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Pecans And Amizon

Dear reader, have you seen any book of mine on Am-I-Zon? (and you know which criminal organization this secret code name Am-I-Zon? means), well if you are seeing one of my books there, please do not buy it there at Am-I-Zon?, or any other slave operation.

In fact, if you see my book for sale at any slavery operation anywhere, any slavery operation of any type at all, you are authorized to steal it and fart on your way out the door. In case you're not familiar with that, it was an early-internet euphemism for website sabotage.

You see, I was actually shocked, certainly not surprised of course, yet somehow actually shocked, some time ago, to see a brown photocopy of an old small-town newspaper item about the introduction of pecan tree growing to South Georgia.

There were some of these old news paragraphs there about my great-great-grandfather who had “a successful pecan slave operation before the War.”

Pecan slaves? How is that especially shocking?? Because I enjoy pecans? Why does it seem absurd?? It was ordinary reality. Anyway, please don't buy my books at Am-I-Zon? or etc.


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Published on February 07, 2019 07:08 Tags: capitalism, racism, slavery

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