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Kelly Leonard Ben Sherwood's book covers a myriad of survival scenarios from being laid off from a job to illness to plane crash survival. There is a chapter on faith and survival rates. Do you think that having faith in a higher power and use of prayer increases survival odds?

Kathleen Garber I think it increases survival odds but not necessarily because a God intervened but because those who believe they will be saved, save themselves. This is a great book!

Bobby He actually addresses this in the book, and it was a recurring theme... In all of the scenarios, the survivors each had something to cling to and to help give them the willpower to survive. For some it was faith, for others it was their loved ones, for others it was training. Having a strong will and being prepared mentally increase survival odds.

Annemarie Donahue I liked what Sherwood was talking about in that chapter. But I think he was aiming at not having faith in a particular higher power (god, goddess, Tom Cruise) but more just having faith. It's a verb after all so the noun that it is in reference too is really more the person doing the verb, me and you, and not the object (god, goddess, Tom cruise).
I'm using parts of this book in a junior English class this coming semester and am really excited. I think my students will like the stories of survival and how these techniques are usable in all situations of life. It's equally important to a teenage reader to hear that stress and what they have to survive is worthy, and their struggle is important.

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