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message 1: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
If you think that starting a roleplay in this group would be good, you can post here. Also, you should post what kind of topic you want.

message 2: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) It'd be interesting, though I think the topic would be somewhat dependent on how many people would like to roleplay.

message 3: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Yeah, I'm still waiting to see how many other people post.

message 4: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod

So,pseudo medieval roleplay with magic?

message 5: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) ((Sounds fun. Do we first need to write a bit to introduce our characters, such as a bit of background info?))

message 6: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Me: Hey Bedivere. 'Sup?
Bedivere: I'm bored.
Me: Yeah, I figured. Since you're here, do you want to join a roleplay?
Bedivere: Whatever. As long as I have something to do.
Me: ......
Bedivere: What?
Me: I'll take that as a yes.

message 7: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: Someone that is bored out of his mind due to the fact that I have no idea where I am.

message 8: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Me: Yeah, well, Bedivere can go be bored somewhere else. All he does is eat and sleep.

Bedivere: That's not true! I'm insulted by your words. I also enjoy annoying people. It's a hobby of mine.

Me: Yeah, we could see that already. Don't you ever do anything nice?

Bedivere: Yeah, just to mess with people.

Me: .....

message 9: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: Hey, I can hear you from over here.

Me: Hmm, I wouldn't mind you using vines to wrap his mouth for his couple hours.

Bedivere: You guys are just bullying me because I don't have any magical powers.

Me: It's not my fault you're not like Arturia. She's the High King of Britain.

Bedivere: Yeah, but I deserve some powers too, or at least a magical sword.

Me: Fine, I'll write it in later.

message 10: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: Since I have nothing better to do, I'm going to go on a quest to find a sword that has powers.

Me: You go do that.

Me: Did you find anything at the bottom of whatever lake you went diving in?

Bedivere: Shut up.

message 11: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote)

Amoretti: Killing people might be interesting, so long as cutting off their heads or whatever would lead to something interesting. Would it be too late to join this conversation?

Me: And you still claim you're not psychotic.

Amoretti: There's quite a difference between psychotic and bored. Read: bo-ored.

Me: People really don't want you around.

Amoretti: Heh, well, I rather like my presence. It's a sharp contrast to you, you who is so bo-oring.


I think I'm already tiring of this world though. I almost regret having Altair killed. Actually, nah, he deserved it. An eye for an eye~

Me: You're talking to yourself again.

Amoretti: Well, no one else is talking, and silence is ever so irksome. (You don't count as a person.) So, anyone up for conversation?

message 12: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: See? Finally somebody who understands boredom.

Me: Your idea of boredom is to get someone in trouble.

Bedivere: So?

Me: Exactly.

message 13: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Amoretti: That's an amazing cure for boredom.

Me: Amoretti...

Amoretti: It's almost like you treat me as a little kid, always reprimanding me, Amoretti this, Amoretti that...

Anyways, anyone important for us to get in trouble?

message 14: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: Well, you could go mess with that guy over there. He said something about having abilities or powers or something, so it should be fun to bother him.

Me: Yeah, and when you get killed off someday because you like bothering people a little too much, don't blame me.

Bedivere: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

message 15: by Frances (last edited Jan 19, 2009 01:37PM) (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Amoretti: Hn, if I'm going to bother someone with abilities or powers or something, I'll need more...smoke grenades.

It's a fact of life that you always need to have some sort of flashy entrance.

<sagely nod>

I'll be back in a bit.

Me: Have fun.

<Exit Amoretti. Enter Altair.>

Altair: She'll be gone for a while, correct?

Me: Most likely, she'll be off to chase butterflies if she happens to see any.

Altair: And she will.

message 16: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: My bad

Me: LOL. Feel free to kill him. :)

message 17: by Victor, King's Blade (last edited Jan 19, 2009 02:51PM) (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Me: What's the difference?

Bedivere: You see, when you annoy people, they usually don't care. When you tick off people, they try and kill you. You wouldn't happen to have a plot hole in your pocket would you?

Me: Sorry, if you need me, I'll be hiding in a corner.

message 18: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Altair: This will be amusing to watch.

Me: Too bad Amoretti isn't here to watch this as a warning.

message 19: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Me: Meh. We need to find someone else to save Bedivere before he gets wiped off the face of the Earth. Now would probably be a good time to call Arturia.

Arturia: Did someone call?

Me: Oh yeah, I kinda need your help. Bedivere just ticked off somebody else and he's about to get a beating or something.

Arturia: He probably deserves it.

Me: You're not going to help him?

Arturia: Oh I will... after a few minutes.

message 20: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: "Mumph, Muhmph"

Arturia: You know, I actually enjoy seeing you like this. I think I'll leave you like this for a couple minutes. By the way, Excalibur draws energy from the surrounding area, so it might weaken your plants long enough for Bedivere to escape. Or not.

message 21: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote)

Amoretti: Umm...is this part of your plan to annoy that person with abilities or powers or something?

