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Seems like I am mooching more than giving

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William (acknud) Here is my bio if anyone wants to peruse it.

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Suzanne | 35 comments I know what ya mean. So...tonight I put a new shelf on my books. A bookmooch shelf. Hopefully, that might help me some. It can't hurt do that.

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Naomi (naomishoots) | 7 comments thats a great idea!

message 4: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne | 35 comments OMG!! I got 3 books in the mail today!! Now, I REALLY don't know what to read next. So many books on my TBR pile. Maybe I'll stop mooching for awhile---NOT!!

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) What are you putting on that shelf? Books you mooched from there or books you're getting? I've seen someone else do that but I have too many books coming in to even try to keep up with that. LOL
So...what did you get?!

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Suzanne | 35 comments Let's see...The Bell Jar, Guilty by Karen Robards & The Last Two Bachelors by Debbie Macomber. AND I'm getting the new Nora Roberts books Vision In White. I couldn't believe that it was already available. It just came out on the shelves 2 wks. ago!!

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Yeah, that is pretty cool. I think I've gotten lucky once or twice like that. I'm glad you got it. I'll have to keep an eye out for you to start The Bell Jar. I tried it awhile ago, for a challenge, and didn't get into it at all. I read some other reviews of people who said the same but the majority love it. So much so that I think it's me and am going to eventually try again. LOL

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Suzanne | 35 comments Yeah, I had it on the BM wishlist and took it off. Then, when most people on GR read & liked it, I put it back on again.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Hey- you're on PBS too right? Did you see the new changes that are coming with the wishlist and all?

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Suzanne | 35 comments nope, not on PBS. I'll check it out although I might get confused with 2 sites.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Oh- I thought you were and I know why. We first met on cafemom. LOL I knew we didn't meet on BM! Are you still going to cafemom? Gosh, I haven't been there or my MySpace pages in forever with all the book sites now!
PBS is pretty cool actually- different from BM but in good ways. They both have their pluses although I've been getting fed up with BM and how they treat people lately. I haven't had any problems myself but a lot of people I know have and it makes me made how they let the abusers take control. But I get a lot of books from there so I can't complain too much!

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Suzanne | 35 comments I went to Cafemom last week after not visiting there in months. Like you, I keep going to the book sites.
I haven't been to MySpace in ages. I mainly go to Facebook.
Yeah, I need to visit PBS. I don't visit much with others on BM so I'm not into the politics.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Let me know what you think about PBS whenever you find the time to check it out. The wishlist caps at 200 but that's in the process of chaning to be like BM- unlimited. Which is good for the obsessors like me. LOL
I never made a Facebook page I don't think. I was into Myspace when I heard about it.
I'm usually here or PBS- when I get bored I'll go through listings here and fix stuff so that takes up a lot of time too!

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I have a book mooch shelf, It's not completely updated, I haven't quite gotten there yet. But I list my inventory between the sites I'm in so I know about how many I have on each site. It helps me keep organized with it all. I also know how many copies I might have of a book. (I rummage sale a lot if I can find a book some one is pretty much giving away and send it on to a new home why not?) It's also a wonderful way to know what the book I'm looking for looks like. It's why a lot of my librarian changes are cover images. It helps me keep track of what I'm trading. I belong to a ton of different swap sites, book mooch is my favorite. But I belong to so many because different people are on different sites which means each site has a different inventory. I also make sure if I only have one copy of a book it's only on one site. Good reads helps me keep track of what I've listed and where, what I've ordered and what I own though I'm still updating to get all of my books on there. I still have AT LEAST 200 books to list between the sites. My goal is to first have a solid 200 on each site (Book mooch has over 300 but a lot are magazines which I do as a two for one sort of thing because they're aren't the same value as a book. I also do it with the poorer condition books because again I don't think it's fair for someone to trade a nice book and then have to spend an entire credit to get one magazine or one beat up book they really want to read.) After that I'll start splitting the rest up evenly between the site. Bookmooch is great because it's so easy to get points, it's easy to charity back points and make deals. And I better understand how to navigate it than anywhere else. Eventually once I get the stacks around my desk listed on the different trading sites I'm going to go through and make sure the good reads inventories match (I'm adding as I list right now) and I'm going to make sure all my personal books are listed. But good reads is awesome for keep track of things like trading sites.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Are you on PBS too Jenn? I know you like BM the most but what do you think of the others? I'm interested in hearing about them!

