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Sabbaths Sabbaths by Wendell Berry
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“Again I resume the long
lesson: how small a thing
can be pleasing, how little
in this hard world it takes
to satisfy the mind
and bring it to its rest.”
Wendell Berry, Sabbaths
“The mind that comes to rest is tended
In ways that it cannot intend:
Is borne, preserved, and comprehended
By what it cannot comprehend.”
Wendell Berry, Sabbaths
“Whatever happens,
those who have learned
to love one another
have made their way
to the lasting world
and will not leave,
whatever happens.”
Wendell Berry, Sabbaths
“Sabbaths VIII"

The question before me, now that I
am old, is not how to be dead,
which I know from enough practice,
but how to be alive, as these worn
hills still tell, and some paintings
of Paul Cezanne, and this mere
singing wren, who thinks he's alive
forever, this instant, and may be.”
Wendell Berry, Sabbaths
“Why must the gate be narrow?
Because you cannot pass beyond it burdened.
To come into the woods you must leave behind
the six day's world, all of it, all of its plans and hopes.
You must come without weapon or tool, alone,
expecting nothing, remembering nothing,
into the ease of sight, the brotherhood of eye and leaf.”
Wendell Berry, Sabbaths