The Reasons Why you wrote your book or books discussion

To unite all religions and save souls

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message 1: by Mohit (new)

Mohit Misra (mohitmisra) | 1 comments I got enlightened in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and now need to share the god knowledge I have gained as it will help uplift humanity.
Ponder Awhile

message 2: by William (new)

William "leland" (leland1) | 2 comments Hi Mohit we seem to be on the same Quest. You may like my original acoustic guitar music please download for free and enjoy.Leland/Las Vegas,Nev./1-23-09

message 3: by Kim (new)

Kim robinson (kimrobinson) | 1 comments
2nd Annual Black History Month Internet Book Fair
“Give the Gift of Knowledge”
January 25 - March 7, 2009

Totally Online at the Black Authors Network Radio Show
The Black Authors Network (BAN) is dedicated to providing information to help black business owners and authors gain access to the global consumer and to helping promote the growth of black businesses and literature. The Black Authors Network, is here to bring people together, to create a dialogue, and share valuable resources. Our goal is to be the most informative networking group, serving the unique needs of African American authors, businesses, organizations, and concerned parents who wish to improve literacy and strengthen the African American image in our community.
I am featured on February 5th and 23rd at 9 P.M.

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The Reasons Why you wrote your book or books

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