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which format do you prefer?

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message 1: by KristenR (new)

KristenR (klrenn) Hey...

I've had a great time following everyone's reading this past year.

I've noticed that everyone has their own posting style. Which do you prefer, and why? (for both your personal posting and what you like to read)

1. one post per book (or several books if you've read more than one since the last time you've posted) after it's finished.

2. each post contains a complete list of all the books read so far.

3. one post per month, with new books being edited in. (post 1 has all Jan books, post 2 has all Feb books, etc.)

4. including start dates and finished dates and other information.

looking forward to your insights...

Kristen :)

message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (sbez05) | 98 comments Good question! I like following everyone's progress, too. Personally, I prefer a new post for each book (or multiple books if, as you said, you've read more than one since you last posted). A complete list in each post gets a little hard to follow and takes up a lot of space, but to each their own. :) I don't do the start and finish dates on mine because I figure you can kind of tell just by the dates of the posts, but it doesn't bother me when other people do.

It is cool to see a recap at the end of the month as it makes it easy to see how far you've come, but so far I haven't started doing that.

message 3: by DelGal (new)

DelGal | 92 comments Mod
It is rather neat to see everyone's ideas on how to post your progress.

I like a clean and easy to read post since there are so many people reading and posting. I really appreciate a post that doesn't have links attached because it makes it hard for me to figure out where to read it.
I usually post after 2-3 books I read and post my update progress on the other thread. I try to keep everything short and sweet, but whatever makes people happy and proud of themselves is always a good thing!

message 4: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (ravenskya) I'm trying to update one post per week... listing each book I've read that week.

message 5: by Greyweather (new)

Greyweather | 43 comments I've done 1, 2, 4, and sometimes I have simply edited my initial post with each update rather than making any additional posts. Which I use usually depends on how big the challenge is.

message 6: by Carly (new)

Carly | 349 comments I generally post every time I finish a book or two. I like adding a comment or blurb so I can remember my reactions to certain books.

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