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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (manchesterunited) Other than goodreads do you have any favorite websites to find your next favorite book or author?

message 2: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (PatR) | 60 comments I like to use to look up an author's name and then you can see a list of the books that author has written and it divided down into series.

message 3: by Christy (new)

Christy Brannen (murdermostbritish) | 9 comments Stop! You're Killing Me! is a great site. Has just oodles and oodles of lists. You can look them up by author or by character. Very handy.

message 4: by Deanne (new)

Deanne | 61 comments Lists of bests has lists which include the top 100 crime novels, voted for by crime writers. It allows you to adopt lists and tick off the ones you've read.
Some really good books are mentioned which I'd never heard of.

message 5: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 68 comments I've been on the above lists too, but to discuss and learn about books and authors I either haven't tried before or don't know about, I also am on Chapters Community. I know several others on GoodReads are also members. I subscribe to SYKM (Stop! You're Killing Me!), Shelf Awareness (which is where I obtained and reviewed Andrew's The Gargoyle pre-release), Harper-Collins reading group on Facebook (other book sites on Facebook, too) and LibraryThing not to mention several author sites/newsletters. I have used for years and they have now expanded to listing authors other than mysteries and scifi as well.

Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (susannag) The Detective and the Toga ( ) for fans of mystery novels set in ancient Rome.

message 7: by Jen (new)

Jen (jenforbus) | 57 comments Kevin, I also subscribe to Shelf Awareness and the DorothyL list serve, but my favorite place to find new authors and books is from my fellow bloggers. I've discovered my favorite authors through recommendations from others: Michael Koryta, Dennis Lehane, Chris Grabenstein, Michael Stanley, Craig Johnson, etc.

message 8: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 68 comments Deanne, thanks for the mention of Lists of Bests, I hadn't heard of that one before, but I've now bookmarked it!

message 9: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (PatR) | 60 comments is a good website.

message 10: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 68 comments I was actually signing up as a reviewer on that site, but couldn't tell for sure if they would allow a Canadian to contribute, I don't think a Canadian can enter the contests. I got scared when I read the part about paying for the books at retail if I resign and don't have all my reviews in within 4 weeks.. what would happen in an emergency I wondered. I have parents in their 90s in another city, so I backed out without finishing the application. But I did bookmark it.

message 11: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (PatR) | 60 comments Betty, I didn't read that part and maybe it is new. I have been reviewing for for a long time. I do think if you talk to Nancy Eaton who runs the sight she would publish your reviews although she might not want to send you books. I know that it is a hassle and much more expensive to send books to Canada. Another good site is and I know that site has reviewers from places outside the United States.

message 12: by Liz (new)

Liz | 18 comments I use stop you're killing me - the lists are very handy, but I'd never been to booksnbytes. it was great thanks for the info.

message 13: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 68 comments Thanks again Patricia. Interestingly, while on the site for Front Street Reviews (where I do a lot of reviews) I clicked on links and it took me to armchair interviews, but within their own page, so I don't know if they are connected, or separate. But the url you just gave me takes me directly to armchair's site, so I think I'll check that one out. I don't use Facebook's Harper Collins reading group anymore now that they have switched to reading their review books online instead of sending out copies.

message 14: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 68 comments Patricia, have you been to Reading Trails? , it looks kind of interesting; I got the link from Armchair.

message 15: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (PatR) | 60 comments No, I haven't but I'll check it out.


message 16: by Rob (new)

Rob | 8 comments One more not yet mentioned is

message 17: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 68 comments I did actually in my first message but unfortunately didn't put the link in. Thanks for doing so.

message 18: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Radisavljevic (barbrad) | 8 comments Rob wrote: "One more not yet mentioned is"

I have an account there, but your can't list all your books for free. I really prefer Goodreads to the similar sites I've tried. So this is the site I invite my reading friends to join.

message 19: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 68 comments Barbara, do they suddenly give you a cut-off? I have a lot of books listed there, hope I don't get sent a bill! ;-) I've heard that before, but don't know where they cut you off of free listing, do you know? Thanks.

message 20: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Radisavljevic (barbrad) | 8 comments You get 200 books for free. Then it's $10.00 a year or $25.00 for life -- whether yours or the site's isn't specified, but I'm not sure any web site is guaranteed a long life. That's why I like to back up some of my book reviews I might want to use later on.

message 21: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 68 comments Yikes! I've already got 312 listed there!

message 22: by Michael (new)

Michael Harry | 1 comments Shelfari is another good site

message 23: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Radisavljevic (barbrad) | 8 comments Michael wrote: "Shelfari is another good site"

I don't like it as wall as Goodreads, and I guess I don't like building Amazon up anymore than necessary. I'm for supporting independent booksellers.

message 24: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 68 comments I didn't realize Shelfari was Amazon, the equivalent I guess to Chapters-Indigo Community. GoodReads at least lets you post any books, but Chapters you can only post the ones they carry and I assume Amazon is the same. I'm still figuring out what to do about LibraryThing. Any others? especially those that hold draws for books? (books you can hold in your hands, that is)

message 25: by Jen (new)

