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Alan | 290 comments The Cousins' Wars Religion, Politics, and the Triumph of Anglo-America

1. Interesting link between English Rev, American Rev, Civil War, and later alliance

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Alan | 290 comments The White Lioness
2. Started on audio, got a print copy so I could finish it.

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Alan | 290 comments Out Stealing Horses A Novel

3. Nicely written. Didn't really come to a satisfying end, though.

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Alan | 290 comments Merwin W. S.Summer Doorways A Memoir
4. Took me back to college and post college. Personal. Not much about poetry really, just post war experiences of privilege in Italy and Portugal. Sort of Hemingway without the swagger.

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Alan | 290 comments People of the Book A Novel
5. Good, not great. Flipped back and forth between time periods. I would suggest Noah Gordon.

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Alan | 290 comments Simply Brilliant
6. Easy read, good common sense stuff. I like Fergus' other books and ecommend this.

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Alan | 290 comments Ship Fever
7. Great stuff. Stories, built mostly around scientific themes, different periods, different historical figures.

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Alan | 290 comments How Why How We Do Anything Means Everything...in Business
8. Not a bad book about corporate governance and all. I have used it to update presentations.

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Alan | 290 comments 9. The Black Swan The Impact of the Highly ImprobableInteresting. Listened to audio while walking. Sometimes his conceits get in the way, but I like the way issues are framed.

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Alan | 290 comments 10. Rabbit, Run Read as remembrance of his death. Skilled writer, but the subject matter is a downer. This is young rabbit -- still in his 20s, yet feeling much older.

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Alan | 290 comments 11. Downtown Owl A Novel From one of the 2008 best of booklists -- an odd set of chapters set in Owl, ND, a rural town with lots of football and bar tap focus.

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Alan | 290 comments 12. Enter The Kettlebell! Strength Secret of The Soviet Supermen Good for those chasing New Year's Resolutions to grow fitter. The recommended 16kg kettlebell would probably kill me --and the author's site charges twice what Fitness Resource or Perform Better would, but still, you might be interested.

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Alan | 290 comments 13.Nudge Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and HappinessI've liked Sunstein's other books, too.

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Alan | 290 comments 14. Gone to Soldiers WWII fiction alternating between characters.

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Alan | 290 comments David DenbySnark a polemic in seven fitsC-Span made me do it. If you love Maureen Dowd, this isn't for you.

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Alan | 290 comments 16. The Invention of Air Another interesting pop science book by Steven Johnson.

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Alan | 290 comments 17. Thomas Perry Runner Another nail biter from Perry. Butcher's Boy is still probably the best, but he has a very powerful style.

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Alan | 290 comments 19. European Thought & Culture in the 20th Century 2 volume set. Yes, I've dragged through 24 lectures on everything from late 19th century to post-War. Not sure whether I'll go back to the previous century series.

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Alan | 290 comments 21. Uncommon Carriers John McPhee A good mixture of profiles from different modes of transport. Appropriately, I listened to it in the car and on airplane.

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Alan | 290 comments 22. Semper Fi by W.E.B. GriffinAdmittedly light reading, the war before Pearl Harbor. Good news, if you read one, there's lots more.

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Alan | 290 comments Walking the I Ching The Linear Ba Gua of Gao Yi Sheng OK, not exactly a read, since it's mostly drawings of the steps in linear Pa Kua martial arts practice. Could you learn this from a book? Probably if you already knew the circular form, and were comfortable transitioning from step to step.

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Alan | 290 comments 27. Line of Fire Another Corps book, good read.

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Alan | 290 comments 28. Call to Arms Continuing McCoy Marine saga.

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Alan | 290 comments 33. Blue Blood Nonfiction cop book.

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Alan | 290 comments 34. The Moonpool A NovelAnother Deutermann thriller.

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Alan | 290 comments 40. Descartes The Life and times of a Genius After a quick read, I am no longer sure why I read all this stuff in my teens.

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Alan | 290 comments 41. Samuel Johnson The Struggle My nostalgia for Boswell's Life, Rasselas, and selections from the Dictionary was not assisted by this, which pretty much made SJ seem unappealing.

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Alan | 290 comments 42. Counterattack This one seems out of order in time -- it should have been before Battleground. No matter.

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Alan | 290 comments 44. The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath The Past and Future of American AffluenceHaving lived through GI, I can see how it influences decisions.

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Alan | 290 comments 47. Dead Aim A Novel Thomas Perry thriller. Not quite up to Vanishing Act; somewhat hurried at the end.

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Alan | 290 comments 48. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle A Novel Had to happen! An Oprah bookclub book.

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