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message 1: by Sara W (new)

Sara W (sarawesq) | 2153 comments ***ROMANCE/LOVE (within European Royalty of course)***


Okay everyone, it's that time of the month - time to nominate! Anyone who would like to nominate ONE book may do so in this thread.

The theme this month is ROMANCE/LOVE (any time period, fiction or non-fiction, within European Royalty of course). Both people don't have to be royalty however (so relationships like Katherine and John of Gaunt, and Katherine of Valois and Owen Tudor are fine).

Please try to check amazon or some other site to make sure the book is easily available - the last thing we want is to nominate some great book that no one can get! If you nominate more than ONE book, only the first book listed will make it into the voting thread (so save additional books for the next months!). Also, if the book doesn't fit the theme, I won't add it to this month's voting list, but I will carry it over to the next theme that it does fit under if you would like.

Feel free to nominate one book of your choice in this thread until January 31st, 9pm Eastern.

At around that time, I'll make a voting thread and list all the nominated books, and people can vote for one book off of that list until February 4th around 9pm Eastern. Discussion can start on February 15th.

Happy Nominating!

message 2: by April Ann (new)

April Ann (bloomer) | 83 comments I nominate Katherine by Anya Seton! Yippee!!

Katherine by Anya Seton

message 3: by Misfit (new)

Misfit | 696 comments April Ann wrote: "I nominate Katherine by Anya Seton! Yippee!!

Katherine by Anya Seton"

I second that nomination.

message 4: by Sara W (new)

Sara W (sarawesq) | 2153 comments I nominate The Queen's Secret A Novel by Jean Plaidy.

The Queen's Secret A Novel by Jean Plaidy

It's about Katherine of Valois and Owen Tudor.

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura Me too, I nominate katherine!!

message 6: by Mandy (new)

Mandy Moody | 544 comments I nominate Royal Harlot A Novel of the Countess Castlemaine and King Charles II

Though I think Katherine is already a forgone conclusion...

message 7: by Sara W (last edited Jan 28, 2009 05:07PM) (new)

Sara W (sarawesq) | 2153 comments Ha ha, yeah, considering it's been nominated three times in this thread already, lol!

message 8: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (samaranthine) | 6 comments Let's do Katherine!!!

message 9: by Sara W (new)

Sara W (sarawesq) | 2153 comments Nominating closed! Time to vote!

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