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Book Review: Gambit Classic, Vol. 2

Gambit Classic, Vol. 2 Gambit Classic, Vol. 2 by Howard Mackie

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

We get two 1990s mini-series in this book.

The First is the Rogue Mini-Series which is in this book because not only does Gambit feature but it's a sequel of sorts to the first Gambit mini-series. In that series she accidentally stole the memories of Gambit's then-comatose ex-wife, Belladonna. Belladonna decides to seek vengeance by kidnapping the boy Rogue accidentally put into a coma. It's a decent story with pretty good art for the 1990s, Rogue is good, and she has some nice character moments. I'm not sure this is worthy of a four-issue mini-series, but otherwise it's fine.

Then we get the second Gambit mini-series in which Gambit robs Cuban monsters, is met by the spirit of a person who's not dead who tells him he's going to work for the Lord, a naked woman falls down from the sky and Gambit to avoid demons while getting her to Vatican City. While there are details missing, they really don't help much. This is an incoherent story plotwise and the art seems to grow worse as the mini-series goes on. It's yet another story ostensibly addressing religion or a character's faith but doing so in such a shallow way that it's utterly meaningless.

Overall, a sort of meh collection.

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Published on June 23, 2019 23:25 Tags: classic, gambit, marvel

Book Review: Dan Dare: Mission of the Earthemen, Volume 1

Dan Dare: Mission of the Earthmen Vol. 1 Dan Dare: Mission of the Earthmen Vol. 1 by Eric Eden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a matter of full disclosure, this is the first Dan Dare story I've ever read. I picked it up because I listed to the B7 Media Audio Dramas.

This book collects two stories, both have great artwork and beautiful reproductions of the original magazine stories.

The first, "Mission of the Earthmen" is a bit tedious as Dan Dare and his sidekick Digby crashland on the planet and get involved in trying to end a war. The characters are uninterest, the story is pretty tedious and unimaginative.

"The Solid Space Mystery" is more like it as Dan and Digby have to solve a mystery back in their solar system as ships are being destroyed to invisible "solid space" and it's up to Dan to get things sorted. This is a really fun, sci-fi adventure and the type of thing I expected when I picked up Dan Dare.

Overall, the greatness of the second story more than compensates for the first lacklustre installment and the art is consistently good on both.

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Published on January 12, 2020 23:03 Tags: classic, dan-dare

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