23 Minutes In Hell: One Man's Story About What He Saw, Heard, and Felt in That Place of Torment 23 Minutes In Hell discussion


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message 1: by Mary (new)

Mary My daughter brought this book home from school. I was not pleased with it. The description was too horrible to consider this a book at a picnic. It's not my daughter's soul that I fear of losing. But, it is the soul of those who read the book and do not understand that God's true message of hell can only be explained from God. If God does not will anyone to go to hell, how can anyone claim to have gone to hell? Luke 11:23 "Anyone who is not for me is against me; if he isn't helping me, he is hurting my cause. Jesus wants to save souls from hell by spreading his word, not distortion.

message 2: by Bruce (new)

Bruce Wonch I was extremely interested in Bill's hellish experience, especially with those 4 demons! The rest of the book held few surprises for me, as Hell was pretty avidly described in the Bible. Although many people would attack Bill for his book, considering it to be unscriptural excess material added to the Bible account of Hell, I believe the Lord used Bill to convey the message that under no circumstances should anyone go to Hell! "They can always find out about Hell by reading the Bible!" objectors would say. True. But how many unsaved lost people would actually turn to and read the Bible at all, let alone research through it the subject of Hell? Not very many -- if any! Mary's objection above is invalid; God does not wish anyone to go to Hell, but He has to give us a Free Choice as to whether we will, by rejecting His Offer of Salvation through Christ Jesus, or will not, by accepting Christ's Love Offering of Salvation offered through His Finished Work on the Cross! Your objections reveal a lack of knowledge of God's Holy Word in its entirity, Mary! Hell is the only alternative for a soul and body who rejects God's Salvation and declines His Invitation to Heaven. Hell and Heaven are the only two places a human soul and spirit after death can go!

What really shocked me more than anything else in Bill's book were the actions of the 4 demons, who attempted to pull his body apart "just for kicks"! What they tried to do to him was pretty perverted, even for Satan's demons....

In conclusion, I also purchased and enjoyed Bill's follow up book "Hell"--which was heavily into Scripture, which Bill himself advocated be adhered to even more than his own horrible experiences! That alone convinced me of Bill's Christian sincerity and love for the Lord!

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