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Civil War: Ms. MarvelCivil War: Ms. Marvel by Brian Reed

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book collects issues 6-10 of Miss Marvel and Special #1.

The Civil War issues are really on the periphery of anything major that happened in Civil War. She's tasked with taking down D-listers like the Prowler for failing to register. Thrn when one member of her team goes rogues, Carol goes a bit berserk, showing how her anger may be one of her greatest impediments to becoming "best of the best." The best thing about the three Civil War issues is that they bring Anya Corozan (later Spider-girl) as a young hero who because she was underage didn't think she was required to register. She is.

Issues 9 and 10 are a two part-story featuring her former identity Warbird. This Warbird is from another dimension where Carol got off booze and the world ended and now she travels to other universes killing their version of Rogue to get revenge for what Rogue did to her. It's a story that forces Carol to confront who she was and who she still is.

In Miss Marvel Special, a strange boy in a library begins reading Carol's novel based on her time using the identity of Binary. This is a really fun imagination-bending story.

Overall, this book despite getting bogged down in Civil War does manage to advance Carol's character arc.

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