Me: What do you think?

Amoretti: It's certainly a new method that doesn't follow linear logic, or any sort of logic...so I don't really know. O.o

Altair: ...

message 22: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Arturia: I'd appreciate if you'd stop choking the life out of Bedivere however. I need him for the next battle we fight in.

Bedivere: Mpmph, mpmph.

Arturia: Although it is nice having some peace and quiet for the first time in ages.

message 23: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Arturia: I think the first question to ask is how we got here in the first place.

Bedivere: I'm already missing Camelot.

Arturia: * Sighs * Bedivere, every time we're somewhere, you wish you were someplace else. Remember the campaign against the Saxons?

Bedivere: That was because I was tired of sleeping in a tent all day.

Arturia: Ok, but the question still remains of how we all ended up here.

message 24: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: I always knew someone would want to write a story about me.

Me: Sorry Bedivere, it's about Arturia.

Arturia: That's a good thing.

Bedivere: What about me?

Me: Sorry, you're just a supporting character.

message 25: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: What's she talking about?

Me: I don't know. Why don't you ask?

Bedivere: I don't like getting bound by vines. Invasion of my privacy. Get Arturia to do it.

Me: Fine, Arturia, will you ask?

Arturia: Since Bedivere is off cowering in a corner, I'll ask for him. Roshan, who is Jernc?

message 26: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Arturia: He should be punished at the edge of a blade.

Bedivere: You know, Arturia, for once, I agree with you.

Arturia: Thanks.

Bedivere: Yeah, as long as I'm the one that gets to hit him.

Arturia: Bedivere, that defeats the whole purpose.

Bedivere: Well, violence is the best cure for boredom.

Arturia: Remind me why I made you my bodyguard again?

message 27: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Me: Reminds me of Morgan Le Fay.

Arturia: I don't know if that's an accurate comparison. Morgan's evil through and through.

Me: She has a good side.

Arturia: Really? Name it.

Me: .....

Arturia: Yeah, thought so.

message 28: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Me: That's a little... creepy.

Arturia: Meh, that doesn't even compare to Morgan.

Me: Wow, you must really hate Morgan a lot.

Arturia: She only engineered the downfall of my entire kingdom, killed me, and stole my sword. Yeah, I think my anger is justified.

Me: Yeah, not to mention she traps Merlin in a tree.

Arturia: Doesn't she die at the end?

Me: Unfortunately, she survives.

Arturia: That's a cruel twist of fate.

message 29: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Amoretti: You guys have pretty twisted lives and antagonists. What in the world do you do with your free time?

Altair: Not like you and I are any better off.

Amoretti: Not like you are any better off, you mean. I, I am happy with where I am in life.

Altair: Really now?

Me: I think they've forgotten about my existence by now.

Altair: Is that not a good thing? To be able to meld into the backdrop and observe to your heart's desire?

Amoretti: Heck no, why would you ever want to be ignored like that?

Altair: Because too much attention gets...tiresome.

Amoretti: Hn, I thought you would like all the attention.

We're from a different world than this, though without all that planet travel. Planets are there for us to divine whenever they should align. (Hey, that rhymes, hee hee...)

Our particular kingdom is called something. What this something is, I have never paid much mind.

Altair: Ekir. Have some sort of respect for my kingdom. Though really, I'm not sure if it would be my kingdom anymore.

Amoretti: What he said. That arrogant man would be the Crown Prince of a theocratic monarchy.

But enough of our politics.

message 30: by Frances (last edited Jan 19, 2009 07:49PM) (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Altair: I apologize for your current state.

Amoretti: You're probably not any help by saying that, Altair. Mm...we should try to cheer you up then! What are some of your favorite things?

Altair: Have I ever mentioned you're far too disrespectful to me?

Amoretti: Yep. Roshan, feel free to ignore him.

message 31: by Frances (last edited Jan 19, 2009 08:41PM) (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote)

message 32: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) ((Reflecting everything she misses, and all the positive things that would cause her to have a more nostalgic mood.))

message 33: by Frances (last edited Jan 19, 2009 08:54PM) (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) ((Heh heh, sorry for being so vague. XD))

Amoretti: Bye bye!

Me: Same, once my brother finishes his homework. In the meantime, I'll watch my cheap version of cable, since I'm far too lazy to go downstairs and turn on the tv.

Altair: I hope you aren't referring to us.

Amoretti: Mm, yeah, or Altair's pride is going to be sad.

Altair: Do you always have to act like such a child?

Amoretti: I'm not acting like a child. Okay, maybe, but it's more interesting than your constant I'm-so-serious-it-hurts-to-smile.

Altair: I have some degree of maturity, and that does not prevent me from smiling.

Amoretti: You never smile around me anymore.

Altair: It's you.

Amoretti: Hn. Frances, you sure you can't get him killed yet? He tried to have me killed. It'd only be fair...

