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Hunting and Gathering
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. dark cover with broken pastels [s]

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Renee Literature / fiction

The cover of this book shows a broken group of pastels / chalk in bold colors...

I read this book approx. 2 summers ago, purchased at an independent bookseller in northern MI. The author also has published a book of short stories that were translated from (italian???) and a few other works I was never able to locate.

I believe the heroine ends up living in a small village in italy, but can't remember much else about the novel except that it's the most beautifully written novel I remember reading, and lent it to a friend, never to see it again...

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this one is in france, but the cover might be right..

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Renee that's it... thanks a million! Now if I could only remember who I lent it to :)

Rachel Brand Oh, Hunting and Gathering is such a lovely novel! It's set in France but there is a part where they end up moving into a cottage in a small village and fixing it up. Mine had a different cover as it was published in the UK but I remember it being a really sweet book. Hope you find it! :)

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