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Book Review: The Flash (2016-) #750: Deluxe Edition

The Flash (2016-) #750: Deluxe Edition The Flash (2016-) #750: Deluxe Edition by Brian Buccellato

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Flash #750 collects a number of stories in celebration of 750 issues of the Flash.

The Flash Age, Part One-This is part of the ongoing story and it's actually really good. It manages to pay tribute to the Flash as a character while also setting up the next story.

Geoff Johns' story, "Beer Run" is a humorous bit that finds Captain Cold just going out to get beer and finding himself in the middle of a punk robbing a convenience store. It's light and fun.

"Why You" finds Barry and Iris talking about why he should be the Flash. This one is decent albeit a bit of navel gazing.

"Flash of All Worlds" is a lore-filled tale finds the Flash battling Mirror a funhouse. Nice and it does pay tribute to a lot of different events in Flash history.

"At the Startling Line" is a Jay Garrick story, which is nice given the way he's been utterly robbed since the New 52.

"Flash Forward Epilogue" is a wrap up from the Flash Forward event and kind of an awkward inclusion.

Then we get a reprint of "Mystery of the Human Thunderbolt,' the first Flash story.

Overall, this does what it's supposed to do. While there are a few weaker stories, these 1000 and 750 issues are plays for fans and pay tribute to them. They're a weird mix of commercial efforts for collectors and works of love by creators from gone-by eras. While it's tie into current events in the comics takes up more issues than I'd prefer, when you add in the artwork and pin-up, this book does exactly what it needs to and is worth reading for Flash fans of all generations.

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