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message 1: by Saoirse (new)

Saoirse (saoirse_redgrave) | 26 comments Mod
I'm a fickle writer. I get lots of ideas I promise myself I'll eventually pursue, so I'd like to ask group members to tell us all a little about a writing project or assignment you're currently working on.

What got you into this particular writing project or job?

Is it close to your heart or a "must do?"

What are you doing to keep pushing forward?


message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather | 9 comments I am currently semi-working on my full length book, because I have to have 200 pages by "whenever he eventually tells me." Haha. I write a short story or narrative poem almost every day, so I am not entirely worried, but you know how it is.

It is not necessarily a "must do" because no one is going to kill me if I do not, but it is a "must do" for my heart, definitely. Holding your work in a book form is definitely a thrill and it makes you want to cry, I have learned.

To keep pushing forward I just keep reading. I think this is the most important thing, honestly - reading. Read other authors. Read people you love their writing or people you hate their writing. Attempt other people's styles (even if you are a novel writer, this is beneficial, as many novels have abnormal styles like Cormac McCarthy's or James Frey's.)


message 3: by Heather (new)

Heather | 9 comments Oh and how I got into this project was I sent a completed manuscript to the publisher haha, and he liked it. I used to be eternally annoyed by the "read the magazine before submitting" idea (really, who has money to buy a sample copy of all the lit mags out there?) But have realized that you MUST "know your work" very well before gauging where you should send it for publication. Sam Pink, a favorite author of mine (he's crazy and innovative in my opinion) was also published in this press, so I figured they were cool with some "off the wall" stuff. I have accepted that my writing isn't "common" or whatever you want to call it, so I now know enough to send the "less odd" things to the larger, more mainstream, magazines.


message 4: by Saoirse (new)

Saoirse (saoirse_redgrave) | 26 comments Mod

I think that's a common misconception writers have--they think if they keep reading it'll stem their creativity or somehow taint their style (or even their plots and characters) with someone else's style. I agree with you--you need to read to write.

You also make a great point about the need to know your work before you send it off so you find a good fit. I just blink whenever I see a magazine telling would-be writers to buy copies of the mag first--I mean--Seriously? Someone's spending their time trying to wedge their foot in the market's door and they should plunk down $5-$10 on every mag they want to submit to? I understand the desire for magazines to increase their newsstand sales, but really.

Definitely keep plugging away at your novel--What a great opportunity!

message 5: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (dylanmmg) | 2 comments I'm stuck on school work, but when I have time I'm thinking about starting the first chapters of one of my older story ideas. When school is over, I may work on it more or work on the Five other stories I started: Bloody rose, Huntress of the Night, Reflections, and unexpected Apocalypse. I could start Foul Play or another one of my story ideas, but I rather get Bloody Rose written. I rather be a free lance writer, so I have no deadline except for as soon as possible.

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