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I belong to both BM and PBS. I think both sites have good points to them. I think it is easier to get points at BM then PBS. I like that I can get books from overseas on BM. I also like the fact that I can enter in the book's condition that I am giving away and by the same token see the condition of the book that I am mooching. You cannot do that with PBS. Some of the things that I like about PBS is the site is monitored fairly closely so when problems arise the owners have pretty quick responses. I also like that I can print out postage with delivery confirmation on the PBS website. It saves me a trip to the post office. I think there may be more members on PBS because there is a larger selection of books or at least the books that I look at. One thing that I like about BM is you can see who has a book you want and what all the traders have on their bookshelf to see if you want to order another book from them. You cannot do that with PBS until after you have ordered a book and then you can only see the bookshelf of the person you ordered from not everyone who has the book. Another thing I like about PBS is that you seem to wait less long to get a book. Once you order a book the person with the book has 5 days to respond to your request. Once they say they will mail a book they have to put in when they will mail it by. If the person does not mail when they say they will they do no get credit for sending the book. I like this because sometimes my books that I mooch at BM seem to be in limbo for a long time. At BM you can see what kind of a trader you are mooching from. You can see the cancelled requests and what their feedback score is. You cannot do this at PBS. I like the forums at PBS more than BM. My computer always seems to freeze up when I try to go to the forums at BM. The big problem with having accounts at multiple trading sites is keeping up with the requests for your books and mooching books. There are times when it hurts you. For example someone at one site ordered a book from me and I sent it out. A few weeks later someone from another site ordered the same book because I had forgotten to take it off my shelf. I felt bad about having to decline a request. Also you have to be careful about which books you order. I have almost gotten the same book twice because I ordered it from one site and forgot and almost ordered it from another site. If you are interested in swapping DVDs or CDs PBS has sister sites for those which is nice and you can transfer credits between the sites as long you have accounts at with the sister sites. This can be nice at times. My biggest problem is I order books faster then I read but I love going to the mailbox to see what present or presents the mailman has left for me. Its great to see those packages after a hard day at work.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) I agree with every single word Arica typed. If anyone wants to know the differences between the two sites this is what to read! I thought BM would have more people but that was just a guess because it's worldwide- you may be very right about PBS- they do have a large selection.
Another thing I noticed is sometimes I'll go to look for a book on one site and it's not listed and wishlisted hundreds of times. Then it's available on the other site. That's kind of cool because not everyone is looking for the same things on both sites. Yet certain books go quickly on both of course.
I love the feedback aspect of BM and I also love picking who I mooch from. I've bypasses people because of their crappy feedback before and I've had more than a handful of people let me know they they mooched from me because of mine. That is nice. I also like how the wishlist isn't FIFO but then, I'm a stay at home mom and get on-line all day long. I can check my wishlist after running to get a drink or getting a book. If I was working all day and not able to check I'm sure I'd prefer the wishlist at PBS.
I think it works best, for me anyway, to use both, you get the best of both worlds.
I will say this- BM has very, very, very poor admin. service. Very poor. I've had numerous people complain to me, friends and strangers just talking through emails. I've even had an email directly from a well known admin. forwarded to me and my jaw hit the floor when I read it. I was in shock at the unprofessionalism, the rude things they said, everything. They turned a problem that was BM's fauly around on the member and then acted like they shouldn't be asking. I said asking because the member didn't even complain. They were asking what to do about if it happened again. Not only did the admin say that it "wasn't a big deal" but also said that "one rejection" and/or "one negative feedback" isn't that big of a deal. HUH? One negative feedback to ME is a big deal and I'm sure it is to many others too. I do everything right on that site so I don't DESERVE bad feedback, especially not for something that wasn't my fault to begin with!
PBS, from what I've seen and admittedly it's not much, gets right on their problems. Even when I've sent them a silly complaint (about the wishlist capping at 200 which is changing soon) they've responded right away and they were professional.
I'm staying with both for the time being but I'm going to use PBS for the most part. Which is a shame really because not only did I like sending worldwide but I was an angel helping others and that's not to mention the books I list. Now, the members on PBS will get them instead of BM and while that's great for PBS'ers, I would think BM would be trying to KEEP their members, not shove them away. It's sad really that John is either not aware or doesn't care how the actual members are being treated.
I was all for the donation thing and in fact did send money at first. Needless to say, I stopped quickly. To be honest, John is country hopping, printing out cards for what was it? 60 bucks a box? Then sending them for 20 bucks a box and he's asking for donations? How about toneing down the stupid cards? Not sending so many. I got sent four boxes before when I ordered one. Anyone want to figure the math on that one? That's my donation. He could be fixing up the site with that money instead and let the members use word of mouth (for the most part- in addition to *some* cards or whatever else) which is what we do anyway.

