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The Never Ending Story

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Weiting So I guess you know the rules, we each write how much we want and continue, making a never ending story.
I start:
Hey! It was the first day of school!
And I was pretty the most normal one.
I mean we were sat and then I got 3 other people.
The most popular girl of the school-elementary I mean-, the class clown and the biggest bully.
I didn't even know how I passed the day

Mmzahra zohor i am sorry i don't know the rules but i will try to play along :)
i brought the biggest book out open it and start to stare in the door and worried about every thing specially that girl and wait what next and hoping the bully girl don't فake notice of me
How much i was wrong

will my English writing isn't good but i still learn to writ the read so mush easier

Karlee He turned around said, "You looking for something?" he popped his knuckles.

Avani (is this at all Harry Potter related?)

Cali Avani wrote: "(is this at all Harry Potter related?)"

i don't think so

Michele Brenton I had the book with me and it was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. But it had strange writing on the inside cover in a language I did not recognise.

Under my breath I spoke the unknown words - spelling them out phonetically. As I did so I felt dizzy and the world around me went out of focus for a moment.

When I recovered from this odd feeling I looked around and the familiar classroom had disappeared!

My classmates had vanished also - instead I was surrounded by old desks at which each was seated a child in robes. I looked to the front of the classroom and behind an enormous desk was the biggest man I'd ever seen. He had a bushy dark beard, curly dark hair, twinkling eyes and was very scruffy.

He looked at me and in a broad scottish accent said,

Karlee I said, "Um, where am I?"

Ethan "Hullo, Hagrid. is this the actual Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?" i asked.

Karlee Sure is, now what's yer name?

Weiting "Uhm..Marion" I said and then I asked Hagrid,
"Are Harry Potter's son here?"
"Of course he is! Along with his brother and sister!" said Hagrid.

message 11: by Cali (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cali "I must be in Heaven!!!" I said. I pinched myself to make sure i was awake.

Weiting I was and it hurt.
"Ye wanna meet Lily? Nice gal her" Hagrid said.
Meet Lily Potter, Harry Potter's daughter!
I couldn't stop the offer!
"Sure!" I exclaimed.

Weiting I turned around.
A girl about my age stood there.
"Jeez that was fast" I said to Hagrid.
"Well if you mean apparating my dad teached me that, but secretly of course" said Lily smiling.
"Come, I'll present you to James and Albus" she smiled and took my hand.

Weiting It must be a dream! I thought as Lily dragged me to 2 boys.

Gabby We walked down to a corridor and i recognised it from the book.

Weiting Then every Harry Potter's fanatic's best dream.
I saw the very figure of Harry Potter.
"Dad! This is Marion, she's new!" said Lily,
Harry Potter turned and smiled, "Good, nice to meet you." He shook my hand.
I was never never going to wash this hand again!

Weiting "Who are you?" I asked.

Gabby He smiled,
"You fainted." He commented, trying hard not to laugh.


Gabby He chuckled, "I'm just teasing. So, Marion, How are you?"

(No offence, but can we get past the whole obsession of Harry Potter thing?)

Weiting (Yeah, it sounds a bit weird)

I relaxed and got up.
"So you are Muggled Born?" Harry Potter asked.
I nodded,
"What house am I in?" I asked.
"You mean, you don't know what house you are in?
Didn't you go to the Sorting Ceremony?" he asked curious. I told him the story about the book, the language and ended.
He wasn't suprised it was a book about him, I mean he was famous.
He nodded, "This is mysterious, and the weirdest thing is that Hogwarts has the best security system ever."
I nodded, "It was a weird language."
He told me:
"All right, I'll tell Headmistress McGonall, she has to make the spells firmer,if someone finds out they can go to Hogwarts like this, there'll be another great war. I'll call Ron and Hermione too, those 2 always know what to do, you can join us too Marion, then my kids can guide you around the school,
does that sound okay?"
It did, and I replied "That's a lot of things to do."
He laughed:
"Marion, you forget I'm Harry Potter, the boy who lived, who beat Lord Voldermort.
And I am Head Auror, now let's go Marion, we have a mystery to solve" he said.
It sounded like a dream but it was true, so I got up and followed the biggest hero in the Wizard world through the hall.

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