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Colleen Houck
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Colleen Houck Hi Elizabeth. The submission/editing process isn't my favorite thing about writing. I am definitely not an expert on the subject and still lean heavily on my agent for counsel. As far as editing goes, at some point, you have to let go of a manuscript. Once I've finished a book, I do a final reread, adjusting as I go and then I stop. Fussing with it too much doesn't do anyone any good. I hand it over to someone else at that point and then when they tell me to edit again, I do. That may be an editor or my agent or someone else. I never go asking for other people to take a look though. I simply move on to my next project. If you dwell too long on one thing, it stops your momentum. You can always return to it at some point and shake off the dust but if you get hung up on one thing for years, you'll never know what else you could have done.
Colleen Houck Hi Lucy. The books are still under option as of summer 2020. Will they become a movie? We'll have to wait and see. I think right now everything in Hollywood is on hold due to the virus.
Colleen Houck Hi Marybeth. The part one and part two versions are the US edition hardbacks. They are the same as the paperback with the exception of two bonus pieces. In part one, there is a prelude to the series where I talk about how I got started, what inspired the characters, etc. Part two has a never before released bonus chapter that features all my main characters. It's very sweet and something my die-hard fans won't want to miss.
Colleen Houck It would be some off-world planet with lots of ocean. I don't care much which one as long as it was pretty and not too deadly. The first thing I'd do is try the fruit. Or a fruity drink of some sort. Also a cheese plate. I'm crazy about those. With my luck, it would be brain cheese or something.
Colleen Houck That's a great question. I actually think I enjoyed writing Kishan's perspective of those three, however, I recently did a bonus chapter for the hardback edition of Tiger's Dream in Anamika's perspective and that girl is a firecracker. She was loads of fun. If you haven't read that yet, you'll want to head to the library or pick up the hardback somewhere to get that chapter. It's in part two, I believe.
Colleen Houck Hi Kaitlyn. The print version of Tiger's Dream is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also ask for it at your local library. They can probably order one for you. You can also get it on audiobook if you like that format.
Colleen Houck
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Colleen Houck So glad you liked the story! This one was based on a fable I read about Jack O' The Lantern. I found it online somewhere. He was a cursed man who was too evil for heaven and too good for hell so he had to guard the crossroad between and held up a lantern to guide the souls across. I liked that idea and played with it along with all my favorite Halloween stories and characters and then mixed it together with steampunk.
Colleen Houck It's hard to say since it's been ten years since I first wrote the book. All the actors I was looking at back then have aged so they wouldn't fit as well now. The most important thing to me is casting a solid Mr. Kadam. I've always liked Amitabh Bachachan but there are a number of great Indian actors who could fit the role.
Colleen Houck It's still under option so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Colleen Houck With Reignited you can go either way. I wrote it between Recreated and Reunited so the easiest place to read it would be between those two books when you have a little bit of background and know those characters a little bit better.
Colleen Houck I have a stand-alone sci-fi book out on submission right now. It has a tiny bit of Greek mythology but not too much. I have a trilogy I've been wanting to write set in the future that is fully Greek mythology based but so far I haven't been able to sell that one.
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Colleen Houck
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Colleen Houck My inspiration comes from lots of places. First, I read a lot. When I hear an author say they have no time to read I'm always shocked. I think reading is a huge part of writing. Reading sparks new ideas. I'm also a very visual person so I love Pinterest. I have secret boards for all my books and use images to inspire new worlds and creatures. I keep a large database full of ideas and phrases. Whenever I get stuck, I read through my list and something always pops out.
Colleen Houck Libraries are very good about stocking books you request. Contact your local library and ask them if they'll order one so you can read it. Many times, they're just waiting for readers to request a copy.
Colleen Houck Inspiration can come from anywhere. I read a lot. Mythology books are a big resource for me, but I also love art books and researching stories on the internet. Sometimes ideas come from wacky dreams that I have to decipher from my bad handwriting the next morning. You never know what will give you your next big idea.
Colleen Houck Sometimes characters surprise you. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Supporting characters can be really amazing! If you want a character to be more interesting, then they need to be more sympathetic which means you need to bring on the pain. It seems harsh but you'll really figure out what a character is made of when you put them in terrible situations. Sometimes separating the characters helps too. Make them stand on their own for a while and see if that works. Good luck!
Colleen Houck Hi Julianne, I just updated my website today. The rest of the Reawakened series, Tiger's Dream, and The Lantern's Ember will all be published in French Canada. As for the movie, no cast yet. It's still in the works so fingers crossed it will happen.

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