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Eliza Grace
Alex Jennings
Charles Brighton
Ruby Mae Beckett
Chance Wilson
Elizabeth Thorn
Zander McKinney
Calder Lee
Melody Clarion
Kanika Pavlova
Stefan Smith
Nikolai Smith
Nathan Mead
Jeff Lewis

In Between
Maddox Pierce
Lucy Hawthorne
Alana Mead
Stevie Scott


Eye Color:
Body Type:


Why Are You In The Asylum?:
Crazy Or Not?:

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Name:Eliza Grace

Eye Color:Grey Blue
Hair:Naturally,she has dark brown hair.But she dyed it a light purple right before she was put in the insane asylum.
Body Type:Shes very slender and she has very few curves.

Personality:Being mentally ill,Eliza may seem crazy at first.She speaks of the craziest things,and she can honestly be really creepy.But behind the crazy is a girl whos afraid.Afraid of the things she hears.She can be sweet when shes not speaking to the voices,and she has a very caring side.She gets very attached to people and she has a very sensitive side.
History:Eliza was born with ADHD.She was always inattentive and zoned out.when she was 10,she began hearing the voices.She would hear voices that spoke to her and made her do horrible things.The voices followed her and made her go crazy.Eliza would speak to the voices and she would sound like she was speaking to herself.She was diagnosed as being schizophrenic when she was 15 and she was put in the Insane Asylum.
Likes:Even though Eliza is 18,she likes porcelain dolls.She speaks to them as if the doll was the voice she was hearing.Yeah,it just makes her sound crazier.I know.
Dislikes:Eliza hates when people call her crazy.She dislikes it because the voices appear stronger.

Why Are You In The Asylum?:She is schizophrenic and sometimes she can do horrible things.She has once even killed a human.
Crazy Or Not?:Yeah.Shes crazy alright.

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Name:Calder Lee

Eye Color:Honey
Hair:Black flippy hair that constantly gets into his eyes.
Body Type:Slim and un built.He has no signs of being athletic but is still very slender.

Personality:Calder is a serious and quiet guy.Mostly because hes constantly being watched and also because he 'hates' the world.Calder never smiles or even laughs.He always has a serious look on his face and he almost never speaks.
History:Calder has wandered on the streets since he was 17.Hes gotten himself into drugs and alcohol,and many fights since he couldnt pay them.Calder was selfish of the people who would ride past him in their sports cars.He envied them.He wanted money.He hated living on the streets and going to drugs for mental help.
Likes:He secretly likes reading,though he doesnt really need to keep the secret from anyone.
Dislikes:Everyone and Everything.
Crush:Calder doesnt like opening his heart to people.He barely even looks at girls.

Why Are You In The Asylum?:Calder assassinated two teenagers who were passing by in their sports car.He was desperate for money and he seemed crazy to the authorities.He would act crazy just so he wouldnt go to jail.
Crazy Or Not?:Nope.Not one bit.Hes just a killer.

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Name: Alex Jennings
Age: 19

Appearance: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=s...
Height: 5'6
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Light brown with blonde highlights
Body Type: She is anerexic so super skinny.

Personality: She's kind of a violent person. She's bi-polar and has the ability to be happy but most of the time she's angry. She screams and yells alot and is very destructive
History: She lived with her family until she was 12 and was sent to a boarding school. At the boarding school she became violent with the rage of her parents leaving her there. She began terroizeing the school and attacking the students.
Likes: Dogs. That's pretty much it.
Dislikes: Anything that isn't a dog.
Crush: No one so far
Other: She has been slightly obsessed with dogs ever since she had one as a small child. Even while she was at the school, she had a dog that would keep her company that lived in the woods.

Why Are You In The Asylum?: She strangled a girl at her school and hung the girl by her ankles.
Crazy Or Not?: Yes.

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I will make a guy soon before I rp. I just don't have much time.

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Okay Thanks for informing Me (:

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Name: Zander McKinney
Age: 21

Appearance: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=e...
Height: 6'0
Eye Color: Grey
Hair: Black
Body Type: Muscular and fit. He's defined and tall.

Personality: He's actually really sweet and caring, despite the fake he's in a Asylim. He is protective and will do anything for someone he loves
History: His sister commited the murder of their mother when she was 7 and he was 15. She had gottn ahold of the gun and fired on accident. To protect his sister, he made a confession and then faked being crazy.
Likes: Music, books, art, sports
Dislikes: Stuck up people
Crush: Eliza (?)
Other: He sends his sister a letter every week.

