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David Seals, the author of POWWOW HIGHWAY and the new SWEET MEDICINE, is disseminating this e-mail widely:

El Capitan Medicine Wheel
New Mexico

We're up about 8 miles above the village of Arabela on el Capitan Peak
- 50 miles west of Roswell - where there's a Kiva inside a huge circle
of a Medicine Wheel. The Archaeologist from U. Arizona with us says
it's about 1,000 years old of the Anasazi period.

I stumbled on the tiny 'blow-hole' covered with brush and hidden in
trees, and felt the cold air blowing up from somewhere, in and out,
like the Earth breathing, very similar to a blowhole at Wuptaki ruins
near our home in Flagstaff.

We were able to crawl down in the open hole to the side, like a cave,
or an ancient kiva. And there It was, in the middle. "It's alive,"
local Mescalero Apache elder Tommy Veneno said. Thre was a black
cylinder about 3 feet high and oval, with strange old markings on it.
To the touch it felt like tissues to me, very hard but also soft -
like the 1947 witnesses described debris found near a UFO crash. He
called it a "Pod".

We have a Navajo film crew with us, so it's all being recorded, after
we got permission in ceremonies last night from the Spirits, and
they've measured the rough Wheel, which is huge, with the Kiva dead

This is the exact spot 1947 witnesses saw Ships flying, and my father,
a AAF pilot at the time, also had a UFO

I informed the white folks in town, where the current UFO Festival is
going on, but they don't seem interested in coming out and seeing it!
Maybe because it's only Indians? They just want to have their cartoon
commerce in Roswell, and aren't really interested in what the Mystery
is all about, or at least not taking a hike up on the Sacred Mountain.

More Skins are coming in today, and we've marked it with red flags so
people can follow the rough deer trail. Bring plenty of food, but
there's a sweet Spring also here with water coming out of the ground.
There's also very interesting burn marks on the rocks of the Wheel,
like a landing or launching site.

I'm scheduled to go into town tomorrow and talk to the Festival, with
the Navajo footage, which should blow them away.

NOTE: The Festival fathers refused to allow the Navajo footage to be shown, so Seals canceled his speech.
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