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message 1: by Krazykat (new)

Krazykat | 10 comments house of leaves, anyone? just kidding--been there, done that, soooo over it! but up 4 any suggestions...

message 2: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (weirdlibrarian) Hey Carrie, thanks for joining! For the last few summers several of us have participated in an online Summer Reading Program where we set a goal for the summer, read & then post reviews/thoughts, usually on our own sites/blogs. I thought setting up a group on Good Reads might help hub us on here. :)

I KNOW it's only January, but still wanted to test this out, see what kind of response it gets.

I haven't picked out my SRP books yet, but have some in mind. :)

message 3: by Krazykat (new)

Krazykat | 10 comments my summer goal is 2 survive SRP at sims!! BTW, i looked at ewan's book again & yah, it does have a lot of pics, in 3 sections yay! just finished "hot mahogany" so now i can pick up "long way down" again...

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