Why Are You In The Asylum?: For his sister
Crazy Or Not?: Nope

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Sure he can like Eliza and which picture is it? o.o theres tons

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You serious?? Urghhhhhhhhh


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Oh Okay :D Gracias n,n

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I shall edit that later x.x And now to rp!! ;)

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Okay.I might be slow though.Making a bucket load of charries for Band Rp o.o

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Otaii ;3

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(Izzy) (goodreadscomIzzy) | 74 comments Name:Maddox Pierce

Eye Color:Green
Body Type:Slender but muscular

Personality:Maddox is a crazy guy and has some social issues. He always carries a knife with him and when he gets bored he cuts himself. He is extremely quiet and violent when he gets mad. Sometimes Maddox even tries to kill himself when he gets depressed.
History:Maddox was abandoned as a child and grew up on the streets and pretty anywhere he could. Eventually from being isolated and alone for so long he started to go insane, and once he got a hold of a lighter and anything that had to do with fire, he ended up killing people and destroying things. Later on when he was 16 he found out who his real parents were and killed them, thinking of it as revenge for abandoning him.
Likes:Fire(REALLY likes fire), spicy food, tropical/warm places
Dislikes:Being cold, bugs, blood

Why Are You In The Asylum?:He burned down a 50 story building and killed his family
Crazy Or Not?:In Between

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Name: Melody Clarion
Age: 19

Height: 5'8"
Eye Color: (view spoiler)
Hair: Long, wavy, Light brown.
Body Type: Tall and lanky with small curves.

Personality: Melody acts very bipolar, her moods change constantly. She really is a nice, kind girl though she doesn't want people to think that because she is in there with a bunch of murderers, she can't have them thinking she is weak. She can act pretty psycho when she wants but that usually only happens when she needs to keep up the ruse. She isn't very talkative but is far from shy as well. She is very smart and always thinks before she acts.
History: Melody's father passed away when she was 13 not a year later did her mother remarry a very rich jerk. He was simply rude at first but soon he started to hit Melody and her mother, her mother loved him though and refused to do anything to stop him. So one day when he was coming at them with his belt Melody grabbed a letter opener off the counter behind her and stabbed him. He bled out and soon died, unfortunately he was a smart man and always waited for their wounds to heel before beating them again, so when she killed him she and her mother were unmarked. When the police came she told them it was self defense but she had no proof and her mother lied saying she just randomly stabbed him for no reason. Melody knew she was going to jail so instead she faked being crazy and ended up in here instead.
Likes: Meeting new people, Reading, Listening to music.
Dislikes: Fighting, being in the asylum and pretending to be crazy.
Crush: Open

Why Are You In The Asylum?: She killed her step dad.
Crazy Or Not?: Not

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Nice :D

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Name: Charles (Charlie) Brighton
Age: 20

Height: 6'2"
Eye Color: Dark Brown, almost black.
Hair: Black, slightly spiky in the front.
Body Type: Toned and Muscular.

Personality: Charlie is crazy, plain and simple. He hears voices in his head and claims to see ghosts that tell him to do bad things. He always has a creepy smile spread across his lips and you'll hear him talking to himself often. If you ask him why he is talking to himself he will get annoyed and say you're being rude and that he enjoys having conversations with the the dead.
History: Charlie started hearing the voices when he was 15 when he saw his own father kill his mother. At first he was scared of the voices and tried to ignore them but as he got older he started to talk to them and soon he started doing what they said. It started out as simple things like stealing and such but soon it got to a point where he'd beat other kids up for no reason. He was expelled from five schools and his foster parents were in the process of finding him a new home when he killed two kids at his new school. When he was arrested and they asked him why he did it he told them the voices told him to, he was immediately sent to the asylum.
Likes: Fighting, the voices, talking to the dead, blood.
Dislikes: Living beings and animals, he absolutely hates animals.
Crush: Open

Why Are You In The Asylum?: He beat 3 kids up so bad that 2 of them died.
Crazy Or Not?: Yes

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Astig0921 Name:Lucy Hawthorne
Eye Color:Brown
Hair:Brown with natural highlights her hair is blondish in the summer and in the winter it is a hazel brown.
Body Type:Curvy
Personality: She has three personalities actully. She has Herself, Ariel, and Apalla. When she is her normal self she is a normal person. When she is Ariel a 15 year old girl, she is the cheerleader captain, and the most popular in school. So she is really prissy. Then when she is Apalla she is a 5 year old little girl. She is very playful and she loves to listen to music. She is allergic to Strawberries though so NO STRAWBERRIES!
History: She was a normal girl till she was 10 when she was swimming and she almost drowned. Then after that she would just start talking differently at random times. So her parents took her to a doctor and the doctor told her father and mother that she had a multiple personality disorder. So her parents decided that they couldn't handle her anymore so they stuck her in the Asylum and left her there.
Ariel~BOYS!, being popular, pink
Apalla~rainbows, blue, and COOKIES!
Ariel~Ugly people, getting dirty
Ariel~Anyboy that is hot!
Apalla~she thinks boys have cooties! ewwy
Why Are You In The Asylum?:Multiple personalities
Crazy Or Not?:in the middle

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Charles is hot o.o

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Yes, yes he is haha :D

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DIBS, please..?

