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oh yeah?

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Hilary Waltz I thought it sucked big hairy mooselogs

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Madison Barrett I loved the book, I saw the first page on twitter and it already pulled me in. I read the book in a day and couldn't put it down.

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ALYA honestly this book has no purpose to convey, everyone was taking about this book i was exited to read it however i was disappointed ...it sucked and wasn't exiting as i expected it to be .

Jeff Severcool This book was so minimalistically raw. I think it accomplished exactly what it set out to do, but some people just don't like the mission it was aiming for. I personally loved it and bought the sequel a couple days ago. Congratulate me.

Lindsay Seddon It reminded me of The Average American Male (which I hated) but at least in this the writing is good and the main character gets a little of what's coming to him eventually.

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