Me: It is fair. You tried to have him killed as well. Remember--you were the one to let him get away that time, so you don't get any second chances. Not for now at least.

Altair: Please don't remind me.

Amoretti: Likewise.

Me: Anyways, sleep. You two need that too.

message 34: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: Killing characters off sucks.

Arturia: What? You don't even die at the end of the story.

Bedivere: What's your point?

Arturia: You don't get to become a tragic hero.

Bedivere: That's because I place more value on surviving then noble deaths. Oddly, the people who write most about noble deaths are the ones who don't ever do it. Writers and politicians spring to mind.

Arturia: Good point.

message 35: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: Flip a coin?

Me: Personally, I don't like resurrection because it kind of ruins a story. If you kill off one character and just bring him back, it defeats the purpose.

Arturia: Although it would be nice if you found a way to bring me back from the grave.

Me: You get summoned in Fate/Stay Night. Stop complaining.

Arturia: Fine.

message 36: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Amoretti: Have fun~

Me: What do you two think about resurrections?

Amoretti: Impossible in our world. The dead are dead. There's such a thing as escaping death, and faking death, but most don't bother with the latter because...I guess it's not in our culture?

Altair: You're making us out to be some sort of society with primitive creatures.

Amoretti: =P

message 37: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Amoretti: How did she die then?

Altair: Hn, you're too curious about other people. Don't pry.

Amoretti: Wasn't talking to you~

message 38: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: Everyone has their weaknesses.

Arturia: Yeah, like when my sword was stolen from me. Great job guarding that Bedivere.

Bedivere: Hey, don't blame me, blame Morgan.

message 39: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Amoretti: Well, yeah, but what exactly was the weakness? That's the interesting part. And oh, tell me more about this stolen sword.

Altair: I think you enjoy others' misery too much.

Amoretti: You do too, you're just more furtive about it.

message 40: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: Well, Morgan stole Arturia's sword which made her invincible and she ended up being killed by a homunculus from her own blood.

Arturia: Yep, all Morgan's fault.

Me: We can all safely say that if Arturia's sword was not stolen, she would have lived forever as Excalibur protects from aging.

message 41: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Amoretti: Complicated family life.

Altair: And you tell me to be polite?

Amoretti: Why, yes, I do, because I have a right to.

Me: Amoretti, you talk so much, even though you disappear after the prologue for around a third of the story.

Amoretti: For good reason. That stupid idiot over there tried to have me sacrificed to the gods in order to seal a peace treaty.

Altair: Peace is worth more than your life.

Amoretti: Thanks, I'm glad to know that I, your fiance, am some sort of cow to be gutted when you need to quell some other lord's temper.

message 42: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Amoretti: Ah.

For me, it had been to end a war that had been going on for too long, with too many deaths. I was of political threat, and supposedly blessed by the sun, and so the opposition said that sacrificing me would convince the gods that we truly wanted peace, and would restore the universal order to the kingdom.

Altair: No one really believes that, except maybe the commoners and a few of the lesser nobles. It was really just the perfect excuse to rid some competition.

Amoretti: You're defending them. Them...

Altair: You know I had no choice in that matter.

Amoretti: Choosing my fate for me when I could have done so myself?

Altair: ...

message 43: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Amoretti: That'd be lovely.

Me: Oh dear...

Altair: You don't mean that. Come on...

message 44: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Altair: Still sounds rather unpleasant.

It would be stupid to ask you why you antagonize me, but I will ask you to forgive me.

Amoretti: You never even apologized. Still there's still the world for you to beg for mercy. Although I suppose you dead would not be good, perhaps you could be useful later...

Altair: As you were useful to me?

Amoretti: That was cruel to say.


Then don't waste your time on me if you have four others to pursue.

message 45: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Altair: For her, , it's not writer's block per say, it's more of laziness.

Me: No, it's also school work.

Altair: School work that you procrastinate on. Hence, laziness.

message 46: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Amoretti: Whphmmmmmff?

message 47: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Amoretti: Bye bye! Bring Mr. Whphmmmmmfff again tomorrow!

Me: >.< Amoretti, you don't even know what you're saying.

Altair: let her drown in her stupidity.

Amoretti: ^___________^

message 48: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere: I feel ignored.

Arturia: You always feel ignored.

Bedivere: Yeah, but it's not my fault I haven't been written about for days.

Me: I had writers block and a LA project. Blame school.

Bedivere: Lets go sit and throw rocks at Mr. Wmphmmmmff.

message 49: by Victor, King's Blade (new)

Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
Bedivere after throwing hours of rocks.

Arturia: Bedivere, don't you get bored?

Bedivere: Why? An opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime.

Arturia: What if he breaks free and tries and kills you?

Bedivere: I'm guessing he won't.

Arturia: .....

message 50: by Frances (new)

Frances (parentheticalnote) Amoretti:

This is amazing, definitely a once in a lifetime sort of thing.

Altair:...just be careful.

Amoretti: Yeah, yeah.

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