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message 1: by Faith (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:44AM) (new)

Faith | 8 comments I have read the whole series of Twilight twice before and LOVE it and thought i better try and read some other books as this is getting silly. So I read "Noughts and Crosses" which someone recommended (even stated was much better than Twilight) and hated it.

So now after finishing Twilight for a third time, I thought I would try "The Host". This time I didn't really think about it, as I thought maybe my expectations for "Noughts and Crosses" were too high. However...I have only read about 60-70 pages and unlike Twilight which gripped me in one chapter, I am still completely bored/confused by the story, and am now considering ditching this book in favour of reading "New Moon" again.

Anyone else have problems reading this? Am i giving up too early?

message 2: by Angee (new)

Angee Wentz (angee_saxey) | 19 comments
I think the host gets more interesting. Keep reading. It took me only a wEek to finish it. You'll like it. Nothing is as good as the Twilight series but The Host was still a great story. I can't wait to see what else Stephenie will come out with.

message 3: by Tamena (last edited Jan 18, 2009 12:14PM) (new)

Tamena (heritage4keeps) | 25 comments TWILIGHT!

I've read 6 books since the Twilight Saga and have not read anything as fun, gripping, romantic, and juicy! I am having Twilight withdrawals. I've even read it twice and seriously considering a 3rd round! Right now I'm on to Pride and Prejudice. I tried reading other vamp stories right after twilight and I think that was my big mistake. No vamp will measure up to Edward. And no vamp love story will come close to touching EC and BS. So I had to get totally away from that scene! We'll see how it goes... Good luck to you all!

message 4: by Ms. Vicki (new)

Ms. Vicki Smith | 20 comments I just received The Host from Amazon, and can't wait to read it. I'm totally a Twilight adict series twice and saw movie four time. :D The thing is I haven't seen the teen years in a VERY long time. I think this series touches many ages, and I'm sorry so many people see it as a "Teen" book. I'll post after I read Host. I'm trying finish a couple other books first.

message 5: by Faith (new)

Faith | 8 comments Well I ended up picking up "The Host" again. I'll be honest up until about the 70th or 80th page its a little confusing and slightly boring. Then suprisingly I couldn't put it down. Not the same way that I was about the Twilight Saga but i think its her style or writing. The story's not as gripping and I kind of miss the world of Forks though. I have read about 400 pages now, and its pretty good. I can see why it would be put in the adults section though, can't imagine a younger reader being that interested. And unlike Twilight where the main focus seemed to be on the romance and the vampires a back drop, I felt that in The Host, the whole "Soul/Seeker/End of human kind" was at the forefront of the story and the romance a subtle backdrop. Still worth a far anyway..

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