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Geoff Dyer I have lots of favorites, depending on the occasion and weather but if i had to choose just one it would be Harvey's, an English bitter brewed in Lewes, available beyond there, of course, but at its best close to the source.
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Geoff Dyer Strange question. The obvious answer to is that slave-holders tried ensure that slaves could not read. The damage that might result from reading is implicit in this.
Geoff Dyer Wow, that sounds a great party, Vicki. Wish I could have been there too. (As long as it wasn't too authentically jazzy - i.e. as long as people weren't smoking cigarettes.)
As for concentrating, well, it requires so much concentration. I like the kind of concentration required by sport. In fact I really love that - it's a kind of bliss. Maybe its similar to the concentration required/attained by musicians? And I guess, after a point, I like the concentration required by writing - once I get over my dread of the effort required to get to that point.

Geoff Dyer I never have any trouble getting out of bed. I always wake up in a good mood - though that mood often deteriorates quickly and drastically. I think we're programmed to get out of bed. Putting one foot in front of another is still the best way forward.
Geoff Dyer I'm actually in Venice (LA) rather than SF but my routine, I suspect, is pretty much as it would be in SF, centred around coffee in the middle of the morning and then tennis. Oh, and work, yes, that too. SF would add more culture to the daily mix than Venice, not because LA is a cultural desert - on the contrary, there's loads of stuff going on here, but it's so difficult to get to. the one thing I never ant to add to my daily routine is sitting in a traffic jam.
Geoff Dyer The Colour of Memory is practically an historical novel now! I've really no idea what people will make of them. To be honest I dpn't think the changes are sufficient to merit a re-reading. It's not like I did a John Fowles re-write of The Magus. I just cut bits, especially a lot of the swearing. I i felt it would be unfair to add stuff, so it's just a tighter edit - in both cases - rather than a fully-fledged remix.
Geoff Dyer Bits and pieces of writing, essays and so forth, but a lot of the time I just WORRY about what I'm going to do next, whether there will be a next.
Geoff Dyer Yes, it's a huge day in American history, people are out in the streets rejoicing. It's like VE Day all over again. Incredible scenes. The new book is different because it was commissioned as part of a series and then gradually became a book by me, if i can put it like that. I've certainly changed - its one of the interesting things about sticking with it over a long period of time because some of the changes are beyond one's control. At the moment I'm writing lots of essays about loads of different things, among them an intro to a new book of photos by An-My Le. See you at the conference, James.
Geoff Dyer Well that's a big question! In a sense the book is ABOUT how the two halves fit together. One thing to emphasise is that in the second half Laura is everywhere present even though she's physically absent. All sorts of little details associated with her crop up incidentally or accidentally in part 2. There are big thematic links and all sorts of things are repeated, paralleled (including some actual sentences), but it's the little repeated details that bind the two watery cities - and the the two halves of Jeff Atman's name - together.

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