Jen (jenforbus) | 57 comments I also try not to build up Amazon. I support indy booksellers but I'm also adamently opposed to ANY bookseller who will sell materials on dog fighting and cock fighting. I'm not even sure how that's legal?

message 26: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Radisavljevic (barbrad) | 8 comments Good for you! Check out some time. It's a cooperative of independent booksellers. You can access their shops separately or search the whole site as once. They don't have as many books as Amazon, but they have a strong code of ethics. You can select them as one of your search options on Goodreads if you want to. If you don't like one seller's books, you don't have to buy anything from him. I just did a key word search for dog fighting and nothing came up. Cock Fighting brought up four books, none of which were how-to type books. One was a history of British Sports, one an description of British sports, and two were signed prints of art.

message 27: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 68 comments Barbara, Thanks for the mention of tomfolio. I hadn't heard of it & went to their site to glance around. So many take advantage of Canadian buyers it's hardly worth it to pay the shipping on top of exchange, but I couldn't tell in my first glance how or if they handle Canadian members, although it does say international booksellers. Do you have any ideas on this?

message 28: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Radisavljevic (barbrad) | 8 comments Some of the sellers are Canadian. Each seller individualizes his own shipping rates. Most also do their own credit card processing. Even if the credit card is processed on the site, sellers can lower their their shipping fees from the shopping cart calculation if their expenses aren't that high.

I sell a very small flip chart for teachers that weighs almost nothing. My minimum shopping cart price for media mail is $4.39 for one item (based on the weight of an average book). If a customer is from California, I charge the entire $4.39 because I have to collect tax on the shipping fee as well as the book. If the customer is not from California, I charge only $4.10, since I don't have to collect tax. When more than one item is on the order, there is a large discount on the postage, but if someone orders 10 flip charts I could still ship them for the price of one book, so I would charge the minimum for the entire order of ten books. (That's for the USA.)For international orders, I have standard rates that would cover the weight of an average 2-lb book.

If a Canadian orders something much lighter or several items that would fit in a flat rate envelope or box, the final shipping cost per book would be lowered when the order is processed. No charge is ever raised (as might be needed if your book weighed 5 lbs instead of 2)without your consent.

The idea is that you are the customer of an individual bookseller who is advertising his business on a site with several other booksellers. If you have questions or concerns about the order, you can contact the seller directly. All contact information is very easy to find when you are ready to order a book. If you want to, you can easily find the Canadian sellers and search only their sites. Just click the Bookdealers tab at the top of the page. The countries are in alphabetical order. Hope that helps.

message 29: by Bluedaizy (last edited Feb 01, 2009 05:52PM) (new)

Bluedaizy | 97 comments I enjoy going to between the covers web site. It's just fun.


message 30: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 68 comments Thanks for the information Barbara, that's helpful.
And thanks to you, too, Bluedaizyk, for the links, I'll have a look at them, too.

message 31: by Joe (new)

Joe | 1 comments Not a list of books, but a site that features a new book every day and presents it in an interesting way is The Page 69 test at

message 32: by Rob (new)

Rob | 8 comments Barbara wrote: "Rob wrote: "One more not yet mentioned is"

I have an account there, but your can't list all your books for free. I really prefer Goodreads to the similar sites I've tr..."

Thanks for the tip, Barbara. Will keep that in mind. I'm a new member there but have not used it much, since I'm still too busy learning how to navigate in Goodreads. My purpose in joining was to learn about new authors I might like - same as my reason for being here in Goodreads.

message 33: by Kathy-Diane (new)

Kathy-Diane This site has lots in a nutshell:


message 34: by Kathy-Diane (new)

Kathy-Diane For Erica Spindler fans, she's my guest this week on SHADOWS FALL N FRIENDS talking about her new novel BREAKNECK:



message 35: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Ferguson (ruthdfw) | 1 comments thank you for this great thread, there are so many book websites to discover!

message 36: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (manchesterunited) Thanks to all of you for the fantastic ideas!
Happy Reading!

message 37: by Sheryl (new)

Sheryl (allreadybooked) Hi,

I'm addicted to this website, it used to be called clueless, but someone else picked it up. It's great to see when and what new releases will be coming up.

Happy Reading,


message 38: by Meghan (new)

Meghan sheryl, i went to library school with the woman who owns that website. small world!
another site i use all the time is

message 39: by Betty (new)

Betty (nightreader) | 68 comments Sheryl wrote: "Hi,

I'm addicted to this website, it used to be called clueless, but someone else picked it up. It's great to see when and what new releases will be coming u..."

Sheryl, that's a great link, but when I clicked on it I got an error page; I quickly realized that the comma on the end of the link was included in the url, so to everyone, if you get to the error page, just take the comma off the end of the url and try again, it will take you to the page.

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