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Join me and my 2008 Eternal Press release The Vampire Family for our first live chat of 2009! We're coming this month in paperback, so its a great time to catch up with us!

First, stop by Monday March 9 at Night Owl Romance. Can't make it? Never fear! We're chatting again the following Monday March 16 with Fallen Angel Reviews!

I've been interviewed by both houses, so its nice to sit down for a real time conversation with all my Vampire Family friends!

For more information on The Vampire Family in ebook or paperback, visit our blog at or stop by our Eternal Press page for ordering information

For a complete list of times and guest appearances, visit the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group

I look forward to chatting with you!

The Vampire Family Now in Paperback!
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by Kristin Battestella
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Published on March 07, 2009 17:23 • 158 views • Tags: angel, battestella, chat, eternal, fallen, family, horror, kristin, night, owl, paranormal, press, reviews, romance, vampire, vampires
Stay indoors and beat the heat with The Vampire Family this month!

Hello vampish peeps! I really love being able to talk to readers and interactive virtually with everyone, so stop by any one of the following dates and hang with me and my Eternal Press release The Vampire Family! We're available in ebook or paperback, whatever your (blood)type.

5/4 Eternal Press at Cover 2 Cover Loop
5/5 Eternal Press at the Love and Romance Cafe
5/5 Kristin Battestella Guest Blogging at Belinda McBride's Halloween in May Bash!
5/12 Eternal Press Authors Paranormal Blog Day
5/13 Amethyst Winters and Co Loop Day with Eternal Press
5/16 EP at Talking Two Lips Group
5/20 EP at the Brenda Williamson Party Loop
5/21 Eternal Press at the Love and Romance Cafe
5/23 Leigh Wood at Rites of Romance Group
5/27 Leigh Wood visits Romance Bistro After Dark Loop
5/29 Eternal Press at The Haunt Yahoo Group
6/1 Eternal Press at Cover 2 Cover Loop
6/3 Eternal Press 9 p.m. Live Chat at Romance Junkies

So, maybe vampires aren't you're type? New Eternal Press erotica author Leigh Wood will be taking over The Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group this June. Check out her blog for frank chat and naughty excerpts. Stay up to date on her sf erotica On The Way To New Isosceles by subscribing or following Leigh!

It will be October and vampire time soon enough!

The Vampire Family by Kristin Battestella available in Paperback! Search Amazon ISBN-10: 192664722X

Our ebook is available at our Eternal Press page and Fictionwise, now partnered with Barnes and Noble.

Currently I'm working on polishing up a few short stories and first person accounts set in The Vampire Family universe. Of course, this brews germs for a sequel, so stayed tuned!

You can always find us at The Vampfam Blogger, Subscribe or follow us for the latest or sign up at the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group for the latest!

You can Myspace us, too!
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Published on May 02, 2009 17:40 • 112 views • Tags: angel, battestella, chat, eternal, fallen, family, horror, kristin, night, owl, paranormal, press, reviews, romance, vampire, vampires
It's not often that I say Good Morning to all my spooky peeps, so Good Morning!

Today you can catch us at two locations, yowza! Belinda McBride is having a special Halloween in May escapade at her blog-such a great idea, isn't it? Today May 5-Cinco de Mayo!- is our spotlight for some juicy bits from The Vampire Family! Here's the direct link:

Once you stop by at Belinda's and drop a comment, you can also catch myself, Leigh Wood, and the rest of the Eternal Press gang at our latest visit at the Love and Romance Cafe. If you missed us yesterday at the Cover 2 Cover loop, you can still read some of our archived conversations, too.

You can find out the latest from Eternal Press authors anytime at the EP Authors Blog. Look for us to drop by Tuesday May 12 for Paranormal Day! I might even be talking sequel news ;0)

Naughty fans should also check out my revamped livejournal page. This summer myself and erotica author Leigh Wood are making a joint venture there, so drop on by!
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Published on May 05, 2009 05:48 • 132 views • Tags: angel, battestella, chat, eternal, fallen, family, horror, kristin, night, owl, paranormal, press, reviews, romance, vampire, vampires
Hello October Fans!

Remember this weekend you can stop by Bogart's Bookstore in Millville, NJ and say a real life hello to myself and an autographed paperback copy of my Eternal Press horror novel The Vampire Family!

Now, I know, this is the one time you want to live in the New Jersey area! Never fear! This Halloween season you can find us in plenty of virtual locations as well. Here's a quick list, but remember, you can chat with us anytime and see a complete calendar of events at the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group. I'm adding more every day!