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Mel (lefty4) | 4 comments Eva-

I am also a member of both PBS and Bookmooch. I use PBS as my main bookswapping site. I like the fact that 1. You can use your credits from one site on the sister sites and vice versa. That is great because if something on one list comes available then you can get it. I also like the box o books feature at pbs even though you have to pay for it. I love the chat room which is a great feature. When I was a new user with PBS I wrote one of the founders and then I got a call at home from one of the founders. That was great!

I like the fact that bookmooch has a very easy point system. However, I don't think a person should be penalized because they don't have a certain mooch ratio. (I don't by the way.) I think if you -1 point for a mooch then it should be +1 for adding a book. Feedback should earn the person .1 but that is my opinion. I would love it if they had a box o books feature too or a chatroom.

Someone commented about the bookmooch cards and on that subject let me just say the following. I ordered a box of the large amount when they first came out and I am no where done with them but for right now I may consider using them as a bookmark to send off to people who are getting a book or when I release a book into the wild ala bookcrossing. I won't do the cards again but I want to try the bookmarks because I have so many books.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) BM does have a forum- it's just really crappy. LOL Most people can't actually get in and if they do they can't post. There was actually a forum about the forum at one time but it lost steam. John has been saying he's going to fix the original forum for as long as I've been a member and I haven't seen anything as of yet.
I'm glad you posted because I have never checked out the chatroom at PBS but now I will! What exactly is the box o books thing? I've heard of it but I've always mainly used BM so I'm now just getting started with the extra PBS features.
The BM bookmarks are pretty cool- they're just big cards really. I like them for bookmarks sometimes and do send them out with BM mooches. I don't anymore with PBS orders though. I don't like BM enough to do that anymore unfortunately.
Do you mean the 4:1 ratio or is there something else?I think that (and in a side way the 1/10th of a point for listing) is used as a deterrent for abusers. If they gave an entire point for every book listed then you'd have people who so many points they wouldn't no what to do with. They already are dealing with people listing books they don't have and just hoping no one mooches it. So they can get the listing points. There are also A LOT of people abusing the site. I know some that has, at this moment, 4 open accounts. FOUR. One she takes care of and the other three she basically uses to get points, list fake books because it doesn't matter if she rejects them and/or gets bad feedback. She's been reported and they've "talked" to her. That's it. The accounts are still open. ALL FOUR. I've come in contact with many more than are abusing the site and it's members too. It's sad but I guess one book is that important to them. I suppose someone should let them know that most books go for a few bucks on amazon.
But PBS is my main one now. I'll keep my BM account but I will not refer anyone, no one at all, to BM until they start being more professional. No one gets away with abuse on PBS- they'll get kicked off.
I do like the idea of the added points for good feedback- that would be another way to make sure people do what they should on there!

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I like the idea of added points for good feedback. I would like to see something more to distinguish the bad traders or the traders that abuse the system and good traders. This would help BM greatly. And it would be easier for me to decide who to mooch from and not have to guess who might be the better trader. I have gotten some books from some great traders and I have a few books that seem to languish and nothing ever happens. I have canceled a few mooches because the person never responds to my requests. There are no consequences if you set up four accounts like the person Eva was talking about or if you abuse BM. Without consequences more and more people will abuse the system. That is one reason I have a lot of points at BM put always seem to be low on points at PBS. I know that if I request a book I will get a response and I won't have to languish in limbo. I think that if someone asks me about a book swapping site I would recommend PBS over BM. PBS does seem to be more professional and if I have a problem there seems to be a lot of members that are willing to help me not to mention the site administrators.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Arica- I have stories for days about bad BM swaps and it's so sad because the site really has the potential to be great. Most of the admins are at least admins for the right reasons, even if they don't do their job well and most of the members are fantastic. I've met some of my closest friends through BM! People I talk to all the time and some I talk to less but we still trade and check in on each other and all that.
You hit the nail on the head though- there are no consequences. If you get kicked off you can make another account and hop back on. I'd guess they don't even check names. I had just under 200 points a few weeks ago and I've used them down to 20. I'll tell you why- those admins have the power to kick anyone off they want to. There is no rules like at PBS. If you get kicked off at PBS there is recourse, you can see what you have to do to set your account straight. On BM you're screwed. And out whatever points you have stored up. I only saw this recently with a few people I know having problems and seeing how BM handled everything. It's really sad that John feels it's okay to give that much power to one person. I always wondered why there were so many abandoned accounts, some with so many points! I know some of them were kicked off now. Can you imagine how much money it costs to add up 200 points on there? Then to just lose them? And what if you ship worldwide? I've sent one book, more than a handful of times, to another country for OVER $20.00! Stupid yes, but the person wanted the book and I wanted to give it to them and I happened to be able to afford it. It makes me so mad that the site can be so much more than it is and John is letting it run itself into the ground!
I wondered awhile back why PBS was featured on Oprah and not BM and then I started seeing why. Either O's people got lucky or they really did their research.

