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message 1: by Ms. R (new)

Ms. R | 58 comments Mod
We've spend the last couple of weeks discussing Kate Chopin's short story "The Story of an Hour." In a well formulated paragraph please let us know your final response to the story itself. Feel free to aks questions or make comments, but remember to back up your ideas, always answering the question "why?"

Happy posting,
Ms. R

message 2: by Joe (new)

Joe | 7 comments I believe that the "Story of An Hour" tried to show how Mrs.Mallard was trapped in her marriage in a nice way,but ended up sounding bad.At first Mrs.Mallard was sad that her husband had just died and was in a stage of deep depression,then as the story moved on,her attitude gradually changed.Our class thesis was to show the "entrapment" of women,but i believe that Chopin's story failed to show the entrapment of women.I don't understand how a positive situation could come from a spouse dying. The way the author presented the message of the story was horrible. If Mrs.Mallard was immediately happy after her husband died then i could realize how she could have been "entrapped" but to be sad and then be happy out of no where after your spouse just died, was the wrong way to present the message.

message 3: by Marekjavorek (last edited Jan 27, 2009 08:06AM) (new)

Marekjavorek | 16 comments The Story is very unique.I mean Mrs. Mallard is trapped in a room and she is looking outside the window and she doesn't know what to think because everything is outside and there is nothing on the inside.When you imagine your self in Mrs. Mallard's shoes you you suddenly realize that you are trapped in the room but also in your own mind.Then she makes a surprising statement I'm free when I find out that my husband has died.Why would she say this? I mean she married him because of love , and now she is stating that she is finally free when he dies that is very weird and strange.So yeah this is a strange story but we got through it in the class so now I understand.

message 4: by Guadalupe (new)

Guadalupe L (leon_g) | 7 comments The story was interesting for me to read. I noticed that Mrs. Mallard saw time itself as a trap. "But she saw beyond that bitter moment a long procession of years to come that would belong to her absolutely" (Chopins 28). Mrs. Mallard's time in her past wasn't spent on herself but her marriage. After her husbands death she recognizes that her future holds an ulimited amount of time that would be spent on herself. The four walls that surrounded her would push away, her closed window would become open. Mrs. Mallard would live freely. Im my mind, I think that Mrs. Mallard died peacefully, because all her worries went out that window.

message 5: by Joshua (new)

Joshua | 12 comments Story of An Hour was a little sad to me. I felt that Mrs. Mallard was entrapped in her marriage. I feel marriage itself is a blessing if the two try to please each other. In Mrs. Mallard case she was restricted because she was to busy trying to please society instead of herself. When Mrs Mallard thought that her husband had died she was happy. This proved to me that she was not happy in her marriage and make me feel that she really did not love her husband. I believe if you love your spouse death to one of them would make a person feel sad, but instead Mrs Mallard felt FREE. I wonder how did her husband feel after she died? Yet, on the other hand I guess Mrs. Mallard was finally free.

message 6: by Momiji (new)

Momiji (Usami90) | 2 comments "The Story of An Hour" Doesn't really explain much of Mrs.Mallards marriage if she did had a happy marriage life maybe she was being delusional that she had a perfect marriage were only humans we don't really know if we were really meant to be with the person that we care about Mallard was just confused after her husband passed away plus its nothing wrong with that thinking your free from this person's clutches that your going to start something new for yourself that you couldn't do before I thought it was a twisted story cause it just explains how we humans feel when we feel entrap with this world or with someone that we thought we cared for until we go to the afterlife or in a world of nothingness

message 7: by Angelica (new)

Angelica | 6 comments I believe the short story, "The Story of an Hour," shows how Mrs Mallard actually felt about marriage. Mrs Mallard felt trapped and the reader can see that by her reaction towards her husband's death. She feels a sense of relief, a feeling of freedom from her entrapment. Mrs Mallard never could never actually act on her feeling of freedom because that feeling only came out when she was locked inside her room looking through her "open window."

message 8: by Moises (last edited Feb 25, 2009 03:26AM) (new)

Moises | 4 comments The short story,"The Story of an Hour" pretty much defined self entrapment. Mrs. Mallard had put herself in a position where she wasnt satisfied therefore not really having a happy spirit. After her husband's death, you can tell that she felt free from the shackles. She had finally got rid of the entrapment she was in.

message 9: by Keshona (new)

Keshona Lewis | 6 comments The short story,"The Story of an Hour" shows how a wife was being entraped in her marriage and that she wasnt very happy. Mrs. Mallard was very happy with her marriage but she didnt show it until her husband was "supposely" died. Mrs. Mallard was also being compared to a child that was very powerless. her will was the only thing that kept her because she had a strong mind thought that if she try to do somthing then with all wills she can succeed.

