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Charlaine Harris I've thought it would be fun to write another Harper, but I haven't had a great idea for one.
Charlaine Harris I'm really glad you are enjoying the books. I tour when my books appear, and the last one was in October (AN EASY DEATH). So the next book will be out next October, if all goes as planned. I am cutting back on touring, so the chances are slim, I'm afraid.
Charlaine Harris Yes, someone from every series of mine either lives in or visits. Midnight.
Charlaine Harris Thanks, Ailee. Some of the characters, like Quinn, do appear in other works of mine. Quinn is in the Midnight, Texas, books, which you might enjoy. Maybe you'd like Anne Bishop's The Others series, starting with WRITTEN IN RED. Happy reading.
Charlaine Harris When the show began to air, I was already five or six books into the series, and I knew how Sookie's story would end. That didn't change. I have always been a voracious reader, and if you visit my website ( you can click on "Books and Blog" and see what I've read and enjoyed for the past few years.
Charlaine Harris Mary Ellen, I've been out of the country for three weeks and just saw you message. I am such an old author that the modern methods of promoting books have passed me by, but there are plenty of ways for you to get this information on the Internet. Or you can join Sisters in Crime, or any other professional organization, and learn more. I am glad putting your thoughts on paper helped your depression, and I hope you keep doing that; but I'm forbidden by my agent to look at unpublished manuscripts, for obvious legal reasons. Best of luck.
Charlaine Harris No, I don't. They all have tiny pieces of me in them. Some of them are more fun to write than others, like Pam in the Sookie Steakhouse series.
Charlaine Harris Yes. Eli will be back in the next book, A LONGER FALL.
Charlaine Harris I don't like to write the same thing over and over. I like to challenge myself. Book two is written, and it will come out next year, most likely in October. I will start Book 3 soon. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed AN EASY DEATH.
Charlaine Harris I am really excited about the show, too. So glad it got renewed.
My publisher for that series has not asked me for more books, but I do have a new book on Oct. 2, AN EASY DEATH, the first in a new series.
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Charlaine Harris I don't know why Hallmark made those decisions. I could guess, but that wouldn't be informed guessing. I hope you enjoy the new book, and thanks for the great compliment.
Charlaine Harris Thanks, Brigitte. I am not much of a planner. Sometimes I don't know who the villain is myself until I'm deeper into the book. This leads to a lot of rewriting, but it's the way I work, and I seem to enjoy doing that.
Charlaine Harris Word of mouth, and you can't plan or duplicate that effect. But that will sell books. Nothing else I've tried has been as successful.
Charlaine Harris You will hear a different version for every writer. I start with a central character, and once I've got that protagonist in my mind, I build the world that character must live in to produce such a person. When I'm ready to start, I start. I don't outline. That's right for me, but it can lead to a lot of rewriting, a LOT. I work about four-six hours a day, every day.

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