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message 1: by Jess (new)

Jess | 3721 comments Discussion of Chapters 6 through 9. (including Chapter 9)

message 2: by Jess (new)

Jess | 3721 comments BLAHHHH!! This book is just dragging. I can't stand the way the author writes. I find my mind wandering and I have to go back and reread something. Half the time I have no idea what's going on because I keep rereading. I may have to abandon this one...

message 3: by Jessi (new)

Jessi  (jessim) Did everyone give up on this? I made it to chaper 11, but it isn't getting any better at all.

Nichole (DirrtyH) (dirtyh) I haven't even started yet but you guys make it sound so great... I'm thinking about skipping it altogether, but I'm also kind of curious to see if I'll dislike it as much as everyone else has.

message 5: by Dawn, Desperately seeking new worlds (new)

Dawn (dawnv) | 4054 comments I finished it but I will admit that I started it in Jan and when I found out it was a group read I put it on hold. I took me a few times to finish it and it is not what I expected. Without giving anything away I feel like she set up this really interesting world and then stalled and then sort of raced to the end but then she forgot that she was building a world. In the end I just did not care what happened to the characters. Totally a bummer after Moon Called

message 6: by Jess (new)

Jess | 3721 comments I'm really trying to finish this book.. but everytime I pick it up I read a few pages and then I end up picking up another book

I also just realized I checked out You Slay Me from the library and I checked the poll today and discovered that it is winning for March BOM. lol, now I'm going to have to renew it a few times or read it soon.

message 7: by Dawn, Desperately seeking new worlds (new)

Dawn (dawnv) | 4054 comments Jess...that is so what I did for Witchling and I thought it was going to be so great so I got Changling as well. Let's just say I think that Changling will be going back without being read :>

message 8: by Jess (new)

Jess | 3721 comments I remember someone saying that Witchling is the weakest of the series.. although I would also probably return changling as well lol.

message 9: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (lexnick) I made it to chapter 9 so far and I can't even really tell you what's happening. I'm listening to the audiobook while I crochet. All I know is that they have to get this piece of something before the demons do. lol

message 10: by Yasmin (new)

Yasmin (tiayas) | 5 comments I'm not reading this book for the group, but I agree with Dawn's assessment. I just finished reading Changling and I thought it was better, but not quite good enough to make me want to read Darkling. I might see if my library has it.

All in all, it doesn't make me want to invest in a series like Kim Harrison's books do.

message 11: by Dawn, Desperately seeking new worlds (new)

Dawn (dawnv) | 4054 comments I have to admit I am trying out Changeling and can I share it bothers me that Delilah has sex in Tabby form with other Tabby's not shifter but other cats and I am a little grossed out.
This book is just as slow moving for me and the only reason why I am interested is that she has like five books in the series and I want to be in the know..like does this series get better and will I miss out??

Yasmin...when you read Changeling did you ever feel like you were reading Camille's POV instead of Delilah?

message 12: by Jess (new)

Jess | 3721 comments hmm.. that seems to be going very close to being bestiality, since she's still technically a human. ew. another reason not to continue. ick.

message 13: by Dawn, Desperately seeking new worlds (new)

Dawn (dawnv) | 4054 comments Exactly Jess! I mean how nasty is that and I could see if they were both shifters but a regular cat ugg

message 14: by Yasmin (new)

Yasmin (tiayas) | 5 comments I did think it was a bit odd that she would tell us about the sex in tabby form.

I just finished Changeling in the last week or so. I think Delilah's character is supposed to be more empathetic than Camille which is why you get more of Camille and Menolly than previously.

I'm just sad about the series because the concept is great. The execution leaves something to be desired.

I want a cliff notes version so I know if they get all the spirit seals, etc, but not enough to invest time and money into the rest of the books, you know?

It's more like watching a bad movie, there comes a point where you suffer through the last hour because you want to see the conclusion.

Really the only reason I was even thinking about Darkling is because it has the makings of a revenge plot and I really like revenge type plots.

message 15: by Jessi (new)

Jessi  (jessim) I didn't finishe the first one b/c it was so boring, but the tid bit about the tabby was enough to make me never pick up those books again, nasty.

message 16: by Tiwaztyrsfist (new)

Tiwaztyrsfist | 25 comments Quick show of hands.

Did ANYONE other than me actually enjoy the book?
I liked it...

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 437 comments LOL, I did. It wasn't my favorite, but I thought it was fun and have read Changeling with Darkling on my bookshelf for me to read later.

message 18: by Jess (new)

Jess | 3721 comments I did not, I got as far as chapter 5 or 6.. and gave up. Not my cup of tea, but I'm glad some people enjoyed it :)

message 19: by Dawn, Desperately seeking new worlds (new)

Dawn (dawnv) | 4054 comments I think she has a really interesting plot and despite the characters remind me of Charmed I just could not get into it. I was hoping that maybe that was due to the whole I have to build the world and explain it to you, but as I am not having success with the second book and her relationship/sex scenes don't appeal to me I am thinking I am going to drop it all together.

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