message 10: by Rana (new)

Rana | 7 comments The story of an Hour was a case heard by many . To me this is the story of someone who didnt know what she was getting into and was waiting for some way(where she didnt have to feel gulity) to get out of her marriage.This story is full of different emotions.You can even derive different emotions on your own.Personally I have been in situations where I was a little skeptical about but got into with hope. Then as I engaged more into this situation I realizes maybe this wasnt for me. I tried many ways to get out and even thought I did for a minute ! But unlike Mrs Mallard I didnt have to die to really be free...... As I think about it maybe it was death she was looking at outside the window that would cause her to be free.Maybe we misinterpeted it and maybe she was thinking that heaven awaited her outside!

message 11: by Armand (new)

Armand | 6 comments I did not like the story, just like most of the stuff we do in the class. i dont think i liked it because i feel like know one was tring to make the lady in the story feel trap. she is a house wife she must do what she is told!!! if she want to do things her way why would she get with that guy. i think she just want to sleep around if you ask me,but i could be wrong.kate need to get a life and stop feeling that men are intraping women!!

message 12: by Eric (new)

Eric Estrada | 1 comments Alright, so we've spent some time looking over this story and it seems to me that we all have a slightly different approach to it than others. Some people think it means one thing, others think it means another, and frankly that's fine...if that's what the author intended. If not, then, my apologies for saying this but she should've done a better job at explaining what she meant. Don't get me wrong it's a great story all-around, but if she was to just explain this a little better, I think that most of the people above who said they didn't like it would've if not like it, at the very least, appreciate it more.

message 13: by Anabel (new)

Anabel | 5 comments I guess kate Chopin's wanted the reader to have a different perspective on the "Story of an hour". For the reads to have different message about its okay because it depends on the genders perspective.Some believe that being married its being traped,others think should do based on what society want you to do so.Marrige can be view differently based on the knowledge you have and the maturity in your self,it may be easy for some couples to be happly married and others to feel entraped by their couple.As Kate Chopin's in "tory of an hour"wants you to see.

message 14: by Beah (new)

Beah | 11 comments First of all i didnt like the story at all. A comment i have for Mrs. Mullard is why would you get married if you know already whats going to be like. Obviously she was with her husband before marriage, so he must of have had an idea of how he was. I think she rushed things and wasnt sure what she wanted and because of that she had a trapped marriage.

message 15: by Cristal (new)

Cristal (cristal91) | 7 comments The story "Story of An Hour" was interesting and confusing. I agree with momiji that the story doesnt explain alot about Mrs Mallard relatioship with her husband. We dont know if she had a bad marriage or a good marriage. But most of us infer that she did because she felt free when she got the news that her husband had passed away. I also agree with Rana, what if the open window meant that she was looking at heaven instead of just outside, nature. I disagree with Beah because people change throughout their lives. The person he might have been when he was young might be totally different than it was 10 years later.

message 16: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Jones | 8 comments The story entitled "Story of an hour" is a intresting take and diffrent persective on a marriage as being as trapped in a state of mind as Ms.Mallard is stuck in a dull, dead, boring relationship and she just was to be free, and she is finally releved when her husband dies thus releving her of the dead weight she called a marriage. If you analyze the text you can clearly see the empty, dull, boring room acts as a metophor to her marriage and the window is basically her only way out. But there is many ways to think of the text.

message 17: by Quitnin (new)

Quitnin | 7 comments I definaletly agree with Armand when he is saying the "The Story of An Hour" isn't on my favorite list. Its a good story but the fact that the story never tells what Mrs. Mallard left behind before she meets her husband. What are her true dreams and desires? Even though when her husband was gone, i know that she wanted to do something and if she didnt what excites her? I didnt like the story becasue in the begining they introduced Mrs. Mallard so the story should have been what she wants to do. She isnt trap becasue anybody that doesn't like something should leave, Mrs. MAllard is an adult and she has good sense if she felt like her husband was her downfall then she should have left. I think that author tried to bring a story to reality but she didnt have the facts.

message 18: by Sandy (new)

Sandy | 3 comments I agree with Rana in the part were she says that Mrs. Mallard was probably looking at death outside the window, where she could be free. But then, around the middle of the story I think it shows that Mrs. Mallard was letting out her true feelings, that she felt free now that her husband was dead. It goes back to the entrapment about marriage. Which she let society get to her about wifes staying at home, because if she wanted to get out of her home she would of have done it, but she didn't she stayed and followed society.

