art is awful and the stories range from just misses to pretty bad.

Overall, this isn't great but it holds my interest and me curious to read what comes next.

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Published on August 07, 2017 17:18 • 74 views • Tags: peter-david, supergirl
Supergirl: Book Two (Supergirl by Peter David, #2)Supergirl: Book Two by Peter David

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So this book collects Issues 10-20 as well Annual #2 of Supergirl. We get a lot of weird stuff in this book as we explore the world of Supergirl. The book is a mixture of decent superhero battles, weird supernatural stories, and Peter David's somewhat shallow views of religion and religious people and why they believe and might lose their faith.

The book has some decent character moments and the art is usually good (except on the Powergirl-Supergirl crossover issue where they look the same except for their costumes.) My big complaint about the book is there were two tie-in issues (including the final issue in the book) and it's easy to become lost as to what's going on. A good practice is if it's a short crossover with another book to reprint the other issues. If it's a companywide event, either don't reprint the tie-ins or reprint them with context. That's what Marvel does and it makes a lot more sense than what's done here.

Overall, not essential, but still a somewhat interesting read.

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Published on June 05, 2018 18:26 • 123 views • Tags: peter-david, supergirl

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