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New Stories Up & Call for Submissions!

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Ill Literati Crazy People In Books (IllLiterati) | 2 comments Hey all!

We have new stories by librarians, writers, and booksellers about Crazy People in Books up now at Check us out, and submit your own stories!

Gina Collia-Suzuki, an author from England, writes about her colorful experience as an antiquarian bookseller in Mr. Sweets.

Sage Card shares her slightly smelly bookselling encounter in Foot Lady.

The lovely veteran librarian Joan Gross gives us some tidbits from her thirty five years of librarianship in Memories of a Librarian.

Jac Jemc tells three tales of absentee customers in People Who Have Not Recently Shown Up at the Bookstore.

Read! Laugh! Commiserate! Enjoy!

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Dori (dorifritzinger) | 4 comments Link address is:

This blog is great and should not be missed!


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Ill Literati Crazy People In Books (IllLiterati) | 2 comments Thank you dear Dori! You have a lovely website.

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