message 19: by Hectorr23 (new)

Hectorr23 | 7 comments I agree with armand because its true i feel that no one was forcing Mrs. mallard to feel trapped. i think that she used her husbands death as an excuse to say she felt free, free, free. I would like to ask a question to Mrs. Mallard what would of happened if your husband wouldn't of died havent you heard of divorce it happens all the time. I also think Mrs. Mallard was just trying to take charge and become over powering that she didn't succed and she panicked till the point where she felt a some what feeling of entrapment and excuses.

message 20: by DanielSantoyo (new)

DanielSantoyo Santoyo | 2 comments i think that Mrs.Mallard was trapped.It is not that easy to just leave some one when you been married for some time.In a marrage people dont just do whats best for them, i belive they do whats best for their marrage as parners.One thing that we did not dicuss in class but i felt like it symbolized something was the fact that she had heart troubles. I felt that her heart troubles symbolized that she had no choice in life but 2 have it like her marrage she was stuck with it.

message 21: by Maria (new)

Maria (mariag) | 4 comments The story "Story of An Hour" was interesting but at the same time confusing because i dont get it why Mrs. Mallard was trapped and at the same time looking out the window. Why does she say "free,free free" if a marriage they supposed to be in the good and bad situations.

message 22: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Martinez | 4 comments I don't believe Mrs. Mallard was forced into that marriage. I believe she just didn't know how to begin a new life without having someone, such as her husband, next to her. When she was crying after he died I'm sure they weren't tears of joy or anything, but she felt a weight lift off her shoulders. She no longer had to take care of anyone but herself. As selfish as it may sound, she wanted a new life. The spring beginning, and her staring off outside was a way of saying "this is it, this is a new beginning." The story was alright, but it was a bit old school with her not making a life of her own sooner. The author did a good job with the whole window and spring beginning etc.. I liked that part the most.

message 23: by Mahalia (new)

Mahalia | 6 comments I agree with Quintin and Armand, this was not one of my favorite stories. I feel it could have been more descriptive. Mrs. Mallard had a emotional transition about her husbands death,one minute she was misserable the next she felt free. I would have like for the story to tell what type of person he was because I dont understand how she could of felt like she gained something out of this lost, it usually takes people years to find happiness again.

message 24: by Angel (new)

Angel | 4 comments I agree with Maria's coment because i think the short story "Story of an Hour" was a little confusing, meaning that I didn't quite understand why Mrs. Mallard felt sad and depressed when she first found out that her husband was dead, but then she said she felt free and relieved out of no where.I think Mrs. Mallard didn't know how a marriage works and that's why she saw it as an entrapment.My favorite part of the story is when Chopin uses the "window" to symbolise freedom which was exactly what Mrs. Mallar desired when her husband was alive.I enjoyed analysing the story and hope we keep on reading texts of this kind...

message 25: by Nicolemac (new)

Nicolemac | 8 comments ***I feel that Ms. Mallard was not trying to sleep around like Armand had stated, she just wanted a little free time to herself. A housewife yes they clean and keep the house undercontrol but are not slaves and dont have to be treated that way either.."Do as they are told"(armand). What is that all about relax buddy housewives do it becasuse they feel like it not because the husband said so...but i guess men that think like that, make there wives feel entrapment and are releaved when they are deceased. Ms. Mallard was feeling very entrapment exspecaillly when she looks out her window and sees life. I enjoyed the story. :)

message 26: by Annais (new)

Annais | 1 comments I think that the short story "Hour" by Kate Chopin is being focused in the entrapment of women. Ms. Mallard felt traped in her room becuase on how she felt throught out her marriage. The only freedom she ever saw was through her window and I guess she felt scared to see and feel what freedom can be after her husbands death. Marriage can be labeled in many catergories because everyone has there own opinion of what marriage is. To some it can be a place of freedom and to others it can be entrapment depends on how the person it self views it....

message 27: by Wendy (new)

Wendy | 3 comments i agree with annais i believe that alot of women do feel scare to start a new life a new beginning. The only freedom she ever had or ever felt was through her window she wanted to go out there and feel everything she saw. The breeze, the birds, the trees, and etc. She just could not believe that she was free, free at last!

message 28: by Michel (new)

Michel Lopez | 3 comments I agree with Wendy some ppl just are scared to make a new beginning. like in the story the lady was not happy her only freedom was her window but she couldn't reach it she could only see the beautiful things outside of the window.

message 29: by Devin (new)

