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Gravity's Rainbow - Spine 2012 > Discussion - Week Five - Gravity's Rainbow - Part Three, pp. 465 - 599 (392 - 505)

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This discussion covers Part Three, pp. 465 – 599 (392 – 505)



Rocketman does S&M role-play with Greta while Pökler tops Leni, knowing in his heart and groin that Ilse was conceived as a movie. Pökler drifts back through memories of Peenemünde and bodhisattva Mondaugen (remember him from “V”?). Melancholy memories of Zwölfkinder by the sea with “Ilse” all leading up to brief contact with the Schwarzgerät and the end of his career at Mittelwerke. Meanwhile back in Berlin, Rocketman Slothrop plays house with Greta. The Schwarzkommando debrief Achtfaden (aka “Wenk”) inside the toilet ship. Slothrop hops from boat to boat to boat, having his Lolita-like moment with Margherita’s Bianca before ending up en route to the two “mündes” with Springer, chimps, chorus girls, and too much vodka for a reasonable rescue from the russkies.

To avoid spoilers, please restrict your comments to Part Three, pp. 465 – 599 (392 – 505)
(and the earlier chapters).

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