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Tom Hebert Once An Eagle Fan

I am working to bring Once An Eagle, the absolutely outstanding television miniseries, to the market after a 30+ year absence. Please visit my website www.once-an-eagle.com and leave your email message at "give us the miniseries" in the right-hand column. It will be consolidated and sent to NBC Universal as I am in touch with the appropriate executives. You will find plenty of other interesting information as well on the novel on which the miniseries was based, on the author Anton Myrer and much more. You can also see what numerous other miniseries fans have had to say. Site also includes the most comprehensive "Film Credits" on the internet and a reverse script of the miniseries. Let's make release of the miniseries a reality! - TWH

Stephen Broeker I am a big fan of this book.

E.S. I am as well. I consider myself negligent in not noticing Tom's 2007 post to bring the film to market.

Bettye McKee Once an Eagle was the most wonderful movie/miniseries in many years. I was able to purchase it on DVD at a certain cost and consider myself lucky to have found it. I do not know why it is such a rarity. It should be available everywhere. The miniseries deserves a comeback, not a remake, because there is no one who could substitute for the gorgeous young Sam Elliott.

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