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Sure :)

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Sure

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Kk cool

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Astig0921 cool chick :)

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Astig0921 omg i call DIBS! he is HOT! love him

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I think it would.since it would mean his brain was telling him he was hearing voices that weren't there.and nice charries :D

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4 comments Name: Kanika Pavlova

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Eye color: Blue



History: She can’t remember anything that happened before the incident with Todd.

Personality: She used to be outgoing, funny and just fun to be around. Until she started dating Todd, She became depressed, and self-loathing. She is now afraid to be by anyone. If anyone gets to close she freaks out. There is only one person that she lets close to her and that's Stefan, the man that saved her from Todd. Kanika is hard to talk to at times, you just have to get to know her, and she needs to learn that she can trust you.

Kin: none (that she knows of)

Problems: When ever something bad happens and she involved (whether it’s her fault or not) she feels that she has to be punished, so she cuts or does other self harming thing to herself. Amnesia

Story: An abusive boyfriend that she had been dating for two years purposely got them "lost" in a snow storm. The storm was just a cover though, because he had to punish her. He thought that she was cheating on him. (she wasn't) He was driving a van and pulled over to the side of the road. He told her to get out of the car and come over to side of the car by the ditch. She did as she was told, just like she always did. Her boyfriend (Todd) got out of the car and pushed her to the ground. He sat on top of her and yelled "You stupid whore you think I wouldn't find out" while her was hitting her in the face. He continued to yell things at her like she was useless, fat and ugly. Just being a total ass. He got up and started kicking her while screaming the same things. While he was doing that a car pulled up next to his and a man got out. He didn't know what was going on he just wondered if they needed help. When he saw what was going on he pulled Todd away from Kanika. Todd turned toward the man furious, he attacked the man. While Todd and the man fought Kanika rolled up into a ball, laying in the snow, with only a thin coat on, and cried. She was mumbling incoherently. When the man over powers Todd goes over to Kanika to see if she is okay. when he gets to close so flinched and started mumbling louder. The man said that his Name was Stefan and that it's okay and that he just wants to help. Kanika looks up and stops mumbling for a second. The man then takes her to his car, and takes her to the hospital. The whole way there Kanika was rocking back and forth mumbling incoherently. When he got to the hospital he took her inside and never left her side. (unless had to because of hospital rules)

Crush: Stefan

She has had this locket for as long as she can remember. She is always wearing it. She only takes it off to take a shower.

Crazy or Not: I wouldn't say crazy per-say, she just got some problems

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4 comments Name: Stefan Smith

Age: 18

Gender: Male


History: He was forced to watch them get killed and, he felt so helpless after that, he swore that he wouldn’t let anything happen to some he cared about again. Though he hasn’t let himself get close to anyone one, because he fears that he will loss them.

Personality: Protective, Kind, funny, Easily angered, caring.

Kin: Parents brutally murdered when only thirteen. He has a brother Nikolai.

Problems: Easily angered. Over protective.

Story: He was the one to bring Kanika to the hospital, and seeing her getting bet brought back all of the memories of his parents getting killed. So he kind be came a little over protective of her, so when they sent her here he had to go with. Though whether or not she got sent here he would have,

Crush: Kanika (though he doesn’t understand his feelings for her yet,, and he is very protective of her)

This a ring that he has had since he was thirteen. (It just recently started wearing it cause it didn’t fit before) The had belong to his father, and it is the only thing Stefan has to remind him of his father

Crazy or Not: I wouldn't say crazy per-say, he just got some problems

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4 comments Name: Nikolai Smith

Age: 22

Gender: Male

[image error]

Personality: Aggressive but caring. He can be nice when her wants to be but if he is in a bad mood just don’t bother him. When he is in a good mode he is easy going and funny. If you have is back he will have yours. He is very trustworthy, his word means everything to him. He is also very loyal, which is a lot like trustworthy yes but he will be loyal to someone that he cares about no matter what. He knows right from wrong he just doesn't always choose to do the right thing (unless involves someone loyal to or gave word to)

History: same as Stefan’s but instead of swearing that he’ll never let anyone that he cared about get hurt/killed again. He swore that he would find and kill the people who killed his parents.

Kin: Parents are dead. He has a brother Stefan.

Problems: Aggressive, can’t control anger (whether or not in wolf form). Has a bad temper. Overly protective of those he cares about. (his brother)

Story: He was out trying to find the people who killed his parents. He almost had them to, but when he went to confront them, he was ambushed and sent to here.

Crush: Open

This necklace belong to his mom. He never takes it off. It means a lot to him.

Crazy or Not: I wouldn't say crazy per-say, he got sent here cause they wanted to. Though he does have is problems.

