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message 1: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 70 comments William Berhardt's "Perfect Justics" is showing as an edition of "Primary Justice", however they are different books.

message 2: by Laura (last edited Dec 14, 2007 07:10AM) (new)

Laura (laurahogan) | 38 comments Ok, I went and separated them and recombined the correct editions. (Just do me a favor and check again and make sure I got it right.)

message 3: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 70 comments Looks good, thank you :)

message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul (kemitix) | 5 comments This has happened with editions of Dragon's Kin and All The Weyrs Of Pern, both by Anne McCaffrey.


message 5: by Grumpus (new)

Grumpus | 18 comments I believe I fixed it...please check my work, its early :-)

message 6: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 39987 comments Mod
I did some general cleanup of McCaffrey editions. The attention of some French and German speakers would be appreciated.

message 7: by John (new)

John | 73 comments French and Spanish are done - needs a German-speaker to complete the work.

message 8: by Paul (new)

Paul (kemitix) | 5 comments Thanks. It looks good to me.

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