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“Best of luck to you! BTW - if you still haven't found the lost chapter, we've added it to the paperback release of THE FOURTH MONKEY due out in May :)” J.D. Barker

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J.D. Barker For me, it's about learning. Any time I get the opportunity to pick the brain of someone who can teach me something new, I'm all over it. I'm always striving to improve my craft and I've got the best of the best teaching me their tricks. The next time I sit down to write a new book on my own, it will be better for it.

I'm blessed that so many people love my writing but I didn't get there overnight. I spent 20+ years working with others - determining what worked for them and what didn't, then incorporating that into my own work. Without all that, none of my books would be what they are today.
J.D. Barker Who doesn't like ringing a bell? That's awesome. Maybe it's time to visit Ames, IA. I'm overdue for a road trip and the looming apocalypse seems to be coming to an end :)

Please thank your staff for me. I think books have been an escape for many of us throughout all this and without people like you willing to go in and work, things would have been a far worse.

J.D. Barker Thank you for the kind words! I wrote the official prequel to DRACULA titled DRACUL with Bram Stoker's great grandnephew, Dacre Stoker. I also have a special edition of DRACULA where I wrote the introduction and added some bonus material.

Links to all my books in English can be found here:

For Spanish, you'll need to check with your local bookstore.

J.D. Barker I think characters are like children, you don't necessarily have a favorite and if you do, you don't want to say it out loud for fear of how the others might react. I'm hoping to visit Japan once this pandemic is behind us. Stay safe!
J.D. Barker Any time you have two cooks in the kitchen it's important to determine who is good at what, then divide and conquer. In this case, Dacre is a wealth of knowledge on the Stoker family and Dracula in general. Between him and Bram's original notes, this book practically wrote itself.

My next collaboration is titled THE NOISE with James Patterson - it releases this August. Talk about fun to write!
J.D. Barker I'm forever grateful to Mr. King for allowing me to visit with one of his characters in FORSAKEN. I think we both have our hands full with current projects but I've learned never to say never.
J.D. Barker I get this question A LOT. And the truth is, I'd love to read everything if I could but there are only so many hours in the day. If you're willing to take a gamble, feel free to send me a copy at the address below. I can't guarantee I'll get to it, but I'll do my best:

J.D. Barker
P.O. Box 177
New Castle, NH 03854
J.D. Barker Not one. Every decision I've made (good or bad) has gotten me to where I am and changing just one would be like pulling an ace from the bottom of a house of cards. All things happen for a reason. I prefer to celebrate the good decisions and learn from the bad. Those peaks and valleys are what make life worth living.
J.D. Barker There's very little happening in Hollywood right now due to the virus. It's like the industry hit "pause." I'm sure we'll see the series on the screen at some point post apocalypse.
J.D. Barker I learned long ago if I try to force a description on a reader, it can take them out of the story so I avoid that. I'm not sure my descriptions would really make sense - for instance, Sam Porter (to me) is a cross between Michael Keaton and Morgan Freeman. I pulled physical attributes, speech patterns, mannerisms, etc. from each of them. Who do you think best fits each character?

TV and film have been in the works for a while but a certain bug has all of Hollywood on its knees.
J.D. Barker With the internet, it's very easy to get the necessary details. With Google Earth and Street View, you can practically walk the roads. I usually go that route unless I can fit a trip into my schedule.

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