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Sideways Sideways by Rex Pickett
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“You're such a cheater. The best wood in your golf bag is your pencil!”
Rex Pickett, Sideways
“Pinot Noir country. My grape. The one varietal that truly enchants me, both stills and steals my heart with its elusive loveliness and false promises of transcendence. I loved her, and I would continue to follow her siren call until my wallet--or liver, whichever came first--gave out.”
Rex Pickett, Sideways
“I can't kill myself, I thought. I'm too insignificant. I'm nothing. I'm a thumbprint on the first-floor window of a skyscraper, a smudge of excrement on a tissue surging out to sea along with millions of tons of raw sewage, a squirrel eating a nut as a car bore down on him.”
Rex Pickett, Sideways
tags: death
“I forced a swift smile, then turned back to my glass, salvation and sanctuary viniferously bundled into one.”
Rex Pickett, Sideways
“Maya, Indian goddess of illusions. Siren of shipwrecked sailors. If only you lactated Pinot Noir, you’d be perfect.”
Rex Pickett, Sideways
“Palate properly whetted, I spelunked for her clitoris, tasting Bourgogne Rouge and Maya's body.”
Rex Pickett, Sideways