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so are we supposed to be done with pride and prejudice by now?

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message 1: by heather (new)

heather fuentes (metrochic) | 2 comments i'm so lame. is that what we're reading?! i know voting closed 6 days ago but i don't see a thread where the results were confirmed or anything. i'm going to start it again anyway just to be safe. :)

message 2: by Renae (new)

Renae (renaeclark) | 58 comments oh no, you're not lame. I believe we have between January 15 and February 15th to read Pride and Prejudice.

message 3: by Staci (new)

Staci That's how I took it too Renae. Don't panic Heather!! It's all good!!

message 4: by *Lee* (new)

*Lee* Phew I am glad we have a while as I found a copy cheap online at fishpond but it turns out they are out of stock and it is on backorder now! argh. Anyway, it is supposed to arrive at the end of this week, so that gives me a fair bit of time then.

message 5: by Rhi (new)

Rhi | 76 comments Mod
yes, renae and staci are correcto-mundo!
i just havn't got round to starting a thread for it yet, but i figured that was okay, you all need time to get it/start reading it, etc.

message 6: by Ashley Wren (new)

Ashley Wren | 21 comments im almost done with the catcher in the rye - so onto pride and prejudice!
so excited!


message 7: by Melbg (new)

Melbg | 16 comments started Pride & Prejudice yesterday...

message 8: by *Lee* (new)

*Lee* I'll probably be starting tomorrow.

message 9: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (audneal) I'm picking it up from the library this afternoon.

message 10: by Renae (new)

Renae (renaeclark) | 58 comments I'm starting it today. I just finished White Oleander (it was due back to the library today).

message 11: by tree hugger (new)

tree hugger hi

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