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message 1: by Meghan (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:18PM) (new)

Meghan This made me think of Better Off Dead and Ricky's mom. Not that it was anything like that but it just made me think of the movie. Made me feel like Monique being given a picture of Ricky for Christmas and wishing I was out in Lane's camero instead. It was that kind of bored uncomfortableness.

message 2: by Arielle (new)

Arielle | 120 comments I think I've established my main gripe about this book. Yeah, he's funny sometimes, and almost always clever, but I guess I have a bad case of needing the warm fuzzies, and this book didn't deliver. I can appreciate his humor most of the time, but I think it will do my sentimental heart good to move on to ACC.
Who's ready for Christmas Cheer? Hip, hip, hooray, and so on...
Meghan, I really like how you summed it up: "bored uncomfortableness."

message 3: by whichwaydidshego, the sage of sass (new)

whichwaydidshego | 1996 comments Mod
I liked Better Off Dead. This I did not like. It was annoying and appalling while still being dull. Ugh.

message 4: by Alison, the guru of grace (last edited Dec 16, 2007 12:25AM) (new)

Alison | 1282 comments Mod
I thought this was pretty funny in it's absurdity. It made me think of a Saturday Night Life skit.

"The cover pictured Doug lying outstretched upon an operating table as a team of surgeons busily, studiously, removed his glistening Cottingham lung. Inside the card was a photgraph of the organ's recipient, a haggard coal miner holding a sign that read "Douglas Cottingham saved my life."

Again, like the Santaland Diaries, it was entertaining enough, but as far as his "message", or what he was trying to say about was lost on me.

message 5: by whichwaydidshego, the sage of sass (new)

whichwaydidshego | 1996 comments Mod
It's more Monte Python. Maybe if I read it in that tone, I'd like it better.

message 6: by Alison, the guru of grace (new)

Alison | 1282 comments Mod
yes, yes Monty Python.

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