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“Rejuvenate your strength, renew your mind, re-invigorate your spirit when you pray each day”
Simone Da Costa
“Defeat does not mean losing.
Rather, a pause, a moment to
re-think, re-plan, to
re-structure to gain”
Simone Da Costa
“Let integrity fashion your character in all walks of life.
As it will shape the person you will become”
Simone Da Costa
“To succeed. Start by unlocking
the gifts and the talents in you
To bring out the potential, the power in you”
Simone Da Costa
“Who says happy endings are only in fairy tales?
Pray, believe and wait patiently on God
and He will make a fairy tale out of you”
Simone Da Costa
“From our mistakes we gain experiences
From those experiences we gain knowledge
From the knowledge we gain insight
not to again repeat the same plight”
Simone Da Costa
“God is the infinite and eternal judge
What others say or think about you is trivial pursuit”
Simone Da Costa
“Be careful of sweet talkers, their words are like cavities”
Simone Da Costa
“The old has died
Why resurrect the dead?”
Simone Da Costa
“Unlock your future
Lock your past”
Simone Da Costa
“Serve your way up to success, not giving it up for success”
Simone Da Costa
“Go ahead, celebrate, exude and embrace you
When you find that special someone you will know
when you are being celebrated too.”
Simone Da Costa
“It’s not in asking you should fear.
Fear comes when you don’t ask.”
Simone Da Costa

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