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message 1: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 7 comments This is my 09 list. Cool?

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Jamie | 7 comments 1. The Book Thief

This was a good book. I haven't really read much about WW2, but I really enjoyed this. The perspective from Death was really interesting.

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Jamie | 7 comments 2. So Yesterday

Alright book. I didn't like it as much as I liked Peeps, but it still had me reading to the end. I loved the bit with Poo-Sham and paka-paka, but the ending put me off a bit.

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Jamie | 7 comments 3. Cell

Pretty good book. I have a fuller review of the book in other areas (My books) so I won't go into it here, but I really enjoyed it. I'm now looking for more King to read.

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Jamie | 7 comments 1.Misery

This was better, I think, than Cell. It's one of his earlier books, so I dpn't know. Next I'm gonna read The Stand.

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