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Doctor Who Series III, Vol. 2: The Eye of AshayaDoctor Who Series III, Vol. 2: The Eye of Ashaya by Andy Diggle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book collects Issues 5-8 of the IDW's Third Doctor Who Series, the second featuring the 11th Doctor along with a story from Doctor Who Special 2012.

First up is the Eye of Ashaya that finds the Doctor, Amy, and Rory on board a spaceship along with Lady Christina De Souza from the Planet of the Dead. This is a very fun romp/mystery on a ship with a surprise twist ending.

Next up is Space Oddity which finds the Doctor without companions running into a Russian Cosmonaut on a mission that history tells us was officially cancelled but maybe it was because the Vashta Nerada was about. This is my favorite in the book. It's a suspenseful tale with a lot of nice twists thrown in.

The story from the Special is okay. It involves a planet of would be time travelling Bird people and the apparent involvement of Time Lords (even though this was a time when the Doctor was the last of the Time Lords.) It's a fun tale, if a bit rushed in less than 20 pages of length.

Overall, this was a very fun book and better than most Titan books put out.

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Published on October 18, 2017 20:14 • 94 views • Tags: doctor-who, eleventh-doctor, idw
Doctor Who Classics, Vol. 7Doctor Who Classics, Vol. 7 by Simon Furman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This IDW book collects the earliest appearances by Sylvester McCoy in Doctor Who Magazine from 1987-88 with each adventure tastefully colorized by Charlie Kirchoff.

There are a total of eight stories, with each ranging from 8-32 pages.

The lead-off story, "A Cold Day in Hell" features the Seventh Doctor meeting up with the Ice Warriors on a paradise planet that's turned frigid. The story is also Frobisher's farewell. The continuity on the story is a bit wonky and it leaves me wondering whether this story was written with Colin Baker's sixth Doctor in mind.

Another highlight is, "The Claws of the Klathi," which finds the Doctor uncovering a plot in Victorian England that tie into a series of unexplained burglaries. This story hits just the right spot with the Doctor in this era as that's almost always a winner. "Planet of the Dead," sees the Doctor landing on a planet where he runs into departed compansion and his former self. The story's okay, but the art is so much fun to look at. Finally, "Culture Shock," is a Grant Morrisson story that finds a discouraged doctor running into a sentient cell structure in need of his help. It's a very inventive story, that's pretty entertaining for being only pages.

The only story I thought was bad was, "Crossroads of Time" when the Doctor rams into a giant metal monster in the Vortex and it's handled like a fender bender. This is a story that tries to be funny but really isn't and at the same time, the ending has the Doctor betraying his character.

The rest of the stories are okay. Their decent enjoyable sci fi stories from an era when the Seventh Doctor was on the air and they were playing it safe.

Overall, there's enough good Doctor Who comics in this one to make it worth a read.

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Published on January 25, 2018 17:24 • 123 views • Tags: classic-comics, doctor-who, idw, seventh-doctor
Doctor Who Series III, Vol. 3: Sky Jacks!Doctor Who Series III, Vol. 3: Sky Jacks! by Andy Diggle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book contains two stories.

The first, Sky Jacks! has Clara waking up in the TARDIS and seeing a sign telling her not to press a button which she then presses. She fall through a hole and find herself in a world with a lot of stranded sky ships and the 11th Doctor.

This story isn't horrible, but it doesn't really offer anything special. It's hurt by weak art and also the lack of definition for Clara that plagued the character during Season 7B.

The second story, the one-part In-Fez-Station by Comics legend Len Wein which features the Doctor, Amy, and Rory arriving at a musical festival, where the Fez, that headgear most synonymous with the 11th Doctor but which he rarely gets to wear, is required. But when Amy and Rory put on the Fez something weird happens, and there's an old enemy behind it. This one is decent, fun, and a nice little diversion.

Overall, an okay, but unremarkable collection of Doctor Who Comics.

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Published on August 03, 2018 00:02 • 36 views • Tags: 11th-doctor, doctor-who, idw
Atomic Robo: The Hell and Lightning CollectionAtomic Robo: The Hell and Lightning Collection by Brian Clevinger

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Everyone's favorite robot tech. tycoon and adventurer extraordinaire is back in three Atomic Robo stories in this collection. My thoughts on each of the three stories:

The Flying She-Devils of the Pacific: While flying an experimental plane in the early 1950s Atomic Robo encounters women who've continued to live and fight in the Pacific and live on their own island. They'll need to team up to fight a die-hard mad scientist determined to restore the glory of Japan. This story is fine. It works on its awesome high concept ideas, but it's probably the least funny of any Robo story and the characters outside of Robo are very generic. The "Strong Independent Woman" archetype has rarely been used so often. Still, the coolness of the plots makes it a decent read even if it's the weakest in the volume.

The Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur: Doctor Dinosaur is back and he has a plan to use his army of rockmen and atom bombs to restore dinosaurs to ruling the Earth. To be honest, I was nervous about this one because Dr. Dinosaur is a great villain, but it could be really hard for him to carry a whole story. No worries. He doesn't have to. We have a seperate plot of a government siege of Tesladyne while Robo's away. While this is more often than not, just an "okay" B-plot, it does avoid Doctor Dinosaur overload. This story has some great humor with Doctor Dinosaur stealing every scene he's and superb action.

The Knights of the Golden Circle: Picking up where the last book ended (believe it or not), this story finds Robo in the Old West as he fights an outlaw badman whose actually working for a nobleman bent on world domination. To stop them, Robo teams up with Doc Holiday and the awesome Bass Reeves (who is not enough fiction.) There's some great Steampunk elements in this, but more than anything I appreciated how Clevinger managed to capture the spirit of the Old Westerns in Robo who is facing the end of his life. A very fun read.

The book also includes the three Free Comic Book day offerings for 2013-2015. The 2013 is pretty good and has a nice twist that does set the stage for later events. 2014's is okay. 2015 features Doctor Dinosaur and while not as good as the previous Doctor Dinosaur FCBD offering, this is still pretty fun.

Overall, a solid enjoyable collection of Atomic Robo stories.

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Published on August 23, 2018 17:32 • 43 views • Tags: atomic-robo, idw, robot-adventures

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