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Susan Ee Guys are so enamored with swords, especially powerful swords. All the guys I know who read Angelfall talked to me about the sword. Of all the things that happened in the story, I found it funny that the guys would focus so much on that. Penryn and I just couldn’t help but poke fun, at least a little.

But regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that Pooky Bear really is powerful. And now, the girls also talk about the sword. :)
Susan Ee I’m guessing the title will be announced sometime in the summer. I’m not sure about the cover, but I hope it’ll be not too long after that. As it stands right now, I have a tentative title and a cover concept. Book 3 is starting to become real!
Susan Ee Hi Destinyclaire! I saw Penryn as a sign off highway 80 and knew I was going to name a character Penryn someday. As for Raffe ("Rah-fie”), a friend of mine knew a guy named Raffe, and every time he said that name, my ears perked up. Like Penryn, I knew I’d name a character Raffe someday. Both names just happened to converge in Angelfall!
Susan Ee Thanks, Sakina! I started the series in Penryn’s POV, and I think I’ll stick with that. Penryn talks to me pretty openly while Raffe barely tolerates me following him around. :) We’ve found a good balance in our relationship, and I don’t want to push it with him.
Susan Ee Try to get into the habit of writing every day. Freewrite to exercise your story muscles (write whatever comes to mind without filtering and without judging). Take creative writing workshops, and get feedback from other writers in your classes.

Read a lot of books that interest you. Write the stories that interest you regardless of what kind of stories your teacher or classmates prefer. If they love literary slice-of-life vignettes but you love epic adventures, write epic adventures. You’ll find your true audience later.

Good luck with your projects!
Susan Ee I used to think that famous writers had writing rituals because artistic genius required weirdness. :) But now, I realize that it's actually a very practical thing to have a ritual.

If I can get completely into my story world, I’m "in the zone,” exactly where I need to be for storytelling. But getting there can be difficult because writers are bombarded with real-world intrusions all day long that constantly try to pull us out of the zone.

I get that a ritual can help the transition into the story world and keep us there until we’re ready to come out. But I can’t seem to stick with one. I’ve tried a bunch of habits on for size, but nothing has stuck. So I’m still working on it!

Thanks for your question, Shaina!
Susan Ee The oldest stories of angels have them associated with the destruction of entire cities and turning people into pillars of salt. Angels are described as playing an essential role in bringing about the end of the world. Yet, we tend to portray them as cute cherubs and sweet guardian angels. If they came down to earth in force, I figured they would be warriors and badass street-soldiers.

In this kind of apocalyptic world, would there still be room for humanity and family? For love? For adventure? I just had to find out!
Susan Ee Penryn is named after an exit sign off Interstate 80, just like she says in Angelfall. :)

Penryn sign off Hwy 80”/>
Susan Ee I took a sword fighting class which included tips on knife fighting techniques. I also took classes on self defense and have a martial arts advisor who helps me with the fight scenes. And as a bonus, I took a zombie apocalypse class to cover all my basis. :)
Susan Ee Absolutely. Do you know what sound my enemies make when they see me approaching?

"Eeee!” :D

Lol. That joke never gets old!
Susan Ee Sometimes, a scene will come to me fully formed. For instance, I saw the entire fight over the bay in World After before I knew anything else about the story. But usually, the story comes to me as I write. I try to always have a notebook with me, though, for those times when ideas hit me. Finding inspiration anywhere at any time is a really fun part of being a writer. :)
Susan Ee I wanted to add to the body of angel stories while staying consistent with the oldest, most respected ones. I took ancient stories of angels and embellished on those. Since so many of those myths are vague or inconsistent with each other, there was plenty of room for the imagination!
Susan Ee I can't wait either! End of Days is coming on May 12. That'll give you
plenty of time to prepare. Sign up for my newsletter, and I'll send a note so you don't miss End of Day's release!

Personally, I'm stocking up on cereal and peanut butter. The perfect post-apocalyptic combination--at least it is when Raffe feeds it to you. :)
Susan Ee

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