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♡ Eva ♡ wrote: "Are you on PBS too Jenn? I know you like BM the most but what do you think of the others? I'm interested in hearing about them!"

I'm on Paperback Swap, Title Trader, What's On My Bookshelf, Swap Tree, and Frugal Reader. I used to do two other ones but they weren't active enough to be worth it for me.

Bonuses to Paperback Swap you can almost always guarantee you'll get the book quickly and it will be in excellent condition. There's also an excellent selection. Plus you can get rid of CDs or Movies on their sisters sites and transfer them over to Paperback Swap. It's also faster listing because you can't do condition notes. I think they feel their guidelines are strict enough that there can only be one condition. Negatives, it's a lot harder to get points than Bookmooch because you don't get them for listing or marking received. There are strict condition guidelines there as well so if you have a book with notes in it or that's a little beat up you can't list it there. Also they take the receiver's word for it whether that person is honest or not. I traded a cd on their sister site. It was Pandora's Box, brand new. The guy on the other end first emails me and says one of the cds is missing. Since I checked this I know it can't be possible but I refund one of his points anyway because it's a three cd set and he's admitting he got two of them. Then he marks the item as received but as having received the wrong item Swap A CD refunds all of his points (so he ends up with 1 more than he paid in the first place) and I'm out a new copy of Pandora's Box and more points than I would have earned in the first place. That one was definitely a negative for me. Last negative is the Wishlist. Unless you have a decent points stash don't keep one there. They'll automatically expect you to get the item if it comes up on your wishlist and if you don't have the points and don't want to buy them and have too many rejections of wishlist items they'll suspend your account. (It actually happened to me when I first joined.) I no longer keep a wishlist. I use the reminder list instead, it doesn't send emails but I can still peruse through it and see if what I want is in stock.

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Arica wrote: "I belong to both BM and PBS. I think both sites have good points to them. I think it is easier to get points at BM then PBS. I like that I can get books from overseas on BM. I also like the fac..."
That's why I use Good Reads and Only put a book on one inventory unless I have multiple copies. I know what I've ordered everywhere and what's listed everywhere just by logging into good reads.

And I know what you mean about wait time. I still have books on there I ordered the day I joined. There's waiting and there's just plain ridiculous. I don't like that it shows canceled requests though because I wait a month after requesting before canceling because of no response. I wait around two months to mark a book lost in the mail that they've marked sent, both of my numbers there are high but how long should you wait to get some sort of response or item before freeing up your point to use it elsewhere.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Wow Jenn- I didn't know they suspend the account for that. I've rejected wishlisted books before but I guess it hasn't been too many. I mainly keep that wishlist for books I REALLY want and I'll just buy the credits if I happen to not have any with a wishlist comes in. But people shouldn't have to do that. I don't think there should be a punishment for not accepting a book- so many things can happen, someone could have already read it or bought it and it's sitting at home, etc. That's a little crazy.
I actually stopped accepting ANY orders on PBS that have condition notes- because of the reason you stated. They don't take into account AT ALL what the sender has to say. So it doesn't matter if you send me a book and you have a perfect record and I have "problems" all over the place with transactions- they take my word. I just rejected three orders in the past week because of condition notes actually. One, the notes were a mile long and I PMed her and told her she was more than welcome to turn the conditions off and then order but if not, there were too many conditions for me. I made sure to let her also know that the book was brand new and hadn't even been read by anyone. So she knew she was missing out. That was my point for specifying that- I didn't even read half the notes- they were that long. Another one was for no smoke which I don't accept because all the person has to say is it smells of smoke and then you're out the book, the credit, the postage, the packing supplies, etc. The gas. The time. LOL
The other one the person has a message in the condition note to PM her wish any questions. It says right on the page where you make the notes NOT to do that. If I accept a order from you and then deny it, it not only comes off of your wishlist but it takes me out of the line. So relising it puts my book behind whoever else has it listed. I told her the same thing I told the first person.
I haven't tried the CD and DVD sites although I've been wanting to. I have a ton of both I could get rid of and then use them for books. :)
I've listed unperfect books on PBS though- if the book has a little something, like a name written inside, something like that I'll list. If it's highlighted, scribbled in or torn or anything like that I don't list.
I had no idea there were that many swapping sites either! I did Swap Tree for about a day but they didn't seem to have any kind of selection for me so I stopped. I have heard of Frugal reader and Title Trader. If you had to pick one or two which would you're all around favorites be?

