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Sylvia Day Gideon’s birthday is Sept. 22nd and Eva’s is Feb. 19th.
Sylvia Day I have a general idea of where I want the story to go and then the characters take it in another direction. I’ve learned to see myself as more of a narrator than a creator. The characters tell their story and I just type fast enough to keep up.
Sylvia Day Gideon’s physical appearance was inspired by a young businessman I spotted on the streets of Manhattan several years ago. Who Gideon is as a person, however, is unique to him.
Sylvia Day Yes, I’m sure that further along in their marriage they’ll have children together. They want so desperately to be unified in every way possible. Creating children together is the ultimate way to do that.
Sylvia Day Taking a day off. I so rarely have any days when I’m not working, so playing hooky feels amazing.
Sylvia Day In the early years of my career, I would juggle multiple projects at once. Now, I may sketch out a particularly vivid scene from a secondary work, but I focus on one main story at a time.
Sylvia Day One with You was the hardest to write and is the longest book I’ve ever written. The Stranger I Married was the easiest. I completed it in a matter of weeks.
Sylvia Day The music is the “Sylvia Day theme,” which was composed specifically for me. It’s not available anywhere aside from media that is produced by my team.
Sylvia Day "Oh, but it is you, darling Eve. Just as that taste is you, the smell, the look, the sound. You've undone me." - Glory in Death, J.D. Robb
Sylvia Day Gideon sang "Hanging by a Moment" by Lifehouse.
Sylvia Day Yes, after the Crossfire series ends, I'll be starting a new series called Blacklist. Unlike Crossfire, which follows Gideon and Eva over a span of just a few months, the Blacklist series follows Kane and Lily over a span of years. I'm very excited about it!
Sylvia Day There are playlists for some of the Crossfire books on my YouTube channel:
Sylvia Day It's June in Bared to You. It's August in Captivated by You. The total timeline of the Crossfire series (including One with You) is a little over 3 months.
Sylvia Day The characters are talking; I'm just transcribing.
Sylvia Day My next series after Crossfire is the Blacklist series, which follows one couple--Kane and Lily--over a span of years and through two books. I'm really excited about it.

Crossfire follows Gideon and Eva day-by-day over the span of a few months, so it's great to see the evolution of Kane and Lily over a longer span of time.

For Crossfire, the core of the story is whether it's possible for two abuse survivors to have a functional romantic relationship. For Blacklist, the core of the story is whether it's possible to spend your life with someone after they've broken you into a thousand pieces. Can you rebuild from that? Can you forgive?

Everyone comes into a relationship with baggage. How do you make it work when the baggage you're bringing with you was given to you by the person you're hoping to have a relationship with?

Hopefully, readers will love Kane and Lily as much as I do.
Sylvia Day No, not inspiration in a direct sense. I'm always inspired by reading a good book and Nora is in a class by herself. That said, Gideon does remind me (and Eva) of Roarke at times, hence the nickname "Ace."

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