10/13 Paranormal Day at the Eternal Press Authors Blog
10/16 Kristin's Book Signing at Bogart's Books!
10/19 EP Chat 8 p.m. at Night Owl Romance
10/20 Leigh Wood Guest Day at the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group
10/23 EP Authors at The Haunt Yahoo Group
10/26 Kristin Guest Blogging at Ginger Simpson's Dishin' It Out!

Here's a quick excerpt in the spirit of the season! Remember you can read more anytime at our blog, or see our first THREE Chapters FREE at our Fictionwise page. Our Amazon page also offers the Look Inside feature for The Vampire Family!

The Vampire Family on Fictionwise

Amazon: The Vampire Family in paperback!

“Tell me, Theodore.” Victoria poured more of the wine. “Do you want to live forever?”

“It is unnatural. If God wanted man to live forever, he would have made our fragile bodies unbreakable.”

“Your fragile body. Not mine.” Victoria poured more of the wine to replenish the already gone last shot. “And didn’t your own Moses and Noah, Abraham and Adam, didn’t they live to be nine hundred and some? Wouldn’t you like to prolong your life as they did?”

“How long?” Theodore asked. All fools want to live a moment longer, especially when they feel they are near the time of death, as Theodore felt he was.

“However long you want.”

“No.” Theodore was a man. “Dying is a part of life. Why prolong the inevitable?”

Victoria drank every last drop from her glass and then smashed it in the fire. “You are absolutely right.”

Victoria leaped to Theodore’s side and plunged a piece of broken glass into Theodore’s chest. She held his neck and twisted and turned the glass until it was embedded terribly deep. Theodore gasped at the pain.

“I‘ve pierced your lung. Within the hour, you will die.” Victoria released Theodore, and he fell to the floor on his chest, further embedding the glass.

“How does it feel?” Victoria taunted. “T o know you are a fragile being? A being whose life can be taken at any moment! Your precious God will take you whenever he wants, and no one can change his mind. My God is not like that. He makes me powerful and strong. I can prevent your God from taking you away.”

Victoria picked up another hot shard of glass and slit the palm of her hand. Before she was done making the burning incision, it had healed. Theodore was awed.

“I can take the pain away, Theodore. I can make it so pain can never come to you again…if you let me.”

I need to get cracking and upload my pictures from the Collingswood Book Fest! If you want a picture with yours truly, stop by 6 to 8 p.m. Friday October 16 at Bogart's Bookstore and Cafe!

See you soon!

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Published on October 13, 2009 18:04 • 125 views • Tags: angel, battestella, chat, eternal, fallen, family, horror, kristin, night, owl, paranormal, press, reviews, romance, vampire, vampires
Here's some New Year's Good News for my neighbor and fellow Eternal Press author Leigh Wood and her science fiction erotica novel On the Way to New Isosceles!

Finally our first review!

Wow, 2010 and we have a review for my late 2009 science fiction erotica release from Eternal Press On the Way to New Isosceles! Pips to Fallen Angels Reviews for their 4 Angel praise!

Hot Damn. Yes, I Lost a full 5 Angel Reccomends because I'm a quirky pain in the ass, but if you like my books, you don't have to be a Woody Peep and like me! Still, all in all not bad for a first review of a debut erotica novel! However, if you do want to chat with my red hair brained self, you have plenty of opportunity to do so this month and beyond!

1/5 Eternal Press Author's Blog Erotica Day
1/7 Eternal Press New Release Party and Chat Fest!
1/11 Leigh Wood Live Chat 8 p.m. at Night Owl Romance!
1/12 EP Author's Blog Paranormal Day
1/19 Leigh Wood Guest Blog Day at Dark Divas
1/19 Leigh Wood Guest Day at the Kristin Battestella Group
1/28 Eternal Press Author's Blog Erotica Day
2/1 Eternal Press 8 p.m. Live Chat at Night Owl Romance
2/2 EP Author's Blog Erotica Day
2/3 Eternal Press 9 p.m. Live Chat at Romance Junkies!

February is packed iwth even more, and now I'm filling into April. It's so weird that two days into 2010, and I'm booked through Spring!

Stay up to date of course with all the EP action at our calendar on the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group, and remember to hook up with your favorite friend, follow, RSS, subscribe, and whatnot magical virtual connections here, there, and everywhere!