Devin | 7 comments The story of an hour kept me guessing I couldnt seem to figure out the true sitiuation. I agree with Momiji because of the fact that even though it showed evidence of mrs mallard being unhappy it never once specifically stated that the marriage was the cause. So because of that most people including me came to the conclusion she wanted out of the marriage.

message 30: by Ana (new)

Ana | 7 comments The "story of an hour" is really her feeling happy towards her husbands death. I really think that at the beginning when she was being sad and tearing for her husband is just a natural reaction that we all have towards somebodys deat. I mean especially if you hear the word husband in their. What i deeply disagree about was about ARMANDS

message 31: by Ana (new)

Ana | 7 comments I believe that the lady didnt think at frirst what she was crying for. she was actually crying for her freedom. She was happy, maybe her husband would not let her be herself, i dont think that she was happy because she wanted to sleep with man!Besides women are not suppose to do what man tell them to do, we are as independent as you men!

message 32: by Edgar (new)

Edgar | 1 comments I really enjoyed reading the story of an hour beacuse you can put your opinion. I dont agree with beah beacuse she said why did she marry him knowing he was like that. But maybe he turned like that , or maybe she gave him reasons to be the way he was. Maybe her decison wasnt love and she did it to please someone, money or something else that forced her. I dont think you should judge someone because you dont know whats going on with them.

message 33: by Mark (new)

Mark | 5 comments I disagree with armand because i feel that the story of an hour has society trapping women by the views that society impose on women. They are very stereotypical and cruel because people dont have to live by societal views to have a good and happy life.

message 34: by Mayra (new)

Mayra | 7 comments Story "Of an Hour", was very intreasting. The way it described Mrs. Mallard as being a trapped women in her life of marraige. I disagree with beah. I think sometimes we get into marraige because of love. Mrs. Mallard even stated in the story that she did love her husband. It was just at times that she felt trapped. Once your are married you can't just think about yourself any more now its about you and your husband. When she found out that her husband died even though there was some what of realif within her, because now it was all about her agian, she still missed him. No matter how many bad moments you have had with a person, when you love them and they are not there you miss a part of them.

message 35: by Dishon (new)

Dishon | 8 comments I agree with Joe the way the author did this was confusing and strange. I don't understand why would she be happy at the end anyway, she made it seem like a spirit possesed her and she finally got free. Her husband just died and if she really loved him then she wouldn't be trying to get over it so fast, and if he was so bad and so contolling that she just got freed body soul and mind. Than why didnt she try to leave and get over him asap dead or not dead?

message 36: by Yajaira (new)

Yajaira | 8 comments I fully agree with "Momiji" on everything.
The fact that mrs mallard belived that marriage was PERFECT & how life and "love" blocks out all of the good stuff. She was being delusional, since she didnt have a perfect marriage. Being in a perfect marriage means her living for not only her husband but also for her self.
Even if in the end she sort of got what she wanted [freedom/liberty:] with her husbands death.

message 37: by Anthony (new)

Anthony | 6 comments Mark wrote: "I disagree with armand because i feel that the story of an hour has society trapping women by the views that society impose on women. They are very stereotypical and cruel because people dont have ..."
i agree with Mark because altogh im a male i can obviously see that women are opressed in society. The same thing happened to African Americans in the mid 20th centry. Its understandable to say that in "the story of an hour" Mrs. Mallard was being held down in her marriage and once her husband died she was sad but she bounced back with a since of freedom.

message 38: by Vivian (new)

Vivian | 7 comments "Story of an Hour", was a good story because it had a lot of diffent meanings. I agree with Edgar beacause no one would get themselves in a bad situation as beah had said. Society shows the entrapment of women. In this case Ms. Mallard was depressed in a room and only had a square window to look through. Later she felt free and liberated as Yajaira said. Society betrays this to women because thats how they want us to be, now many women aren't like before as being housewives and treated thier husbands like a kings.

message 39: by David (new)

David Coria | 4 comments I agree with Vivian because it had a lot of different meanings and because society shows the entrapment of women. in this story Mrs. mallard feels like something was holding her down. the window symbolizes freedom that she needs. no matter how many bad moments you will still have feelings of love toward that person.

message 40: by Gustavo (new)

Gustavo | 11 comments I agree with Dishon because why did the author put the story in a confusing way it is true why did she feel really relieved when he died if she really loved him why did she feel free. Well probably Mrs. Mallard didn't really love him because she probably got treated bad by him but is she did she should have just leaved him before he died like dishon said.

message 41: by Tonysmith12 (new)