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♡ Eva ♡ wrote: "BM does have a forum- it's just really crappy. LOL Most people can't actually get in and if they do they can't post. There was actually a forum about the forum at one time but it lost steam. John h..."
I made my boyfriend open an account not to be used, but it's only there to reserve books when I list a lot and don't have time to put condition notes in right then. I reserve them for him until I can get the condition notes entered then remove the reserve as soon as the notes are entered. I always have condition notes there if I don't put them on reserve people will mooch even if your status message says PLEASE DON'T MOOCH BEFORE CONDITION NOTES ARE LISTED. Then the same people get mad when they pick a book that is beat up and you tell them it's beat up and you were planning to list it two for one. For being readers a lot of members don't read. So I made him open the second account so that when I don't have the time right then to post condition and list I can put them on hold. Sometimes you just don't have that block of time to do both. I mean even when I emailed people who mooched before condition notes were listed and told them conditions before approving I had them get mad at me. And I was thinking well if you could read the status message in BIG BOLD RED PRINT you wouldn't have this problem. I don't know if that's abuse or not, but I didn't it for a time thing, not a get points thing. I don't actually think he even has any points in his account, if he does I'm not using them because I didn't earn them.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) I certainly can't speak for BM but that doesn't seem like abuse in any way to me. Even if you somehow did make a point here or there, I still wouldn't think it was abuse.
Actually, I'd tend to lean more towards abuse from the people who mooch without reading and then get upset. What the hell is that about? I love how some of them expect brand new books. It's a USED swapping site. Nowhere does it say this is a swapping site for brand new books. I love getting a new one as much as the next person but I don't EXPECT it. I never would. If the condition said it's new I'd expect it of course but you know what I mean right? LOL
I've been doing different things on there and run out of time also- I actually think what you do is quite smart really.

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♡ Eva ♡ wrote: "Wow Jenn- I didn't know they suspend the account for that. I've rejected wishlisted books before but I guess it hasn't been too many. I mainly keep that wishlist for books I REALLY want and I'll ju..."

It's hard to pick a favorite actually. I started with bookmooch so that remains a favorite.

Title trader you can list a lot of other things but people can jack up points on stuff too that isn't worth it. However like bookmooch if it doesn't have an isbn you can still find it by title etc and put in condition notes. Navigation is okay, and it's the one of the only sites you can unload VHS. Negative is you can to pay after the first month is you want the newsletter that shows the day's listings. I do fine without it. I'm against paying to swap things. I'm giving up my item for free, I'm paying postage to send it anywhere in the world. I'm not going to pay to trade it or get a newsletter or even get a book when I have an inventory of 200 books.

What's On My Bookshelf is nice because they have like a shopping cart system when you order so if you want to get a lot of things at once from different people you don't have to go through the mooch process 15 times. They have listing points through the first I think hundred books at 1/10th after that you get points for trading I think you get them for marking received but I'm not sure on that one. You can also see everything listed in the past month on What's On My Bookshelf right on the home page. So that's nice. However their navigation system for finding a book sucks.

Swaptree lines up trades for me based on my Amazon wishlist. I list my stuff and they do the rest I just accept or reject so it's less time consuming, but again it's strict conditions and if you don't get the item all they can really do is suspend the other person's account. There's a member pissed at me right now because I got her account suspended well I'm not going to say I received something that I didn't get. Also if they don't already have the item in their database you can't list it. So that sucks.

