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Sylvia Day Henry Cavill. :)
Sylvia Day November 18, 2014 in US / CA / UK / IR / AU / NZ / ZA / IN
Sylvia Day Scarlett Johansson would be great! Also Dianna Agron.

Crossfire is in development for TV with Lionsgate: I don't have any further information to share at this time.
Sylvia Day The title of Book #5 is revealed once you turn the last page of Captivated by You.
Sylvia Day There are five books total in the Crossfire series, which is presently in development with Lionsgate for cable television adaptation.
Sylvia Day My next series after Crossfire is the Blacklist series, which follows one couple--Kane and Lily--over a span of years and through two books. I'm really excited about it.

Crossfire follows Gideon and Eva day-by-day over the span of a few months, so it's great to see the evolution of Kane and Lily over a longer span of time.

For Crossfire, the core of the story is whether it's possible for two abuse survivors to have a functional romantic relationship. For Blacklist, the core of the story is whether it's possible to spend your life with someone after they've broken you into a thousand pieces. Can you rebuild from that? Can you forgive?

Everyone comes into a relationship with baggage. How do you make it work when the baggage you're bringing with you was given to you by the person you're hoping to have a relationship with?

Hopefully, readers will love Kane and Lily as much as I do.
Sylvia Day Movies are awesome and I love them, but the Crossfire series has so many layers and secondary characters that much would be lost trying to fit everything into less than two hours. TV affords us the benefit of many hours to tell the breadth of the story.
Sylvia Day To be honest, it would be impossible to release two Crossfire books at the same time or even within weeks of each other, for various production, distribution, and marketing reasons. I'd say four to six months is the closest two Crossfire novels could be to one another.
Sylvia Day Captivated by You will release on November 18, 2014 in US / CA / UK / IR / AU / NZ / ZA / IN
Sylvia Day The characters are talking; I'm just transcribing.
Sylvia Day IMO, Captivated by You is not only the best of the four Crossfire novels thus far, but also the best book I've ever written. It was the most difficult, because Gideon's pain was so visceral to me, but that's also why I love it so much.
Sylvia Day I do have a new series planned to launch next year, The Blacklist series, which will follow one couple over two books and is set in Manhattan, like Crossfire.
Sylvia Day Not while I'm writing them, but later--when I re-read them--I've been known to blush...
Sylvia Day We'll reveal the covers (US/UK) of One With You when we announce the release date, which hasn't been decided on yet. I can tell you I've seen them and they're gorgeous! I really love them.
Sylvia Day The Crossfire series is in development with Lionsgate for cable television adaptation. I don't have any say in casting, but I am an executive consultant and will be reviewing the scripts and providing feedback that will help the creative team stay true to the series as presented in the novels.
Sylvia Day Gideon has yet to deal with his family or his nightmares. He has a lot of work to do before he can find peace and happiness.
Sylvia Day Captivated by You will release in 2014.
Sylvia Day Character names are very important to me. I keep a list of names I like and when the right character comes along, I use the name that fits them best. For example, Gideon means "he who cuts down his enemies." When I first met Gideon Cross, I knew his name was perfect for him. The meaning suits him. Plus, I think it's as sexy as he is.
Sylvia Day
Sylvia Day

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