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Oracle Bones

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Oracle Bones are bones found in China that have messages written on them. Me and my friend were looking at them and noticed similarities between the stones and that there are many pictures on them. Can you decipher them? If you can,record your results here.

Here's the link: http://www.lib.cuhk.edu.hk/uclib/bone...

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Oracle Bone 1
hoofed animal,man,grain or flower,tool,animal,flame,???,water.
That's a list of what I think the different symbols represent. Could it be an ancient shopping list? Or a record of sacrafices?

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments coooooooool

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments C ya there!!!

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments :)

 Kyye of Lindisfarne (Kyye) | 1 comments cool . . .

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Olivia (livibooks3) hi. What stones?

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Olivia (livibooks3) hi. What stones?

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in ancient china they wrote on animals bones. there's a link in the first post and they're really cool!

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Olivia (livibooks3) kk bone # 1- several humans in various postures, tree butterfly cat twig???
i think...
maybe describing a dwelling place or something??

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hmmm . . .perhaps . . .I thought it might be a list of sacrafices.
bone 1# hoofed animal,man,grain or flower,tool,animal,flame,???,water.
That's a list of what I think the different symbols represent. Could it be an ancient shopping list? Or a record of sacrafices?

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Olivia (livibooks3) right... that makes sense too though... they're hard to decipher

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it sort of helps if you know anglo-saxon(not that i'm expecting anyone too) because some of the symbols look the same. Me and josh were wondering if vikings may have payed a visit to china???

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Olivia (livibooks3) yeah I know a little anglo-saxon runes or so I thought... anglo-saxon is letters (runes) not pictures though right? they are kinda similar to viking and anglo-saxon runes tho...

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yeah, it would be cool if during one of their coastal raids they settled somewhere in china.

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How much anglo-saxon do you know? I know all of it except for the letter X. for the life of me I can't remember what it was . . .**grumbles**

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Olivia (livibooks3) hehe i´ve practicly forgot it now.. I used to know the . now I just kinow my name. assuming, of course, that dragonolgy handbook was actually anglo-saxon....

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the dragonology hand book was partly correct. Mostly actuall,aside from a few variations. But for a kids book it was pretty accurate.

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments hah! u got that right!

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Olivia (livibooks3) yupppity yup yup :)

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:D :D I wish they had anglo-saxon font on here...

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Olivia (livibooks3) you could google it. if they have artemis fowl gnommish font and greek letters font, anglo saxon should exist.

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REALLY? That would be so awesome!

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Olivia (livibooks3) Yeah I wouldn't be suprised if there is anglosaxon

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Olivia (livibooks3) Yup google anglo-saxon font or anglo-saxon rune font. I found a couple already. you might have to fish a little, but its worth it if u really want the font. The ones I found were both within the first 6 hits, so...

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Olivia (livibooks3) :) thank you very much

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maddie (marleyme) | 833 comments hahhhahahaaaahaha!!!! maura...

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Olivia (livibooks3) ?

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Olivia (livibooks3) no i just dont know what/who ur talking about

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Olivia (livibooks3) yah ppl!! :( i just didnt know what was happening

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Olivia (livibooks3) good, its mutual.

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Maddie please just stop it!

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Olivia (livibooks3) thanks ragnarok :)

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Oracle bones are very cool and we learned about them in school.

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Olivia (livibooks3) what did u learn? theyre interesting...

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priests for the chinese emporer carved questions into the bones and heated them untill they cracked. then they studied the cracks and answered the questions.

message 47: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livibooks3) thats cool. some cultures used to throw bones and interpret the way they fell, kind of like in the fantasy book eragon

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yeah,I know Norse shamans did that.

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