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“Best of luck to you! BTW - if you still haven't found the lost chapter, we've added it to the paperback release of THE FOURTH MONKEY due out in May :)” J.D. Barker

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J.D. Barker With the internet, it's very easy to get the necessary details. With Google Earth and Street View, you can practically walk the roads. I usually go that route unless I can fit a trip into my schedule.
J.D. Barker That is very odd - I can see both ISBNs in Ingram and there are daily sales. What # are you using?

Here are the two they have:
9780990694977 Hard Cover
9781734210439 Mass Market Paperback

That said, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there was a glitch. The whole world seems glitchy right now. Let me know what you find. If there is an issue, I'll get them to correct it.
J.D. Barker The publisher didn't initially print enough to meet demand and they're still playing catch-up. If your local bookstores doesn't have it in stock, let them know they can get it from their distributor (Ingram Spark or Baker & Taylor). You can also get signed copies from these guys:
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J.D. Barker Ha, good catch. You might be the first. Everything in those three books is deliberate. Even the dedications are clues to something bigger. The bathroom at the end of the book is a real place and if you visit it, you'll learn the truth. Just look for the bullet.
J.D. Barker You may want to check out my latest book with James Patterson, THE COAST-TO-COAST MURDERS. It releases in September but pre-order links are up:

Thanks for the kind words!
J.D. Barker Juggling work and family has always been a struggle for me. As an Aspie, I'm a workaholic. Now that I write full-time, I could easily lock myself in my office for all waking hours and do nothing but generate words. My wife and I have set time limits. I start at 8am and write no later than 3pm. I head out for a run after that to think about the next day's work and relax, then the rest of the day goes to my family. Weekends we make it a point to do things together. Churning out a lot of books is great, having a fan-base willing to read them is even better, but nothing trumps family.
J.D. Barker I think it comes out on 3/31/20.
J.D. Barker Thanks for the kind words!

My publisher in Indonesia hasn't given me the publication date yet so I'm not sure. Typically it's about one year after the last book. That in mind, TSWC will most likely be early in 2021.
J.D. Barker Ha, no, I haven't tried that. I usually figure out how old my character is, then Google popular baby names from the year they were "born." For surnames, I have a copy of the white pages on my desk and I pick one at random that fits with their ethnicity.
J.D. Barker Thanks for the offer! I honestly don't know where they're sending me and when. If you have a moment, please reach out via my website (contact page) and the appropriate person on my end will get in touch. - jd
J.D. Barker Amazon got the exclusive on the ebook for the first year so the earliest you'll see it available in that format is 8/27/2020. There's no reason they can't get the audiobook, though. Have they ordered it?
J.D. Barker There appears to be a shortage of hardcovers everywhere. My publisher/distributors are having trouble keeping up. That's both a good thing and a bad thing. I spoke to RiverRun late last week and they're expecting more any time now. I apologize for the delay!
J.D. Barker It will be out in the UK and other countries soon. Sorry for the delay!
J.D. Barker Amazon/Kindle has the exclusive on ebooks for the first year. Sorry!

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