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All great :)

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Those are just a list of the charries already made, you can name your charries whatever you'd like.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) Vasantha wrote: "Those are just a list of the charries already made, you can name your charries whatever you'd like."

cool, thanks!

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Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) Name: Elizabeth Thorn (Pyro)

Appearance: pale skin, scars and burn marks covering body. Has burn marks and long slash marks covering her entire back and shoulders.
Eye Color:reddish-brown
Hair:Black, wavy, ankle length
Body Type:athletic build

Personality: Reckless when she chooses to care, Violent when angry, Self-destructive, Pyromaniac
History: Went crazy after she was kidnapped at age 14 and abused by her kidnapper for years until one day she killed him, by bashing his skull in with a brick, and lighting his house on fire. After that she was passed from one asylum to the next, causing trouble and chaos.
Likes: Fire, being cold, watching things be destroyed, scaring people, horror movies, Halloween.
Dislikes: Being confined in small spaces, being touched, eye contact, people who want to "help" her, medication
Crush: None
Other:Has schizophrenia and Multiple personality disorder(her calmer side and her manic side)

Why Are You In The Asylum?:Has a violent destructive past that can't allow her to live in an outside society
Crazy Or Not?: Defiantly crazy

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Cecilia (DrCicle) Name: Stevie Scott
Age: 19 almost 20

Appearance: description
Height: 5’8
Eye Color: hazel
Hair: brown
Body Type: tall and curvy

Personality: Stevie is very happy most of the time. She can be secluded when she is in a bad mood or if she is going through an angry faze. She does get angry often but not as much as before.
History: When Stevie was 10, she was kidnapped by her teacher for about a year. When she arrived home, her family blamed the whole thing on her. They ignored her for about 3 years until she couldn’t take it anymore. She took some karate lessons to learn how to break someone’s neck. One day, when she was 15, her mother threaten to hit her so Stevie went up and broke her neck, killing her. She was quickly sent to the asylum
Likes: sports, guys, music
Dislikes: people telling her what to do
Crush: open
Other: She always wears this necklace description

Why Are You In The Asylum?: murder of her mother and a few other people
Crazy Or Not?: in between

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Kelly | 1 comments Name: Jeff Lewis
Age: 10 (is he allowed to be this old? O.O)

Appearance: http://www.hotflick.net/flicks/2008_E...

Height: 4' 6"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Jeff has brown curly hair
Body Type: Little, short, and pretty scrawny.

Personality: Jeff is the most mischievous little kid you'll ever meet. He has a great sense in humor, unless something is directed at himself. He's optimistic, rude, and likes to break things, especially if they're made of glass. Jeff doesn't know when to shut up, and is bad at keeping secrets for a long time. Jeff isn't the smartest kid around, and will pretty much believe anything anyone says. He looks up to older people, mostly older guys, and, if they are good or not, chooses to be like them, using them as his role model. Jeff is sneaky and sly, but doesn't show respect for any adult. Jeff is a fearless dare-devil, who likes to getting into trouble and adventure.

History: Jeff is pretty much a normal kid, despite being terribly wild. He had 2 parents, and a younger sister. Jeff's parents started to fight a lot when he was 6, and that's when the dreams started, when he would wake up screaming. Jeff also had hallucinations of shadows that followed him around, and he soon got this paranoid feeling he was being watched.

Jeff got into trouble frequently at school, but he never had a breakdown at school, until the day they sent him to the asylum. Along with that, Jeff had a stealing problem, and they thought he had ADHD, only to find out he didn't.

Likes: Breaking things, stealing things, adventure, trouble, attention, sports, and hanging out with older people because it makes him feel more mature.

Dislikes: Getting caught, his parent fighting, his bad dreams he still has, his shadow hallucination he sees frequently, being ignored, being called 'little,' and sudden loud sounds.

Crush: None
Other: None

Why Are You In The Asylum?: Jeff was sent to the asylum because of his hallucinations, nightmares, and habits of breaking and stealing things without control. He was caught screaming at the shadows at school, and was immediately sent away, due to the fact the school was already considering he was crazy due to his obsession with breaking stuff. Despite this, Jeff is still his happy, mischievous self at the asylum.

Crazy Or Not?: Not crazy. Jeff's just a little kid who needs some help.

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Cecilia (DrCicle) Cool charrie

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Yes,he can be that old :)

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) Name:John Kingsley

Appearance: scars on hands from old construction job
Height:Average tall
Eye Color:Very blue
Hair:light brown hair
Body Type:muscular

Personality:protective, caring, responsible, emotionally controlled.
History: Lost his sister to a kidnapping 12 years ago. Spent his entire life searching for her even after the police had left the search.
Likes: Hard work
Dislikes: Social gatherings, Social interactions

Why Are You In The Asylum?: Got a job as an orderly
Crazy Or Not?: Not, just driven
(Is it okay that he works in the asylum?)

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Sure (:

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