If you're a gamer Goozex is nice, that's the only site where I break my pay to trade rule only because my BFs games are so expensive that even paying a dollar to trade I'm making out better than trading them in at the store. Again that works on a wishlist vs have list system, but also uses points.

I do actually have condition notes at PBS oddly. Only because I got one with a ripped cover. I didn't leave bad feedback but I certainly wasn't happy about it. So I put in my condition notes I don't want cover tears if I can't list my beat up books here I don't want yours either. But it's written nicer than that. I've only left negative feedback anywhere once and that's swaptree because I never got the item and it doesn't work on a point system so it was a big loss for me since I think I traded a DVD for it.

The thing I like about Frugal Reader, What's On My Bookshelf, Title Trader and Swap Tree is a drop down menu to choose condition. They all have type spaces too but if you're too lazy you still HAVE to choose one of the options to list. So you always have at least a vague idea of condition of what you're ordering. It's hard to pick one out from the other. I just kind of list and respond everywhere. PBS and Book Mooch were the first I tried so I know them and their negatives and positives better but I'm in so many because it's easier to get the stuff on my wish list when I have access to different people. It's also nice on WOMB, TT and FR that it's more points for a hardcover than a paperback because it's not the same value.

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I don't normally give books to people on PBS that have condition notes. I used to feel bad about it but after doing some reading in the forums a lot of people don't trade with others the have condition notes. The good thing about that is PBS does not punish you if refuse to send someone a book because of the condition notes. Someone asked about box-o-books at PBS. This is a feature I don't use but have been looking at. Basically you trade multiple books with someone else and you don't use up any points. Ususally you trade an equal number of books for an equal number of books. It costs $8.oo a year to belong to box-of-books. I don't know how good the service is because I don't use it. I am also a member of Swaptree. It has its good points and bad points. I haven't looked at any other trading sites like frugal reader but I may have to. Although to be perfectly honest my tbr pile is so big I need to stop trading books and read but I am addicted to those packages in my mailbox. I love getting them, opening them up and seeing what I got. It's like opening a Christmas present.

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Have you seen my book list? I'm beyond addicted. I went rummage saling mostly to build my inventories. The stack I haven't listed yet is taller than my eight year old and not all of what I have is one Good reads yet.

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Suzanne | 35 comments WOOHOO!! I am sending 5-6 books out this week. I can hope it will be this way for awhile. Summer reading...that's what I think.

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♡ Eva ♡ wrote: "I certainly can't speak for BM but that doesn't seem like abuse in any way to me. Even if you somehow did make a point here or there, I still wouldn't think it was abuse.
Actually, I'd tend to le..."

Thanks :) I've been worried that it's abuse since I did it. I agree with you about not expecting a newbook. But I also think it's important when things like covers are ripped that people tell you in advance. If it's not something I REALLY want to read I probably don't want it with a ripped cover. If it's something I've been trying to get a copy of forever and is ultra expensive so I can't bring myself to buy it I'll mooch it anyway. Other stuff like a little wear or some highlighting doesn't bother me. Also as long as I know I'd probably mooch a battered kids book too because lets face unless you're right on them the kids are going to batter it anyway. I just want to know so I can make an informed decision rather than expecting a book in decent condition and wondering if it was pulled out of the trash heap when I get it.

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Suzanne | 35 comments I just got 2 books in the mail yesterday that look brand new. I was quite surprised at that. and the new Nora Roberts book looked like it was only read or twice.
I wouldn't go garage sale-ing for books just to rack up my points. That just seems to be like too much work.

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I like garage saling anyway lol. The book are just an added bonus and an excuse to go. :)

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I like buying books at libraries. It seems that the money is going to a good cause and sometimes you can buy good books. I try not to buy books that have library stickers on them and seem like they are in good condition. The only time that I will buy a library book with the stickers on them is if it is a book I really want or a book that I know a lot of people want. The libraries where I live have a permanent sale going on and the selection changes often. I bought some books yesterday as a matter of fact.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Jenn wrote: "♡ Eva ♡ wrote: "Wow Jenn- I didn't know they suspend the account for that. I've rejected wishlisted books before but I guess it hasn't been too many. I mainly keep that wishlist for books I REALLY ..."

Thank you for all this info Jenn! I never expected you to go through so much trouble! I'm going to look into a few of these, I think I want to take a look at one or two. If I join any I'll let you know. I probably don't need to join another one since I'm not planning on actually leaving BM- just toning down my usage there, but I'm addicted! :P

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Arica wrote: "I don't normally give books to people on PBS that have condition notes. I used to feel bad about it but after doing some reading in the forums a lot of people don't trade with others the have cond..."

