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Marie Hall I created the type of series I always wanted to read. I love fairy tales, Grimm and all things Disney. For me this is just a mix of all of that with a hearty dollop of romance. And so glad you like the Hatter. He's actually making a showing in my newest series, though I write under a different pen name now. If you'd like to learn it you can write to me at and I'd be happy to answer. :)
Marie Hall HI Samantha, there were supposed to be a total of 5 books in the Wright universe, unfortunately that is no longer the case and The Wright Brother is it. But I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. :)
Marie Hall Hi Julie, thanks for the ideas. :) To be honest, I'm not sure whether there will be or won't be. As long as I can continue to get fresh ideas I'll continue to write Kingdom books, but if it ever becomes where I'm just rehashing the same plots over and over the world will end. For now, I'm just focusing on the queens stories. But I'm so glad you've enjoyed the books. :)
Marie Hall There was supposed to be, but due to issues that arose back in October of 2014, this will be it for the Wright universe. Very glad you enjoyed the book though.
Marie Hall Hi Dawn, you can only find book 2 as part of the Night series collection on Amazon. Both book 1 and 2 are in that set. Glad you enjoyed CS. You'll also note that the books are now written under a new pen name as well.
Marie Hall Contractually, I'm not allowed. My publishers didn't pick up an option for more books, so while I could write the books, I can't publish anything in that world for the next 7 years. Sorry. :(
Marie Hall Evie, all my life I've been fascinated with fairy tales. But even as a child I understood that there had to be more to the story than what I'd read. When I grew I realized that what I'd always been curious about was the *villains* side of the story. And because history is written by the victor that meant the villain definitely knew more to the story. And my idea for Kingdom was born. And glad you've enjoyed the books. :)
Marie Hall As of now, no. I've had to quit writing under this name and since the book was technically a stand alone novel with no loose ends I'm going to just leave it as it is. Someday, who knows, but there are no future plans for that series anymore.
Marie Hall My favorite fairy tale is hands down The Little Mermaid. The Disney version anyway, the original is quite sad. LOL. And no, I'll probably never write it because I like to write about romances that deal with villains. There is just so much more I can do with their characters.
Marie Hall A dream. Seriously. I woke up with the idea of a carnival run by the seven deadly sins and that was that.
Marie Hall Ideas can come from everywhere. A news article, hearing a snippet of conversation by a stranger, and sometimes (most times for me) they just come from my own imagination. Books I want to read that I can't find.
Marie Hall Edits of Hood's Obsession, book 9 of the Kingdom Series which drops July 19, 2014.
Marie Hall Write. A lot. But don't publish the first few books you write. They're never going to be as good as you think they are a year, two years, even three years down the road when you've really learned your craft.
Marie Hall Getting to meet readers who love my books.
Marie Hall I go for a walk. Sometimes just a change of scenery can get those creative juices flowing again.
Marie Hall I'm actually in the process of hiring a Spanish translator to get my books published in Spanish. So the best I can tell you is hopefully by next year I should have a book or two available. Thanks for asking!

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