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Hilary Waltz I thought it sucked big hairy mooselogs

message 2: by Madison (new) - added it

Madison Barrett I loved the book, I saw the first page on twitter and it already pulled me in. I read the book in a day and couldn't put it down.

message 3: by ALYA (new) - rated it 1 star

ALYA honestly this book has no purpose to convey, everyone was taking about this book i was exited to read it however i was disappointed ...it sucked and wasn't exiting as i expected it to be .

Jeff Severcool This book was so minimalistically raw. I think it accomplished exactly what it set out to do, but some people just don't like the mission it was aiming for. I personally loved it and bought the sequel a couple days ago. Congratulate me.

Lindsay Seddon It reminded me of The Average American Male (which I hated) but at least in this the writing is good and the main character gets a little of what's coming to him eventually.

message 6: by Syd (new) - rated it 3 stars

Syd Heller A little late here, but although I HATED the protagonist and thought he was absolutely awful, something made me continue reading? I really felt like I was reading a serial killer's journal, but his killing was emotional rather than physical. I can't even decide if I liked it or not. All I know is I finished the book pretty quickly and was entertained.

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Java Jonie He was absolutely awful but absolutely compelling as any handsome foreigner can be but the sequel..ended up being what 50% of sequels end up being- a disaster. I got half way through the sequel and gave up becuase I kept expecting something better than the feeling the first book gave (no matter how horid).

Kimberly the protagonist was an AWFUL person but the things he did and the way he thought was interesting and well pretty funny. So overall pretty entertaining but I kinda regret reading it.

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