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I have decided to regularly upload excerpts from my manuscript "Crossing Paths". I'm going to concentrate, for the moment at least on the releases.
Here's how one of my characters, a New Age writer named Jonathan Fairlight, discovers Bookcrossing at Polruan in Cornwall.

"While eating his lunch Jonathan couldn’t help staring at the woman opposite him. She seemed vaguely familiar. Where had he seen her? He was about to give up on the puzzle when he noticed that she had stood up and was walking towards him. She had left a book behind on her table. He got up to move to the back of the teashop to retrieve it when she stopped suddenly at his table and placed another book down near his left hand. He paused to try and read the title but it was upside down and in that moment she was off again, walking out of the teashop. He turned around and grabbed the book from his table and followed her outside into the warm sunshine. Jonathan stopped still and called out,
‘You left your book behind and another one too I believe.’ He watched as she turned to him slowly, in a rather aggrieved fashion.
‘Don’t worry about the other one. What’s it say on the front of the one you’re holding,’ she asked tiredly.
‘I’m sorry?’
‘What does the post-it note say on the front?’
Jonathan raised his eyebrows in surprise and bafflement.
‘What does it say?’ she repeated.
He looked down at the book in his hands. ‘It says, ‘Hi! I’m free. I’m a Bookcrossing book. See inside for details.’ Jonathan read this out slowly and clearly, feeling like a schoolboy.
‘It’s for you.’
Jonathan quickly read the title: 1979: A Big Year in a Small Town and the blurb on the back. It appeared the book was about a young schoolgirl’s coming of age in a small Scottish fishing village.
‘I don’t think so. You must have made a mistake. I mean this book….’
‘It’s for you to take home. I think you may know of someone to give it to.’ And with this she was off towards the quay where he noticed the ferry had returned and was churning towards the wharf.
He ran to catch up with her and as he came up beside her, he remembered where he had seen her: at Mr Bistro with Melloney. She had been two tables away. So the book was for Melloney.
‘I remember you from Mr. Bistro. You heard us talking? So you’re not psychic.’ He voiced the idea that had been running through his head a moment before.
‘Oh, I wouldn’t say that.’ With this remark she bustled onto the ferry, leaving Jonathan standing bemused, laughing until he remembered his half finished pot of tea and his quiche, which was probably cold by now. He returned to his table having missed by just a minute, an American woman pick up the other book, remarking to her husband, ‘Honey, would you look at this! It’s a Bookcrossing book. Why don’t I take it back home? Won’t that be fun!’
‘They’ll get a heck of a surprise when they see where it’s got to!’ her husband answered. Both of them laughed happily as they left the teashop with Jonathan passing them as he went back in."
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Published on April 25, 2010 03:46 • 233 views • Tags: bookcrossing, excerpt, interesting, locations, manuscript, novel, releases
Just posted off what should be the second last lot of letters to my BookCrossing helpers. Chapters and release forms have gone out to Greece, France, Belgium, Australia, USA, the UK and Canada.
One helper wrote back saying that the journal entry at the end of the chapter didn't seem to have anything to do with the chapter itself. I wrote back to say that yes, it appears that way as most of the journal entries generally refer to something that is about to happen rather than what has just happened. The whole novel is actually like a large jigsaw puzzle.
In Crossing Paths, 52 books are journalled and/or released. The BookCrossers are generally from geographical locations that feature in the storyline and sometimes the journal entries are actually clues to what is troubling some of the main characters. I have had a lot of fun deciding the fate of those 52 books and the three starring books are: If On a Winter's Night a Traveller, Tell Me the Truth About Love and The Loving Spirit.
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Published on July 02, 2010 03:59 • 183 views • Tags: book-reviews, bookcrossing, crossing-paths, entries, journal, releases, tell-me-the-truth-about-love, the-loving-spirit
I've just heard from a goodreads member that one of my bottles has been found on Stockton Beach which is exciting. It must have got caught up in the local current and washed ashore there before hitting the main ocean current.
Here I am at Swansea:
I do hope one or two of these get picked up.
I was very careful with both lots of releases, making sure I caught the outgoing tide but I have still received an angry email accusing me of being a litter bug. To my way of thinking a glass bottle with a message inside is something that most people will pick up -not so for a lot of the stuff, large ships and fishing boats throw over the side.
Oh well, you can't please everyone!

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Published on January 15, 2011 18:42 • 210 views • Tags: bottle, current, messages, ocean, releases