Join me on the sexy, naughty, non stop road On the Way to New Isosceles!


Sex in Space, Oh My!
On the Way to New Isosceles
by Leigh Wood
Available NOW from Eternal Press
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Published on January 02, 2010 14:13 • 153 views • Tags: angel, battestella, chat, erotica, eternal, fallen, family, fiction, horror, kristin, leigh, night, owl, paranormal, press, reviews, romance, science, vampire, vampires, wood
Hello my anti-sunshine friends!

This week in the vampy virtual FATE and FANGS: Tales from the Vampire Family tour, we have not one, but TWO interviews discussing Love: Ann and the Viking, Book 1 in my new series from Muse It Up Publishing!

Today all day Monday August 8, join us at Ravencraft's Romance Realm

And Tomorrow Tuesday August 9, we're spending the day with Paranormal Author Margaret West


Don't forget you can find all our FATE and FANGS appearances and events on our Yahoo Page and in Facebook land. Our next interview will be August 19 with Chastity Bush. If you are in the Cinnaminson, New Jersey area, also stop by 7 p.m. August 24 for the New Jersey Authors Network's seminar on Getting Published!

Congrats also to Stacey A. Smith, contest winner of our FATE and FANGS Release Day Facebook Event! Look for more prizes at our upcoming chats and appearances. New events are being added DAILY, including....

9/14 9 p.m. Two Lips Reviews Chat

9/20 9 p.m. Coffee Time Romance Chat

September Interviews at Night Owl, Fangtastic Books, and Fallen Angels

October Appearances include New Jersey Authors Network panels at the Moorestown and Voorhees, New Jersey libraries and Muse Online Workshops

The Vampire Family is a busy little brood! Pick up a copy of our original novel with Eternal Press in ebook or paperback formats or enter the world of FATE and FANGS with LOVE!

Which would YOU Choose? Love, Fate, or Fangs?
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Published on August 08, 2011 08:46 • 115 views • Tags: appearances, chat, eternal-press, event, interview, kristin-battestella, muse-it-up, paranormal, romance, the-vampire-family, vampire
As the Harvest Moon rises, the virtual whirlwind of my new series from Muse It Up Fate and Fangs: Tales from the Vampire Family keeps rolling along!

Stop by Beth Ann Mararik's website today and read not ONE excerpt but TWO from Book 2 Punishment and the upcoming episode 3 Struggle: Elizabeth in America

Thanks for having us Beth! For those that missed us, you can still read up on our latest interview with Roxanne Roads at Fang Tastic Books! Look for us also this month as part of Roxanne's column in Night Owl Magazine!

Yes yes, excerpts and interviews are just dandy, but does anyone else want to get down and spooky with some interactive delights? Be careful what you wish for! Join me for a Chat double header this month!

Wednesday September 14 9 p.m. at Two Lips Reviews

Tuesday September 20 9p.m. at Coffee Time Romance with my fellow Musers

For our fans on Goodreads, Punishment: Lilith's Trials is now listed!

And remember you can find us anywhere, for you cannot escape FATE and FANGS!
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Published on September 12, 2011 20:11 • 108 views • Tags: appearance, chat, fangs, fate, horror, kristin-battestella, muse-it-up-publishing, paranormal, romance, vampires
Attention readers and writers of paranormal romance and spooky sexy! You know who you are, admit it.

Come one come all- living, dead, undead- this Tuesday September 20 and join the Muse Authors at 9 p.m. in the Coffee Time Romance Tuesday Night Chats.

Myself, Kristin, Sara Durham, and Jerry Race are scheduled with paranormal talk, romance prizes, and a few more sur-prizes in store! Get it? Okay, bad pun.

I'll of course be sharing the Love, Punishment, and Struggle in my new FATE and FANGS: Tales from the Vampire Family series. Stop by for your chance to win a free e copy or two!

Hope to See you there!

Our next live chat will be 9 p.m. Tuesday October 4 as part of the Muse Online Conference. Now, it's not all about Fate and Fangs of course! I'll be discussing trends in horror literature and writing, too.

Big Link!


Remember to stay up to date on all our appearances, bookmark or hehe feed any of our preferred locations:

Here's a quick list of upcoming dates and treats

9/20 9 p.m. Coffee Time Romance Muse Authors Chat

10/1 Collingswood Book Festival

10/4 9 p.m. Horror Trends Chat at the Muse Online Writers Conference

10/7 Kristin Battestella Muse Blog Spooky Month Guest Day

10/12 Guest Day at Dawn's Reading Nook

10/13 10 p.m. Ghoul Tool Live Chat

10/14 Guest Day with Kay Dee Royal

10/15 NJ Author Network Panels at the Moorestown and Voorhees Libraries!