Thank you to Arica for telling me about that feature. I don't know if that would be for me. I tend to list books as I read them and I do have a lot of books on the inventory but most of them are older and get ordered slowly. I wouldn't have eight books that any one person would want I don't think- not out of my inventory at any one time. Of my books to-read someone could probably find eight out of sixteen I'm sure since I read so many different things. LOL
I'm so addicted to getting packages in the mail. So much so that when I open the mailbox and there is no packages my three year old looks at me and says "no books!". LOL She knows it's what I'm looking forward to.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Suzanne, I just sent a bunch out too- I'm trying to get my credits built up a little! Without buying any that is. I've gotten my mind so turned around because of the easy points on Bm that I only use a credit for something I really want. But really, you can buy a credit for I think like 3.50 so it's not much at all. I need to work on that!

I like buying books at libraries also- anywhere actually! I have trouble leaving the grocery store or drugstore without one usually. LOL My library does the same thing with the on-going sale and the books were donated. A lot of the time, like at Goodwill, people have great books and don't know about swapping sites. There was a time when we didn't know about them too! LOL
And then others get the books from someone else and don't read so they donate them. I've gotten books that were so wishlisted for a quarter before a lot of times.

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Mel (lefty4) | 4 comments Arica wrote: "I don't normally give books to people on PBS that have condition notes. I used to feel bad about it but after doing some reading in the forums a lot of people don't trade with others the have cond..."


Please think twice about not trading with people like myself who have conditions on their books. I don't mind dog and cat hair. I have been diagnosed with Asthma since last year and even before that I was sensitive to smoke. I am just letting people know that those are the books I am asking for.
Your Friend

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I do give some books to people with RCs but I am picky. I once had a request for a book and the RC was so long that I had to scroll down to read all of it. I am not going to send a book to someone that picky. If its just allergies and you don't want books from a smoking home then I will mail you the book. It just depends on the RC and what it says. Also if the RC says no library books and mine happens to be a library book then I refuse. I don't always refuse but I felt bad when I did and now I don't. I think it depends on the RC. If the RC is written because of a medical condition ie Asthma that is one thing. If the RC is written because the requestor doesn't want books that have pages that are dog-eared or too much spine wear I am going to refuse. Also I think about how the RC is written. If the request is polite and well written then I will think more about giving the book then someone whose RC seems rude and the requestor seems abnormally picky. I need all the points I can get on PBS so I don't want to give back a credit to someone because I sent a book that had dog-eared pages.

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♡ Eva ♡ wrote: "Suzanne, I just sent a bunch out too- I'm trying to get my credits built up a little! Without buying any that is. I've gotten my mind so turned around because of the easy points on Bm that I only u..."
I put one on Swaptree yesterday that I paid a dime for and it came up that I could get like 10,000 different items so apparently a LOT of people wanted that book. It was gone within an hour.
PBS is so hard to get credits on. My stuff barely moves there. I'm hoping Goodreads inventories will help with that. If they don't move there and I can swap them elsewhere I'd rather move them.

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Suzanne | 35 comments Last month, I was sending more than I was mooching for a change. This month, I'm mooching more. It all evens out in the end.

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Jon (jonmoss) Very true. I almost always re-mooch a book after I finish reading it too.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) What I do is search the book and the put it on my reminder list Jenn. Then you can see how many copies there are in the system and yours is last because you just then did it. If there are 865 copies of Beach Road I won't keep it- no reason to but if there are 22 then it's a go.
I don't have a hard time at all there- I'm sending 17 packages tomorrow and I have over 30 credits saved from this month alone. Maybe I've been lucky.
I haven't seen anything worthwhile mooching on BM in months now. I'm just waiting for my pending page to clear up and I'll most likely be done with it there.

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Eva Marie (evamarie3578) Arica wrote: "Mel,
I do give some books to people with RCs but I am picky. I once had a request for a book and the RC was so long that I had to scroll down to read all of it. I am not going to send a book to ..."

I 100% agree with Arica- couldn't have said it better myself. I refuse those conditions all the time.(I got that person, there could only be one, with the loooooong notes too! LOL)

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Cameron (220340) | 30 comments go to my o.k. books to pick up earthquake terrer

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