Tonysmith12 | 9 comments i agree this story is very odd. the concept of story is hard understand. when the wife finds out that the husband has died she is in a state of schock. her reaction was very stange she did not know what to do. in her mind i believe in a way she felt trapts by her husband and i think always had him as a person that told her what to do and now that this woman is free in her own words. her mind does not know what to do. she is in a state of schock she felt freedom from a relation ship were she was not. in all this sence the happiness got to her and slowly killed her heart. one thing that puzzles me how in her mind she was still held down after she was free. but when she was finally free her body gave out and died from joy how it sais at the end of the story. but over all the story had a very sad ending, from a woman that felt free but in her mind was still held down and its ironic how the husband just appears alive to watch his wifr die its very ironic. ZhuangTian

message 42: by Maricela (new)

Maricela | 5 comments I agree with Eric i think it had many understandings to it. Kate should had explained it a little better but that was her way of writing. I also agreed with Devin, I was totally confused about how her husband didn't die but she did. I still am but hey she wrote it that way for a reason. I also strongly disagree with Armand's comment. I don't think that Mrs. Mallard wanted to "sleep around" that makes no sense at all. And Mrs. Mallard had a good time with her husband, she said it herself. The only thing she was happy about was that she now had her freedom. But i guess some people just don't get it. I strongly agree with Ana about how many women are now independent and have a choice in things.

8th per. ROCKS!!!!

message 43: by Melina (new)

Melina Garcia | 5 comments I agree with mari and eric the story could have many meanings. I think the story is that the Mallard felt like she wasn't ready for marriage so she dint like it and just wanted to get rid of her husband. While shes in that room she's thinking of all the fun stuff she has missed for being marry.

message 44: by Ms. R (new)

Ms. R | 58 comments Mod
Great posts you all!! I absolutely loved reading all of your responses! For the most part they were very well thought out and amazingly put together.

One comment I would like you to consider is the issue of divorce within the story. Keep in mind this story was written a very long time ago, when divorce was not really an option.

Also consider Chopin's message behind the story. Consider her reasoning behind writing this story.

Great Job All Around,

Ms. R

message 45: by Lucero (new)

Lucero Roman | 6 comments i find this story to be overall very confusing. I liked the story once i understood it. I think mrs.mallard had really been feeling trapped throughout her whole marriage. When the weight of her husband ws finally gone i think she totally saw it as a brand new begginning for her life,so when she found out her husband was not really dead she was very upset about it. She knew her life was going to go back to the way it always died.

message 46: by Violeta (new)

Violeta (Yeta) | 4 comments The story was pretty confusing, but once you understood it it became a very interesting. Its like Lucero said It was a story that talked about a woman that was trapped in a relationship. In witch she felt trapped she felt as if there was no other thing than her marriage. She was a woman who wanted to flow free. She felt trapped when she should have felt happy with her husband the man she alegedly loved.

message 47: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana | 6 comments The short story,"The Story of an Hour" shows how a wife was being entraped in her marriage and wanted to be free. At first I didn't quite grasp how this short story related to the real world, but now I do. Woman in society still feel the need to "please" they're significant other and see that as their only duty. I disagree with how that is but what can you do. Mrs. Mallard really didn't have a way out of her marriage due to divorce not being a popular act back in the day. Divorce was something that was looked at as a bad act so that wasn't her option. Her only way out was through his death. As you read over the text a couple of times you get to understand why she felt the way she did and why she died. She basically died because her husband was still alive which might be looked at as weird because people would be sad if someone dies. Overall, it was a good short story which eventually makes sense.

message 48: by Luis (new)

Luis Flores | 5 comments i agree with Marekjavorek. its a very weird story i would believe that she would be saddened by her husbands death, but he seems to care more about being free and what outside the window. shes pretty old there isnt much left for her to even do. i think if the man really stopped her from doing what she wanted to she would have divorced his years ago and done what he wanted to instead of staring into a window.

message 49: by Margarito (new)

Margarito | 9 comments I agree with Joe Ms.Mallard at the beginning of the story felt depressed because her husband had just died.I dont think that she felt entrapped because if she did then she would have been happy after her husband had died. most women if they feel entrapped in their marriage then they would be more than happy knowing that they wont have to go through that every day anymore.i also think that divorce might not have existed if the story says that she might have felt entrapped then she had to stay with her husband no matter what happened.

message 50: by Nicolemac (new)

Nicolemac | 8 comments The short story " The story of an Hour" was clearly shown the entrapment of Ms. Mallard and how the weight of entrapment was just lifted from her shoulders once her husband Mr. Mallard was dead. I enjoyed reading the story it really showed how the "open window" was her in lightment but also the barrier for her to be happy on the outside and trapped on the inside of the window. A window if mentioned in a story always has a reason for it and her it is clear.

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