Whew! That's enough for now. I have to put up the rest of my Halloween Decorations!
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Published on September 19, 2011 17:19 • 78 views • Tags: chat, coffee-time-romance, fate-and-fangs, horror, muse-it-up-publishing, paranormal, vampire
Welcome welcome to readers, writers, aspiring authors, and anyone else otherwise and inbetween! Don't forget you'll have not 1, but 2 chances to chat and win a few Fate and Fangs: Tales from the Vampire Family treats as part of this year's Muse Online Writer's Conference!


Firstly, help me and my fellow Muse Authors celebrate out Publisher's Anniversary with a Biggest Mostest Chat Party beginning 7 pm est Sunday October 2nd!

Then as part of one of many workshops and events, me, Kristin Battestella, will be hosting a fun little chat contribution to the Muse Online Conference 9 pm est Tuesday October 4.


Fans, professionals, newbies, young and old are welcome for our Trends in Horror Literature Chat Discussion! Authors are welcome to share their paranormal writing experience in what's hot- zombies? vampires?- or what's not. Readers feel free stop by and share what you want in your creepy literature, too! What works, who's buying, and why. A little some something for us paranormal/dark fantasy/horror enthusiasts since Halloween is nigh!

To close September, don't forget we're also featured in Night Owl Magazine this month, and look for our latest interview with Fallen Angel Reviews to be online soon!

Fate and Fangs: Tales from The Vampire Family- Feel love, experience punishment, know struggle, indulge the debauchery, crave lust, learn humanity, face resurrection, and choose: Fate or Fangs? As always, you know where to find us!

Feed and Fiend (hehe) us at your preferred location for the very latest on Book 3 in the FATE and FANGS series. Struggle: Elizabeth in America hits this October! Squeeeeee
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Published on September 27, 2011 16:06 • 90 views • Tags: chat, conference, dark-fantasy, fangs, fantasy, fate, ghosts, horror, muse-it-up-publishing, paranormal, workshop
It's October!! That means the virtual tour fest free for all in support of Fate and Fangs: Tales from the Vampire Family is in high gear, overdrive, and the mania stage!

Fortunately, readers, writers, authors, editors, and professionals in any of the horror, dark fantasy, or paranormal persuasions can join me and Fate and Fangs for our little spooky corner of the 2011 Muse Online Writers Conference. Stop by the Muse Chat Room 9 p.m. est Tuesday October 4 for the Trends in Horror Chat Discussion!


Join us in the evening for a casual but no less insightful and informative discussion on what authors are writing, what editors are buying, which monsters are hot, and what readers want. Hopefully we won't get too out of hand with the virtual sweets and treats!

Never fear if you miss the chat, of course, as you can take part in the big release of Book 3 in the Fate and Fangs series Friday October 7 at our Guest Day for the Muse Spooky Blog Month.

Seeking solace and solitude from her unhappy home life as the unloved wife of Antonio, Elizabeth travels to colonial America in Professor James’ third account. On the outskirts of the white man’s civilization, Elizabeth meets Rain, a young Kiowa warrior on a vision quest. Will his lack of fear, search for answers, and gripping hothouse experience help her face those very vampire truths she sought to escape?

In addition to catching up on our September interview at Fallen Angels Reviews, here's a list of more October tricks in support of Struggle: Elizabeth in America.

10/4 9 pm Trends in Horror Chat at the Muse Online Conference

10/7 Guest Day at the Muse Blog

10/12 Dawn's Reading Nook Guest Day

10/13 10 pm Vampire Film and Literature Chat at Ghoul Tool

10/14 Guest Day with Kay Dee Royal

10/15 11 am New Jersey Authors Network Panel Moorestown Library

10/15 2 pm New Jersey Authors Network Panel Voorhees Library

10/18 9 pm Coffee Time Romance Paranormal Chat

10/20 Guest Day with Chastity Bush

10/22 Halloween Guest Day with Brynna Curry

10/23 Guest Day with Roseanne Dowell

10/25 9 pm Coffee Time Halloween Free for All Chat

10/26 Muse Authors at Talking Two Lips Loop

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