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message 17: by Elena

Elena You've been a good friend to me for going on 30 years, you just didn't really know about it:)
Thanks for accepting my friend request, made my day!

Konstance When I found out that you've accepted my friend request last night, my mouth was hanging open for more than a minute and a half, and I was uttering odd sounds as if I had fish bone stuck in my throat or something. Thank you, Steve (Can I call you Steve?), for accepting my friend request! God bless you!

message 15: by J.

J. Wickham Mr. King, thank you for your recent addition (me!) - it's an honor!

I never knew that you'd spent time in Fort Wayne; my family is from there and I spent many an hour at beautiful Lindenwood, writing the first pages of my book (during the daylight hours of course).

Keep up the great work!

J C Wickham

Dimitris Tso Thanks for accepting my friend request.
Keep on the great work.
Greetings from Greece!
Your #1 fan (haha),

message 13: by Celeste

Celeste Thank you so much for accepting my friend request!
Your stories are amazing !. I'm from Venezuela and is too difficult find your books in my country :( so I hope you to adopt me *-*(just kidding XD)

Long Days and Pleasant Nights to you!.

Deborah Farrow Thank you for accepting my friend request. I have been a fan of yours since I started reading.I didn't know that you would be so accessible to everyone. I'm from Vermont, so I love reading about the Northeast. It makes for a very enjoyable read, when I can relate to the area.

message 11: by Beth

Beth Thank you for accepting my friend request!! I love reading your stories! Keep up the good work!

message 10: by Maga

Maga Gaudino My goodness! :) Thank you so much for accepting me, I find it beautiful that you decided to be so 'accessible' to fans, even if it's via this site, so once more, thanks :) such an honor that you made a simple click on my invite, really made my day!
Bless you!

Malina Wow! Thanks for accepting the friend request, you made my day!!
You are absolutely amazing

Thebookaholic1 Such a joy to find you've accepted my virtual friendship. I've been on King reading frenzy for some time and have loved every minute of it, even the scary minutes. Cheering you on from Ohio.

Francesca Hile, Mr King, and thanks for the add! You definitely made my day :-)

Rafael Thanks for the add, Mr. King!!

Long days and pleasant nights to you, sir!

sha. {"go book yourself"} thank you for friended me on GR, Mr. King. It's truly an honor and pleasure to me as a Constant Reader.

message 4: by Rick

Rick Soper Thank You Sir! Being friends with you here at Goodreads is truly an honor!

Nenia ☠️ Hecka Wicked ☠️ Campbell Thanks for accepting my friend request! That totally made my day. :)

I see that you read Shining Girls. That was one of my favorite books from last year. Definitely like the Time Traveler's Wife - if it had been hijacked by Gillian Flynn.

message 2: by Essi

Essi Michael Hey there Stephen
You are truly the king :)
Thank you for add me as your friends.
It`s my honor to be in your friends list.
Best regards

message 1: by Jade

Jade I saw the movie "Misery" but never read the book

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